I am a No Man's Sky Player/YouTuber who wants to help with this investigation where possible

Okay hi, I have come here to literally just say I want to help as much as I can to crack this and No Man’s Sky.

This is my channel: https://www.youtube.com/thisisorbittv

I will be making a video tonight based off the current clues and topics we have covered and I wish you all the best of luck, let me know if you want to know anything about No Man’s Sky and I will try and help you crack this!

All the best,
Ryan :slight_smile:


That is great @ryzehr. I will probably nag you from time to time about stuff.

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Would love it! I’m here to help as much as I can, I know a lot about the game because I play it too much (bad I know!) but let me know if you need anything, this is super interesting. I will link my video on this tonight if you all would like that?

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yes please (link)

100% - I am leaving college in 10 minutes so will be up by around 4pm GMT.

Nice work! I’m still toying the idea of starting a vlog to keep everything up to date as well, I’ll let you know if I do :smiley:


@Emily I support this idea 1000%!!

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Please do!!! It seems like it would be fun and would help people who like to track what’s going on connect and form more community!

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Hmm, let me see if I can think up a rough sort of script so I don’t lose my train of thought while I’m talking :laughing: I had a really late night last night because of the No Mans Sky enigma, so it might take me a bit to get my thoughts in order…


Patience is a virtue and we are willing to be patient for good things comes to those who wait :wink:


A few know this, but I’m a NMS player as well that stumbled on this. Don’t know how I can help, but I’d love to be in the loop.

Same with me. I’m a day one NMS player and really interested in all of this. A game has never led to me having this much fun in real life (apart from playstation home and the whole Xe thing, that was cool).

I’m a PS4 user based in the UK and would love to help where/if possible.

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Same here! I have been playing since day one and would love to hunt down leads if needed! I play on PS4. I am having a blast trying to figure out the Waking Titan/NMS connections.