Elizabeth Leighton Video 5: Audio "Cleaned up" and Stretched

Hello Investigators,

As you may know, I’ve been very interested in recovering as much as possible of the obscured audio message that’s “hidden” under the Liz Leighton videos revealed by solving the sigils. Here is a processed version of the latest one. As in previous times I’ve done this, the audio has been HEAVILY processed in order to restore intelligibility to those portions.

If you play this on something like a mobile device, it will probably sound worse to you than the original. Use headphones/earbuds to hear it better.

This video is longer than the “original” as the audio has been time-stretched to enhance intelligibility. Video has been stretched to fit that new time, without resampling of frames.

Having listened to various versions of this many times, I’m fairly certain of the parts of this that are not bolded in the transcription below. Here’s what I believe she is saying. Note that some of the “juiciest” information is completely missing and has not been revealed to us yet, even in a distorted way:

Let me be [see?]…
If you’re seeing this video, you’ve gone through the files.
Without the video-com [videocon? / videophon? something?] to help us, we’re getting [pretty?] stuck
Fifty-five thousand [no signal] of this existence.
[no signal]
None of it matters, for me.
Help us.
[echo / delay / repeat signals continue]
Help us.
Let me be.
If you’re seeing this video…


Nice work. So here’s what I hear (listening on studio monitors):

That may be.
If you’re seeing this video, you’ve gone through this time(?)
If not, the videophone can take us.
We’re pretty stuck (or Your ability sucks?)
Different timeline, infected symbols.

None of it matters, for me.
My noodles.
Help us.
If anyone can hear this, the last part they have to do…

I had mentioned I heard “different timeline” there before, but now I can clearly hear “infected symbols” after I stopped assuming it was “existence”.

edit: update to add the last line which I finally can sort of make out


I didn’t hear it until I read that :rofl:
Now I can’t unhear it.


Elizabeth obviously left some noodles in the microwave too long, right?? :smile:


It’s funny what one’s brain will fill in with just a few clues. But what she’s saying is not nonsensical.

The message is SO degraded that it’s really helpful to understand what types of processing were done and to be looking at the waveform, looping portions, etc. while listening.

I should probably do a version of this with captions so it’s more obvious WHERE the different utterances actually occur.

Although, if WT turns out to be a promotion for Top Ramen, I will give you full credit! :wink:



Hmm…in that “symbols” phrase, I hear 4 syllables sounded out before it(on studio headphones), not the 3 that “infected” would have, but we’re talking about garbled audio either way so who knows.

Yeah, the “in” part of the word is distorted so it’s harder to hear, but it still sounds like in-fec-ted to me, with the emphasis on ‘fec’.

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I thought it was all the same message, just each transmission we unlock is a different part of the message so when all 6 are unlocked we will have the full video?

Seeing Elizabeth’s demeanor change so radically between the first and last vid would that rule out the individual videos being part of a compilation video with a length of only 30 + seconds?

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I’m starting to think that they are all from “different” Elizabeth’s.


Was thinking the same. Each Sequence could be from a different timeline. Especially Seq.4 that’s longer than the rest. Something different happened there.

She is deffinately talking to a third party and looking away from the camera when she speaks then when the image goes garbled near the end she seems to bring something up to her face.

I’ve gone through it a couple dozen times, and I have a slightly different take on it. I’m leaving question marks in spots I can’t decide with passing assurance what I’m hearing. Through Sennheiser studio headphones.

I may be
If you’ve seen this video, you’ve (got to decide / gone through the signs)
Not this one ???
We’re pretty stuck
Fifteen/sixteen timelines, unaffected symbols
None of this matters ???
Help us
If anyone can hear this, the last thing they have to do…
(echoes) If you’ve seen this video–

Initially I thought the second phrase was

If you’ve seen this video, you’ve got to disarm

But I think my line(s) above is the right one. What do you guys think?

Also, a weird thing happened after I left up the Superlumina site overnight. The message on the lower front page jumbled up:

C̸̱̿o̶̟͆n̴̤̾t̷̺̚r̸̪̆o̵͇͆l̸̟̚l̷͈̐i̴͕̋ṇ̸̔g̴̓͜ ̸̞̕I̶̤̋n̶̢͂f̶̭̎ȍ̵̢r̵̮͊m̵̼̏a̸̙̚t̵̝̀í̷͇ó̵̩n̶͖̓
SINCE beyȏnd TIME, WE HAVE Consumed ǐmmense ̸̧͓̼̙͕̏ swaths of Kn And ǫbtained Untold ǫwledge power. fȯr WE COME YOUR wȋll wȯrld ͇̜̞, AS WE HAVE MANY ̵̨̤͉̑̕ others.
JOIN OUR ̴̾̌̈̈̉̾̍̏͋͊̋̓̒͋̿̾̌̒̅̊͊̚͝͝͝ CRUSȦDE ̢̧̨̧̛̜͓̮̪̬̖͓͚̰̻̜̭̘̘͕̫̗̠̫͖̠̞̺̹̥̻͖͎̻̺͈̦̭̥̜̘͙̹͗͐̈̍̆͐̔͌̌͌͛͒̍̐̿̽̌̏̔͌͘̚̚͘͘͝͠͝͝

I believe the Elizabeth video is one video broken into 6 parts. 6 Radio Waves sent at superluminal speeds = 6c . Going back in time to change events will cause a loop in time. Maybe why she says “what if we already tried this before?” Causal Loop - YouTube


If you drag over the page, you can reveal that text as well - so - who is coming and are we to join or reject?

There are three basic ideas on who this message comes from. I’ll throw in a wild card option.

  • The Atlas, announcing its presence to us.
  • The Sentinels, proclaiming their relentless march across the cosmos.
  • The Gek, in their ever growing commercialization of the galaxy.
  • Some others: the Vykeen, the Korvax, the “Forth” race discovered in data files, or perhaps the Origin race which built the mysterious Monoliths. Or some other race we have yet to encounter.

Some ascribe some sinister conquest aspect to the message, like the Medieval Crusades. This is possible, assuming the coming beings are overwhelmingly powerful and we pose no threat whatsoever. But even the most sure military mind will refuse to give warning to their foes because of the chance something could go wrong and the advantage lost.

So I’m assuming that even though the aliens might have their own agenda we might not like (Gek, Vy’keen, Forth), I’m thinking at least to some extent they’re looking for recruits for their cause rather than to conquer.

I discount the Atlas and Sentinels possibilities. This sounds like a message coming from an organic race with emotions, ambitions, motives and ideals. They’re seeking knowledge, likely other stuff too - resources, riches… slaves…

It also doesn’t sound like the Korvax, who communicate in a dry, scholarly way. I think the Vy’keen would sound a little more like Conan. “We come in strength and numbers and stuff! We seek other strong allies. If you are not strong, we have need of your service to do our dishes and laundry.” They’re also not known for their thirst for knowledge and thoughty matters.

If they’re the long gone (in NMS) Origin race, I’m thinking they wouldn’t sound quite so brash, but that remains to be seen.

This does sound like the Gek, proud and boastful, with seeking knowledge as one of their goals, and this is my thinking. It could be the Forth, though we know nothing about them yet. I caught a mention in one video that a Sean hint involved possible diplomatic nature. It’s also possible they’re bad asses and will serve to force the three races into a coalition. I’m of the inclination though that the Sentinels and possibly their Atlas boss are the real Nemesis.

Whether to join or not? I need more information. We’ll see.


The BOLD and often CRUEL words make me instantly THINK of the SWIFT WRATH of the MIGHTY first spawn… fwiw


A lost sect of FIRST SPAWN, having gone off in search of other galaxies millenia go only to return more vicious and far removed from the decendants of their ancestoric brethren? I could totally see that considering how they present themselves in the Gek Lore, a far cry from the chirpy tradey li’l dotes we have in the present timeline of NMS.

The Gek First Spawn stand on the MIGHTY BRINK of an ETERNAL EMPIRE. It is ENDLESS in TIME. It is ENDLESS in space. Their dominion will know no bounds. Their armies will know no equal.

Know no Bounds, eh? Guess they’re comin’ for us!

I love this theory, though I do hope it is some new unknown threat rather than the return of an old and existing one. Man if its true, I would NOT wanna be a Korvax when the First Spawn retake the galaxy.


It could be the First Spawn, “this” is the past after all. But I still question their announcement if their intent is to take over a garden planet, “Ooooh… all those biomes! And those resources! Bah, people in the way…” It’s a cardinal sin of military strategy to tip your hand to an opponent. The venerable Sun Tsu wrote millennia ago, “Do not telegraph your moves to your foe. This be dirt stupid.” Okay, paraphrasing. I don’t think even the Vy’keen would do that, beings who aren’t the brightest stars in the galaxy - sorry Vy’kes, just sayin’.

Would there be trouble? Oh, a good chance of that, they do seem rather species-ist in their unenlightened state. We may not see this contact happen ourselves, as this might not happen for some time. Unless they’re coming in response to Elizabeth Leighton’s transmissions, then everything could pop at once at the end of this.

Guess we’ll see. Sure hope it’s fun…


I wanted to paste in something I was unaware of. Does anyone here any of this in the background of the videos? If so, which ones?

[quote=“bcatrek, post:1, topic:1076”]
My name is (?). You must help her find the way. If you’re receiving this signal, please, help us. You must save us. Without the videocom to help us, we’re pretty much stuck. They can’t find our devices. Help us. Tell her about Saladin (?) [/quote]

This sounds pretty significant.

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