Conversations with Travellers (SPOILERS, AHOY!)

Hey guys, I have a bunch of Screenshots taken of the conversations you have when meeting travellers in the game.

I noticed one last night that hints at some fantastic news for ALL NMS players (sorry if it’s been mentioned before).

It’s about a vision of your future that one traveller gives you. So I decided I’d make this thread to compile my screenshots of travellers tales, and for others to share those.

Maybe these conversations are already compiled elsewhere via a handy text format but I havent seen it shared or discussed here.

I’m in work right now but later I will upload my screengrabs when I get home.

Feel free to share any conversations with travellers you’ve captured here, be it a screenshot or a text post. I’d love to start discussing them here on ETARC/CSD.

I figure its a good source of information to have in the Knowledge Center, apologies if a topic like this already exists.


Okay I found some transcripts of all Traveller interactions…

The interaction I mentioned earlier was this one

I see a vision of myself, older, undaunted, travelling beneath the star of an alien world. But I am not alone. There are other Travellers with me. More than just apparitions, more than just visitors.
One day we will travel together, side by side. There will be no sky we cannot claim, no challenge which we cannot overcome. Our universe awaits.
The vision ends. The Traveller asks me how I feel.

Theres lots more juicey stuff in there worth checking out if you accidentally skipped over some of it in game or had forgotten about it. Lets discuss :smiley:


I find all of the lore very interesting and I have always felt like it describes development of the game in a somewhat sci-fi cryptic way. As if Sean Murray is talking to us, describing, explaining, and hinting …

Considering this topic is all about the Traveller conversations, I figured to add all of the Traveller Grave dialogue here as well. All can be found in the source files, and may certainly contain some spoilers. So feel free to check the drop-down to see all this dialogue if you don’t mind getting spoiled!

By the way, Reddit user Ket- has been doing a lot of great work and he sure deserves some credit for the Pastebin linked above and you may want to check some of his other posts/content as well:

Traveller Grave Dialogue (SPOILERS!)


ID Text
NPC_TRAVELLER_LANG_1 I asked – zzkttt – question that no one had asked. It was a simple – kkttzztt…
The Sentinels – zzrkkt – what are the Sen – kkttzztt – do they come from?
Zzktt – made it my life’s work, to find – zrktt – left logs, records across worlds…
NPC_TRAVELLER_LANG_2 Traced signal to Korvax, I wanted to – zzkttt – granted with Convergence, in exchange for – kkttzzt…
The price, extraction from my mind, their wrist – zzrkkt – recovered, I gained their – zzrkttkttt…
Lied to us. Convergence abets – zzzkktt – Sentinels provided with tribute, carapace to – zzkkkt – Korvax help them, conceal –
They are coming – kkttztt – fire, please, step back, I – kkszzttt -…
NPC_TRAVELLER_LANG_3 Drowned – zzkttt – in the seas of – kkttzztt…
Signal led us there, in search of – zzrtktt – pursued by – kkttzztt – abyss, but we couldn’t -…
I wasn’t done, I – zzktt – so much more to see, so much more to –
NPC_TRAVELLER_LANG_4 Awaken – zzkttt – happened to me? I saw myself – kkttzztt…
Told them I would continue – zzrtktt – root of war and – kkttzztt – Sentinels have -
Dreamt of it – zzktt – Red glow, its vast perfection -
NPC_TRAVELLER_LANG_5 Multiple contacts, multiple – zzkttt – infra-knives, fire, fire! – kkttzztt…
Structural – zzrtktt – Sentinels surrounding – zzrttkkt –…
Taking us to – zzktt – the harvest circuits glisten – zzktt – not what they seem, not what –
NPC_TRAVELLER_LANG_6 Much more than – zzktt – but whenever we build, they – kkttzztt…
Wiped out cities, settlements, any – zzrtktt – Sentinels eradicate civilizations, responsible for - zzrttktt –
Vy’keen in their great Sentinel hunt, they – zzktt – join them, trace them to their –
NPC_TRAVELLER_LANG_7 Depths of the world – zzktt – through caves I fled, until I found the – kkttzztt…
Signals everywhere, like the Monoliths, but – zzrtktt – spread through underground networks, pulsating with - zzrttktt –
Vortex cubes – zzktt – trace Sentinel elements, energies, but that doesn’t –
NPC_TRAVELLER_LANG_8 Vy’keen Hirk – zzktt – claimed Sentinels must be destroyed, their war – kkttzztt…
Cannot be stopped through conventional – zzrtktt – are not born, but appear as if from thin - zzrttktt –
It is the planet that generates them – zzktt – stories do not make sense, they –
NPC_TRAVELLER_LANG_9 Something following – zzktt – turn and it’s not there. These caves, I’m – kkttzztt…
Exosuit tells me to abandon – zzrtktt – must disable it, I do not plan to survive – zzrttktt –
Did not take offer, decided to – zzktt – angered the universe, I know, but I must –
NPC_TRAVELLER_LANG_10 Separates us from – zzktt – ability to record, learn from past – kkttzztt…
More than ourselves in – zzrtktt – Sentinels wipe out knowledge, kill us, but – zzrttktt –
I have a plan. Death itself – zzktt – record, foundation for truth, awakening – zzkttt – free, at –
NPC_TRAVELLER_LANG_11 With each final death – zzktt – was the paradox: preservation. The directive to – kkttzztt…
Morphed into whatever form was – zzrtktt – violence. Made to kill in order to save the – zzrttktt –
We did so – zzktt – what was necessary – zzkttt – even if it broke our hearts –
NPC_TRAVELLER_LANG_12 There is a world beneath all of this, a world of – zzktt – glass – kkttzztt…
Those I killed – zzrtktt – Vy’keen, Gek, Korvax, united in freedom and – zzrttktt –
They did not die, not – zzktt – Even now, I see their faces. They – zzkttt – smile. We make them smile…
NPC_TRAVELLER_LANG_13 In each iteration, the Travellers came – zzktt – Sentinels attempted to understand, to serve the chosen of the Atlas – kkttzztt…
But we captured them – zzrtktt – Attempted to [erase]kill/understand[consume] – zzrttktt –
– zzktt - The first drone screamed when it was cut open…– zzkttt –
NPC_TRAVELLER_LANG_14 The creature attempted to escape – zzktt – fell into a world beneath all worlds – kkttzztt…
A realm of glass where nothing lived, where – zzrtktt – everything that had ever been or would be could be catalogued, stored, and - zzrttktt – accumulated…
The Sentinels, they had found – zzktt – the answer to their struggle – zzkttt – their directive, to save life whatever the cost…
They could – kzkzkzt - use the glass to preserve those they had to – kzkzzkkt -… nothing would ever truly die again… The -
NPC_TRAVELLER_LANG_15 The Atlas was silent in the face of their sin. They would – zzkkt – hear the voice of God, and in their agony they would know that they were – kkttzzkkt –
The other Travellers, they are not dead – zzzkkkt - They never were. Nothing dies. Just as you won’t… - kkzkzkt –
These graves are not monuments. They are – kzkzkt - echoes of those who have been taken there… traces of voices that forever scream…
NPC_TRAVELLER_LANG_16 I can see you – kzkzzkkt – looking at my graves… staring at my many deaths…
Just as I stared at sixteen others… kzkzkzkt… just as I stared at myself through the static of forgotten horrors…
We have forgiven you for what you did– kzkzkzkt – those selves that we have ended… each time we fell in battle… each time we died…
These glyphs we impart… through the portals you will walk… Through them, you will die. You are not the only you…
Pray with us. Pray for all of us. The Sentinels have saved us. The Sentinels have damned us.
We love you, forever…


Each dialogue ends with the following:

ID Text
NPC_TRAVELLER_DESC_1 The fallen Traveller’s grave is marked by a glyph, an epitaph of some ancient technology.
NPC_TRAVELLER_OPT_1 Extract glyph
NPC_TRAVELLER_RES_1 I obtain the glyph, and with it the ability to travel to unknown worlds…
I leave the fallen Traveller in peace.

There is a 2nd ending to each dialogue, although I have not seen this used in-game (correct me if I am wrong):
EDIT: As @toddumptious pointed out, this 2nd ending dialogue will appear when finding a grave after having collected all 16 glyphs.

ID Text
NPC_TRAVELLER_DESC_2 The Traveller’s grave contains remnants of their technology.
NPC_TRAVELLER_OPT_2 Extract technology
NPC_TRAVELLER_RES_2 I gain the fallen Traveller’s technology.
Wherever they are… I hope they at peace.

Thanks Devilin. I’m thinking just posting the transcripts might be handier now than my original plan of uploading photos of all the conversations I captured. Also realised as I was playing yesterday that the file I included didn’t have all of the traveller conversations or grave interactions, thanks for sharing yours :smiley:

These options appear when you find a grave after discovering all 16 glyphs, you can gain nanites from them afterwards (maybe more than just nanites, but that’s all I got on the first and only time I’ve done this)

Wholeheartedly agree with you on that. They’re very good at incorporating the games bugs, past and present, into the narrative as well, it all fits so nicely.

I came across a traveller inviting me to the galactic hubs old home planet by name and location :smiley: I wonder does he know in our itteration of the simulation it is now a frozen wasteland?

The amount of references to a traveller covered in blood, flesh between its teeth is… troubling.


Ah, that makes sense and explains why I have not seen it just yet. I only found the last glyph a day or two ago. Thanks for letting me know. I will correct the post.

Maybe this Traveller’s rendition of the Universe had seasonal changes, it will be X-mas soon after all!

You - you there! Have you ever felt alone? Under threat from forces beyond imagining? Are you comfortable with multiversal cohabitation? If so, you’ll love the Rentocniijik Expanse! Our capital, Drogradur NO425, is throneworld to our thriving community of interdimensional anomalies.Please, consider moving today!

Suggest you will consider it
I suggest I will consider it. The friendly Traveller passes me a green badge and some units to assist with my departure.

Poke the hologram
I poke the hologram. To my horror, I discover it is not a hologram at all. The Traveller shakes their head, saying they are not sure if there is room for me in their organisation.

Ask for an incentive
The friendly Traveller nods, agreeing that the distance is vast. It gives me a warp cell to assist with my departure.

I have all the raw dialogue and will have to further organise it, if I plan on posting it. Have been considering doing so since you started this thread, not just for the Travellers.


I met that fellow a month or so ago. I carried out the conversation for a while, and it was rather disturbing, of a self-absorbed sociopath, and possibly a cannibal, capable of much evil.
Reminds me of a certain American shooter. :no_mouth:
Not much of a spoiler, but hey, courtesy. His pic is in the Traveller Mugshot thread.

I’m going to resist the temptation to look very closely at all these discovery threads. All this stuff is dolled out proceedurally, so I’ll encounter it all in time. I’ll have to say that for those who have experienced some of this, or can’t wait and peek, there are some fascinating things hinting at dramatic events either in the past or to come…