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Got some good general advice? A go-to tip or easy fix? Post it here and spread the word!


Very basic but, a good place to begin


This is the best list of hot tips I encountered so far:


With NEXT, we are able to pick up certain equipment. I strongly suggest everyone build a save point ASAP. You can take it with you and save anywhere, anytime. This can be a huge help in preventing loss due to unexpected crashes :+1:


Build STORAGE boxes at your base and you can transfer your items from your freighter to your base storage without making a trip.

BUY your ships rather than exchange. That way you can use one of them for storage and you can call it to you at any time.


To start the CONSTRUCTION Quests use the Blueprint Analyzer to get the plans for the old Round Base building and plop it out. (wasted my first day building wooden stuff just to figure this out later) :upside_down_face: Const. Quests follow the same pattern as before.


Craft recipes seems to have remained the same as well as the value. Now that the crops are HUGE and we can have multiple bases, simply build a base near each crop and a portal at each location. There may be a need for farming certain crops like Mordite…not entirely sure…but these new features make the need for a huge farm unnecessary. I won’t have to pan-handle at the Space Station anymore! :blush:


Anyone got an idea on how much an S Class freighter will set you back now? Are they now cheaper than before?

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The first Freighter you rescue from Pirate attack becomes yours free of charge. I would suggest looking at the Freighter before rescuing it.
EDIT: It seems you must take the first one you encounter or you miss your freebie.
If you are using a pre-NEXT save and already own a Freighter, you will not get a free one.


I haven’t started again so I guess I won’t be eligible for the free freighter :frowning:

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You could still give it a try…you never know

@Oshoryu – I have a feeling @sheralmyst would be Right (as per usual?) :wink:

If you were to “go through the (tutorial) motions / sequence”, it ought to get you to a freighter under pirate attack which you could then rescue…

Or does your Save already own a Freighter…?
Maybe HG has set a flag for Freighter Ownership which bypasses a Freighter Rescue scenario… Hmmm…
(Well, that’s what I would do if I programmed it – seems the Freighter Rescue is one way to help get Newer Players and/or New (Re-)Starters a Freighter early on, with minimal costs (repairs etc), rather than having to grind through lots of other missions to accumulate enough Creds . . . . . )

Other Advice / Tips:

When First Starting Out, try to work toward getting your ship repaired ASAP, and then get to the nearest STATION ASAP…

If you come across a Drop Pod during this time, apply the Suit Upgrade to the “CARGO” section – this “box” can hold TWICE as much (stacked) as a standard suit slot, allowing you to carry more to sell, or for maintenance.

When visiting the Station, take sale-able inventory with you. Sell enough to BUY the BEST SCANNER UPGRADE you can afford. (Left side of station; “left end” (when facing into that side) is where that trader is located.)

Then SCAN EVERYTHING for an Income. The Scanner Upgrade also “upgrades” how much you get per scan!

While it’s TRUE that your INITIAL MULTITOOL only has “a few slots”, and it WILL be better in the long run to swap to a MultiTool with many more upgrade slots, it will be quite a while before you can build up to and acquire such a Tool, so it MAY be “better” in the early game stages to get a Scanner Upgrade early in order to earn more, sooner, and more quickly. :wink: :+1:


Well, I loaded up my old save (I already own a Freighter in this save) and it immediately threw me into a Pirate attack. I rescued the Freighter but it was not free. He offered it for 18 mil…it was a much better Freighter than mine but I refused it since my old Freighter has 3 A-Class ships in the docking bay. Not sure how that works when you buy another ship…anyway, it seems you do NOT get a Free Freighter if you already own one.


Legacy Bases:
Not sure how much has a bearing on the outcome so I will list what I did to restore my old base.
I remained in the system I was in before NEXT.
Landed on my old home planet (I assume that, since my Freighter was right above it)
Put out a Signal Booster and used a Nav Data chip
Scanned for Habitable Bases.
Sent me to a Base Comp where I scanned for an acceptable location (my old planet is now barren)
That sent me to another planet in the same system.
Found that Base Comp and brought back my base.
It had some issues. Had to delete and replace the stairs and a door, there is dirt showing through the floor but, in my opinion, that is how it should look…after all, it survived a Universal reset.

UPDATE: I came across a Base Comp ‘in the wild’. It seems you can restore your old base at these positions. If you are building a new base, it will allow you to build a base there but, you will not be able to upload it. I assume this means your new base is not safe here…not sure.
Has anyone tested this?


Usually you can switch your ressources and your other ships will come automatically on the new freighter.


My old base was on a planet that was not improved by the NEXT changes. So I went hunting for a new system/planet. Eventually found one that I liked. When patch 1.52.1 became available, I restored my old base there.

So I don’t think you need to remain where your old base was located in order restore it.

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As I suspected; this makes perfect, logical sense to me – if you already have a freighter, you don’t get the opportunity for a Free Freighter as a New Starter would.
However, it makes sense that you might happen upon another one and have an opportunity to (possibly) UPGRADE your Freighter to a “better one”…

As for purchasing an “alternate” (aka “better”) Freighter, I’d guess you’d have the opportunity to select what gets moved over, or it all moves automatically.
The only thing I might guess “doesn’t” or “can’t” move, is – say the Freighter already has 1 (or 2) ships docked inside, and you have a full bay of 6, you might “lose” 2 ships… :frowning:
I wonder how THAT would work . . . . . hmmm :thinking:

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Ok. I edited my original comment. Now the question I have is about the base comps in the wild. These are for Legacy Bases. They will allow you to build a new base but not upload it. Does that mean it could be wiped by a Legacy Base being built there? I would assume yes.

Never understood what Upload would do. Thought it might have something to do with multiplayer and wasn’t interested.

Haven’t found a Base Computer in the wild. Prior to NEXT, I used to be able to spot bases from the air. But a Base Computer is just too small.

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