Elizabeth Leighton has released her video



Her voice gets really distorted and hard to hear. Is it supposed to be like that?

No I think thats just my shite microphone. I think the waking titan website is streaming the videos from the twitch channel. Her last video was super luminal, next one will be in about 10 minutes.

Looks like July 21 is important.

And “Okay… San Francisco in 50 minutes?” (Or could’ve been 15 minutes)

15 minutes. She is speaking to different cities every so often, each message is the same (i.e telling you about the website) but the begining and delivery is slightly different each time. She is getting more tired.


Feels like these are announcements of dead drops, but there’s no location info, unless something is being hidden in the videos.

She’s talking live to the people on twitch. This is not her last video
10000 people will be getting an atlas pass

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I can’t hear any part of the YouTube recording beyond the first minute :frowning:

So they’ll start again 21st of july. Damn right during my holiday. Hope the survey arrives soonish :wink:

Kyle Culver has it up.


Much better than my attempt

Well, at least I got to hear your cover of Under the Bridge with no issues :grinning:

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awww thank you. One of 30 or so viewers. Not bad.

EMAILS EMAILS emails emails

Also, here’s the Twitch original…sorry but you gotta scroll through video to see her talking, starts right around 25min and she also repeats the message throughout the whole hour for the other regions participating, it’s same message for all aside from the little live Twitch responses.

Twitch Elizabeth Leighton Waking Titan video

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