Cobra TV received package #9/16!


Remember cassette 9/16?

Yessssssss!!! I was really hoping you would get one…


I am not Cobra TV.


XD yes I know… hoping he*


No way, Cobra TV?? This is definitely connected to No Man’s Sky then. I’ve watched his channel since he started playing NMS and exploring. Very cool.



Someone please make all of Side A into a Youtube video. I can’t listen to sound files on PS4 and I don’t have a PC.


Huh. Is that one of the AI echoes talking? Curious!


Woo, go’wan cobra ya good thing! Been following his channel for a long time now, nice to see he’s still at it despite the vitriol thrown his way on reddit post-release etc. He was very unwelcome there for a while. As we all were I guess. Man, I love the community that stuck around SO much through all the hypocrisy and bullcrap. Can’t wait to see what you guys figure out with the latest evidence, wish I had the time to participate but happy to be a casual observer as always!


I had a feeling these were indeed connected.

I’m super excited Cobra got the tape that confirms the link between No Man’s Sky and Waking Titan!!