Prepping for the Beyond

What’s everyone doing to prepare for next weeks Beyond update?

Having played this game from day 1, I had a number of save files that I needed to “get up to par”.

  • Made sure I completed all storylines, including Abyss
  • Found S-class versions of the favorite starships I found.
  • Finished upgrades to all vehichles and equipment, including the remembrance and the star seed.
  • Made sure I had all suit spots opened up.
  • Made sure I saved while in a space station to reduce the chance of bugs with the conversion.
  • I however, did not sell off excess items. With some of the updates, these items have become rarer or more valuable with the conversion.
  • I also stopped building new bases. With every update, my bases have yet to survive without issues.

I also worked up my alternate account that I started with the Next update (to wait out the bug fixes for long-term saves) that had I played for over month before I was able to resume my day 1 save. Which leads me to my best advice:
Back up your save as soon as you are done preparing for the update.


Trying to finish supergirl so I don’t get distracted when it hits… :smirk:


I’m so glad I took a video of my base back when we just had pathfinder. I find it nice to see it every once in a while so I think i’ll take a similar video of my base now. It may not be destroyed like that earlier one was but I can’t guarantee myself that. Other than that … :man_shrugging:

I’ve never played permadeath before. So I think i’ll start a new NMS 2.0 permadeath game as my first new start.


To prepare, couple loaves of nice bread, assortment of cooked meat, salad, 10L various soft drinks, 24 cobra beer, that’ll get me through the weekend with minimal hassle :upside_down_face:

Other than that I’m good to go. All I’ve done is top up nanites and collected a good amount of salvage modules for my profiles.

Best advice…and if you’re on PS4 do a usb backup, the cloud save is unreliable.

Edit: Oh, also recorded locations of my own POI.


Having been through too many of these major updates, I don’t have the will to do much except move my avatars to a space station. Not really sure if even that will do any good. I never re-entered my normal save when NEXT arrived due to the devastation done by the previous one.

So strange that investing in what is essentially a game could wind emotions into such an attachment that one could grieve for months at the loss.

I no longer throw myself into that deep an investment in it. But I am still enjoying immersing myself in the ambiance, the travel and the absolutely gorgeous worlds.

The current video trailer for BEYOND has some intriguing aspects. I’m excited to try it out. And I greatly admire Hello Games for their dedication to their game and to their player base. <3

But yeah. Sunday is “park my characters” day, waiting for the game to be reborn again BEYOND.


I’ve done the rounds of my bases on my multiple saves and profiles but left everything as it is. I expect a lot of ‘repairs’ and upgrades after the update so I’ve left some free inventory space for new materials and allowed for the possibility of older tech/items being rendered obselete.
I have one partially played through (sacrificial) save that I’ll use for learning the changes and test things in case a game-breaker bug messes it all up.
Lots of salvage modules in storage that will hopefully be useful to acquire new tech.
No extreme preparation other than to save in known locations with favourite ship and take lots of pics for before and after referencing.

Most important for me
Dual USB backups for each profile.

I’ll very likely start a brand new (normal/PS4) game to embrace the alterations and give time for bugs to get worked out. Due to poor internet I’ll not get much out of the new multiplayer feature but I’ll be diving in to all the new content and probably VR.

See you on the other side travellers. :rocket:


see ya out looking for EMILY!!!


I finished up Red Dead 2, now I’m banging my head against the wall with Dreams. I’m planning to embrace Beyond with a clean slate.


:grinning: I completed that list above in late June (at the beginning of Summer…with wishful thinking).

I have also been completing games which I had been in the middle before the update. Nothing crazy, just Lego games played with my kids and 2P Dynasty Warrior 9 with my wife.

By the time I pause NMS again, it will be difficult to remember where I was with the other games.


So what time do you guys all think that the update will drop? (UTC time) so some of us can get the day off of work.


Each time. the updates have always uploaded during the day for me (EST). So, it has timed well that the download completed within an hour of getting home from work (around 5-6 pm EST).


I just got my first two glyphs in my permadeath save and with trepidation now on my way to the center of the universe to complete the last milestone. I really like the permadeath way of playing. There is real nervous tension to things which is surprisingly refreshing, compared to the other ompleted modes I have played with for so long. I think I shall play Survival when Beyond arrives, I think.


Totally agree. Apart from a few unloved survival/permadeath attempts early on, I only really enjoyed those modes after NEXT.
The longer you survive, the more you value and protect your character. Totally changes your play style.
Maximum protection (even cheap modules are better than nothing). Not jetpacking. Always on the lookout for dangerous flora and fauna. Not picking fights.
I base out of my small Capital Ship as a modest farmer/merchant. Staying alive takes priority over making money although as you get better equipped you can safely take on bigger risks.
Good fun. My game’s got about 100 hours on it with full module upgrades and I’m still paranoid of getting myself the black screen of death :grin:

appologies for straying off topic

  1. So then that would be about 2-3pm for those in the west coast of the US. So, the following day would be better to take off instead. I could use a day off. :female_detective:

My folklore assignment is due that Wednesday so I’m prepping by getting that pile of ache over and done with.

I interviewed a local man we all know as garlic mick, in his 80s but full of stories, spent his teens living with an Inuit tribe in Canada and played music with various members of the wolftones and dubliners etc in the 60s. My chosen topic was Luadghnasa (summer harvest) so got a great comparison on stories from Canada and Dublin harvest Festival shenanigans and rituals etc.

I have to transcribe that, demonstrate I followed best practices, write an education booklet on Luadghnasa and theeeeen I will do the rounds on my ps4 saves make sure everything is in order for Wednesday. Already did my PC saves for Beyond prep.

Plan is to start a fresh save with VR on day one, just to see how the opening has changed and how all the new is worked in to the story etc. Will stream that so I have a record of my first reaction I can look back on :3 then I’ll probably join my fellow travellers in the etarc hub on my legacy save and use the move controllers to MOVE MY ARMS AND HUG THEM!!


The only thing I did was tell my wife she can have my creditcard after the 14th.


“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” - Albert Einstein
“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” - J.D.Rockefeller
“Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” - Henry Ford

My strategy is to do nothing. I see each new beginning as a way to improve over my previous iteration. Most likely, I would want to change so many things on my base that I would have to tear it down and begin again anyway. The ground would be pitted, my backpack a mess, my ships overloaded with pieces that will likely be broken anyway.
I do not like disorder. Therefore, I choose a fresh start every time. :sparkles:
I will leave all my current efforts to be consumed by time and the elements. Perhaps someone will come across them and pause in wonder.


wow lol she may disappear, gone on vacation lol


Maybe that is the idea :wink:


I don’t even have a credit card to give her, it’s hers already :rofl: