New Video! Elizabeth Message - Phase 3


Here is a video of the three phases together. They are the same, but very different…

Multiverse-75 Solve thread

It looks like maybe we have two videos that are being smooshed together :open_mouth:


Omg, excellent work putting these together. Now we can start to understand what the total message will be eventually. Not really relevant, but she does say “seeing this” video, not “still in” (don’t shoot me :smile: ).


Sorry I’m stupid. How do you unlock the third video? I entered Spectral but did not get a video like the “phase 3” you are showing.


Strange that the third video has so much more of a blue tint than the first two. I don’t know if it signifies anything though.


Like… a multi-dimensional rift??? :scream:


Thank you! It was a bit difficult to understand what exactly she was saying. Her mouth moved a different way, so I wasn’t sure. I cautioned on the side of placing the words in a separate brackets just in case. Cuz I knew I’d be wrong… lol


You’re not stupid. By any means, believe me. You can find the details here:

It should be mostly up-to-date by now.


I also keep the Resources and Information thread up to date with solve notes!


I noticed this too. And I didn’t bother touching the brightness/contrast just in case. I’m going to look into it further when I have a second. But definitely not something they would just do on accident in their renderings.


I thought at first perhaps it was another red/green/blue situation, but I color sampled the first two videos and they both are basically the same blue-green mix with no red at all.


Or is it multiple potential pathways - we had Markov Chain concept from Echo and now Schrodinger and Quantum Electrodynamics. Quantum entanglement is a curious subject. I had wondered if the Echos being made might somehow end up entangled down the line… now, perhaps there is a lot more going on with these concepts.


I’m referring to the video saying “You have proven your value beyond a shadow of a doubt”… how is that video unlocked?


Solving the third sigil activates the video. The code for the sigil is SCALES. Is this what you mean?


YES! Thanks a million. Beer is on me. :slight_smile:


Yeah, the video containing “help us, is anyone even going to see this” seems to be seperate from the other, more upbeat video.


It indeed seems like there are multiple videos together here (0:19 two faces).

Maybe messages from two universes!


Or same universe - two pathways


Now that’s something to think about :thinking:


Or - one is Elizabeth and one is an “Echo” and someone stole her identity (Such as the grandma example in the echo ad)