What are you doing to prepare for the NEXT chapter?

Just curious to know what people are up too really.

I have a base on a nice planet, with a possible two others lined up in case of a galaxy reset, plus I have just over 300m saved up in case of new cool stuff to buy or my farm is suddenly made to be worthless.

So share your prepping!


Trying to get an S class freighter


Too busy to prepare, although I do have my backups. I am most likely going to start fresh when the NEXT update hits, to fully experience whatever new content we got.


Trying to finalize the stats of Gek, Korvax and Vy’keen race.

Others of the guild are at 100% :wink:

And jump close to the Hilbert Center from system to system.


Using blackhole roulette to get near the ECSD Hub and find decent base location. There is a quicker way, but I was told not to do that.


I’m hoping to have my 4 languages complete & to reach gold standing with each of the guilds.
Lots of monolith & trading post visits while running the 2 trade route types as a side hobby.

Have all available techs/recipes & gold race standing. I’m based at a small warp-fuel base with a single ‘sample’ dome located near the Etarc Hub. Have set it up offset to one side to allow easy expansion if/when required. Portal is about 5 minutes away. Currently stuffing Collosos full of dome making materials.

S freighter hanger contains; 2x exotic tall wings (each individually set up for a purpose), 3x A class haulers (2x basic set ups for trade & shipping & 1 specifically for isotope & warp fuel collection/processing) plus 1x S fighter (set up to demolish).
On board farm is a mixed material farm providing something of everything plus an allowance for extension. This along with goods in storage allows for the manufacture of most items at a casual rate.

Looking forward to seeing what comes in the next update.


Hiding deep inside my freighter with all my ships, ready to dismantle my base or disembark for further adventure. I am a little uneasy with the fact that my captain is a Gek. Not sure what might happen there. :scream:


Funny that you should ask as this weekend I made a decision to find a purpose in playing and decided to fill in gaps and reorganize storage.

  1. Have four flying warehouses (maxed out S-Classes with a mix of two exotics, one hauler and one fighter) and just finished filling tech slots so that each and every ship is fully capable so that I do not have to shift ships in order to move to another system, galaxy, etc. Will not add a fifth as that triggers the problems with not having ships come to your freighter for trading purposes.
  2. Filling all empty spaces in container storage but doing so with the poor assumption that all that I need to do is to top things off instead of evaluating what should be kept.
  3. Hope to rearrange the content of the flying warehouses so that everything needed to seed a farm is kept together (e.g., carbon, thamium, rigogen, at least one slot of each plant to be planted, etc.). Will try to do the same with building materials to construct the base, planters, etc. This will save trips back and forth to freighter should I reconstruct a base and farm.
  4. My base is already disassembled and haven’t even visited it in months. This is in anticipation that base relocation will be required when the universe is reset and/or have to migrate to a new galaxy. Otherwise I would tear the current base apart before installing the NEXT update.
  5. Using a save from initial release so have already all current blueprints, recipes, words, etc. Otherwise would rush to learn all languages before NEXT.
  6. Have been spending a lot to keep under 2 billion space bucks (I recall reading that the limit is now a little over 4 billion but want to be safe but still having spending money for when they add booze and gambling).
  7. Freighter is already too full with garbage that I want to have available and not have to search for should I need emergency repairs, materials used for tasks, spare warp cells/fuel, etc.).
  8. Have yet to warp anywhere with freighter so will probably cross that one off but will have all freighter warp upgrades installed in freighter tech slots.
  9. Have not had a need (or desire) to use the transporter but have locations both at the outer edge of the galaxy and closer to the center as “saved locations.” Currently am gamboling closer to the center and have worked my way outward from about 3,000 light-years from center to now about 6,000. Otherwise might set that up before NEXT comes out.
  10. Except for those returned from base deconstruction am not creating a store of constructed materials. Learned the hard way when I had a large number of voltaic cells and circuit boards in storage that became obsolete when going from one update to the next (think that this happened when going Pathfinder to Atlas when they also renamed some of the plants like rigogen and antrium so those stores were useless).

I will be dismantling my home base and the base on my capital freighter then selling all my inventory except for warp cells, some iron, T9 and a bit of plutonium. I want to do this so I have more reasons to explore.

And I have 1.5 billion units saved to help buy any new stuff they might add :smiley:


Brother, can you spare a unit? I spend impulsively and have never saved that much…either that or my space suit pocket has a hole in it…yeah, that must be it. Anyone have a needle and thread? Maybe the NEXT update will give us a craps table with a bunch of squinty-eyed Gek sittin’ round a table in the back room with a burly Vy’Keen guarding the door and a Korvax in the corner working the numbers… :rofl:


300 million in the bank. S Class Capital freighter with six ships - two haulers, a fighter and three exotics. Ring farm on home planet for Fungal Mould and Mordite and Cactus Flesh grown on freighter making 30 liquid explosive every harvest. Slowly traversing into the centre of Galaxy 12 Aptarkaba, waiting…


I think I will be starting new as well when the next update hits.

Gonna sting however considering I have more then 100 hours in my save but totally worth it.


Sure I will lend you some units if we get casino! NMS loansharking could be a very lucrative business
:shark: :sunglasses:


Staying in Euclid with my base near the galaxy centre in the Deep Thought Collective region of space. I am expecting a reset of the whole game verse with ring planets, asteroid belts, super massive asteroids that we can land on and explore, more lore, space battles between races, fleet battles with freighter vs freighter, increased non-procedural art overlaid on the procedurally generated landscape, richer quests and a whole next quest arc (or several)… well, more hoping for than expecting.


Nothing left to do stat wise. I was stocking up on rare elements,nanites and some crafted stuff, in case they become more useful after the update. Although I expect a fair bit may become obsolete,
Now its just a waiting game :smiley:


I’ll go for a new start again! Currently playing other games as I keep on lurking how the ARG goes on !


Gonna start a fresh game too, after all the bug patches have rolled out. Seems to be the best way to get the full experience from these updates :slight_smile:


Funny you should ask… ;`)
I just updated my NMS ToDo List:

  1. Move the more valuable items from hauler storage to container storage (because port travel keeps exchanging my fighter for my haulers where said expensive stuff is stored).

  2. Add an exocraft pad to each of the five portal-accessible worlds in my home system (five planets and one moon).

  3. Check the math for my base farm for 4 Fusion Ignitors + 1 or 2 Living Glass, then publish the Glyph address here when it’s open for business.

  4. Reach the current digital coinage limit (4.5 billion units, I believe).

  5. Find my domed S-Class Rasamama fighter ship and trade in my A-class one with the square dome.

  6. Find my S-class Capital Freighter.

  7. Find my “Lipstick” Alien Multitool.

  8. Trade my S-class fighter for a ball-type (low priority).

  9. Finish the last two warps for Nada and Polo (the last of my achievements list), probably won’t reset the galaxy, then start travelling to the centre.

  10. Visit another player’s base for the Steam achievement…

I’m well over a thousand hours in on Normal mode, completed the Artemis quests, and my home base is still on the planet I originally spawned on when Foundation transpired. I stayed even after the upheaval, and only just rebuilt my base on the same planet to within 1.5 minute’s walking distance of the portal (though I have placed a Nomad pad as a courtesy to visiting Travellers.)

I have three open save slots to try out what’s N E X T. But I will not abandon my original normal mode save file until they break it into tiny procedural particle effects!

There are a few more minor things on the list, but I won’t bore you any further. lol


Gather as many exotic ships as I can get in all 3 different modes: normal, survival and permadeath. I have the feeling that the travelers and the exotic ships are connected and will play a large role in the next update…


My relatively simple ‘bunker base’ on a desert planet.
Went for a hunker-down, self-sufficiency theme, with a warp fuel processing plant and hydro-recycling systems.
Basic sample dome with dust storm shielding, a galactic terminal and basic cabin style amenities.