Elizabeth Leighton Video 5: Audio "Cleaned up" and Stretched

Yeah, no. The GD transcription is woefully wrong beyond the “without the… [something]… to help us, we’re [something] stuck” which is at least sorta on the ball.

I’m amazed someone even got anything out of listening to the first video. I doubt whoever contributed that did any cleanup to try and enhance intelligibility, but the GD summaries are woefully lacking in detail. (Which makes sense, but not all info in there is actually correct, and it’s helpful to keep that in mind.)

_“Doctor Being.”_lol… No, I realize now, it’s “Let me be”, tried not to read what everybody heard, prior to transcribing it.)
“If you’ve seen this video, you don’t really understand”
“Let us be…”
“I literally can’t miss”
“You’ve been inside”
“Let me fight on”
“I said this things”
“my …static… understanding”
“I act, you do. Let us be…”

That’s what I make of it…
A message from a hive-mind, likely artificial, fighting for its existence.


My golden ears did not deceive. Elizabeth did say “my noodles!”
Or perhaps they saw my interpretation and decided to have a laugh, I don’t know. But funny either way. :smiley:


I personally disagree with hearing my noodles. In my project I have been cutting all the videos in parts, distorted and clear Elizabeth parts. I have started trying to match clear Elizabeth with the distorted parts. The part where many are hearing my noodles is in my opinion a distortion of help us. We do however only have one clear Elizabeth help us from the first video received. This part is being used a lot in a distorted way throughout the other videos, sometimes even more than once. below is where I located them all:

  • Video #1 starts with a distorted help us and has a clear Elizabeth help us
  • Video #2 starts with a clear hello, but has the distorted help us below it, then another distorted help us, then some big crackle that even has a distorted help us behind it.
  • Video #3 starts with a distorted help us, then right after a repeated help us, then if you see this video with a distorted help us behind it.
  • Video #4 has a distorted help us after we’re hoping to find people capable of, then again right after just about anything another distorted help us.
  • Video #5 starts with a distorted help us which sounds like help me, but comparing to a slow playback of a distorted help us and comparing the audio wave, it is actually appears to be part of a distorted help us, with the s sound cut off. This help me is then repeated again with more distortion added. Then a distorted help us towards the end followed by another distorted help us where the echo starts to kick in.

All of these appear to share very familiar traits in their audio wave, with more or less distortion stretching vertically, but too similar, to in my opinion not match them with the one clear help us from Elizabeth from video #1. Of course this is my personal opinion and everyone can think of it what they wish. I did however notice the same thing happening with other parts of the audio. Many of the distortions actually appear to match up with what clear Elizabeth has been saying throughout the other videos received.

I am still working on it, but other examples are the if you see this video and what if we tried this already. Video #4 and #5 appear to be quite different, although some or even most of the distortions have been used throughout. Not sure if I will be able to match up all parts. I do however believe that all the distortion is actually Elizabeth, considering other parts clearly are. This means there could certainly be more to this message, so I suggest to keep working on it.

What could this mean for the 6e6f6f646c6573 (noodles) as shown in the Howard Stern Show? Maybe it was a fun way to basically ask us for help again?


I’m not sure how “help us” could get distorted into three syllables. I heard the “uuu” syllable in noodles very clearly, and I’ve heard it in at least videos 3 and 5; I’d have to go back to see if I can hear it in more. It’s possible I’m wrong of course, but no one has suggested a phrase that fits there better yet.

Also, what would be the statistical chance that I would hear “noodles” when it has also been a WT meme joke (which I never knew about until after I heard this in the videos), and included as an official clue? And is also an anagram for “Old Ones”?

I just gave my own opinion on what I personally hear and I uploaded some samples:

I am aware of the Noodles as a meme for No Man’s Sky because of worm like creatures flying around I believe, but correct me if I am wrong. I am unsure why it was mentioned, I am just guessing and gave a possibility, which somewhat makes sense to me.


1st set of 5 samples:

  • ‘hello’ mixed with ‘help us’
  • ‘help us’ variation 1
  • ‘help us’ variation 2
  • ‘help us’ variation 3
  • ‘help us’ variation 4

2nd set of 5 samples:

  • ‘help me’, which I believe to be ‘help us’
  • ‘help us’
  • same ‘help me’ again
  • same ‘help us’ but cut short
  • same ‘help us’ but cut short and slowed down

He’s hearing “MY NAME IS” as “my Noodles”. @solarparty, you’re nutty… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Geez, you really can’t un-hear “my noodles”

“My name is” is actually a very good possibility, although I found less similarities in comparison. It is however hard to be sure of anything, as the distortion complicates proper analysis to come to any solid conclusion.

He’s talking about the second utterance in your Soundcloud example, I’m sure. That’s just the distorted version of “my name is” snippet of dialog. (Yes, I get it, it sounds like “my noodles.” Funny. And funnier still that it’s become a little in-ARG joke.)

Anyway, all the interesting stuff that’s all distorted still isn’t super helpful to us. Whatever she’s going on about (about not having the video-thingy to help them, fifty-five thousand [somethings] of this existence, and how none of it matters for her, etc.) it doesn’t sound good and we’re left with this whole problem of, “Well waitaminute, Liz, is this part fakey-fake or is some version of you somewhere/somewhen in a bit of a pickle?”

The waiting game continues! :stuck_out_tongue:


It could be a very distorted “my name is”. There’s a hard “d” consonant sound at the end of where “name” would be which makes it hard to discern. The same distortion is at the beginning of the third video. I’m certainly not going to die on Noodle Hill, and your interpretation is the more ‘sensible’ one, though when “noodles” shows up in hex on the Stern show everything stops being very sensible.

btw @DevilinPixy, the ‘Waking Titan is just a Mr Noodle ARG’ meme came from a noodles ad that apparently played during one of the first radio broadcasts. It was using the same website theme as project-wt or something, so people thought there was a connection.

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If there’s a puzzle or activity involving noodles in the future, I’m blaming you, solar!


I can actually understand hearing it, but no worries, you’re all good. Most important is indeed the reason for noodles during Howard Stern, which is prolly better discussed in the other topic.

Thanks for explaining the origin of the meme for WT/NMS, I did not know that.

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