Notice to all NMS factions: talk to me - assistance with a fic

Howdy. It’s me again. It seems that it didn’t occur to me when I set out to communicate with the major factions, societies and clans in Euclid that they were rather exclusive clubs. I couldn’t go to the United Federation Of Travelers reddit page, or the Alliance Of Galactic Travelers discord, or their Facebook pages and say hey. And now I’m suffering a heat stroke (just kidding) after an errand because I hate summer and the feeling is evidently mutual. And I’m a basic lazy butt too. Which brings me to my second thread here, because even a lazy butt can type all day. Sometimes. :yum:

In the upcoming chapter of the My Journey fic, Nigel makes the stunning discovery that there are a whole gob of Traveler factions, societies, guilds and clans in Euclid, as well as other galaxies in this universe. My purpose in trying to contact these lovely folk in real life is to do a bit of actual involvement with whoever of them wants to play along and help poor Nigel find out that the answer to the meaning of Life and what to do about ATLAS and the Sentinels is a lot deeper than a mere two digit number. I thought about looking these groups up on Twitter because that is an unrestricted forum, but with a limit of 200 characters per post… well, you know how chatty I can be. So I thought I’d post here, and when I felt like doing a bit of research to see who has a Twitter account, I’d link to this thread. It didn’t even occur to me to ask permission to list them, but I’m assuming that anyone who responds is up for the notable prestige of being mentioned in the ETARC forum’s most incredible fanfic ever, or at the moment, the only one I’m aware of, so yeah, I’m overreaching. :sweat_smile:

What Nigel basically does is send a mail message. I’ll go ahead and post it here, and if you happen to know someone who’s a big wig in a NMS group, point them to this thread and see if they wish to contribute some replies. And no, I’m not looking to join a group in real life, though being a friend-associate would be groovy. And if anyone wants to play along and roleplay a “Traveler group,” feel free to respond here, or in PM if you want to keep it a sneaky surprise for when I publish the chapter, hopefully within a week. Full credit will be given to any participants in my devious scheme, unless they wish to remain anonymous. I want to cram in some action since I’m just getting back to this thing since last year! I hate real life sometimes… so anyhow, Nigel’s message, and a very mild spoiler.

And as a little footnote, I originally spelled “Traveler” with the two L Euro/UK convention, but slid back into our Americanese spelling in the course of the fic. But since this universe tends to use that two L spelling, it struck me that Nigel should use it in his mail name since he would have a chance of missing messages otherwise. Now I have to make sure to sift through my fic and make sure they’re all consistent, since I do a lot of writing half awake and lose track of nitty details like this. Plus, I keep forgetting that the actual name of my freighter is Infineon II. Oy.

Have I mentioned I’m slow? :yum: I should also point out that the person called Troq in the message is a renegade Vy’keen who sought refuge from his rather single-minded battle brothers, establishing a community of free-thinking refugees and running a small black market operation in a nondescript system, though his world is barren, Pillared, and overrun with hostile Sentinels. He’s also a broker of information, and his search for historic knowledge, artifacts and other relics to learn the true history of Euclid made him a somewhat valuable ally among the similarly inclined Traveler groups. Anyway, have fun!



This is Traveller Nigel Fox, of the race known as Human, of the people known as American. Friend of Troq, my sponsor, friend of honorable Primarch Andonai, friend of Sage-entity Asrial. Friend of all who seek knowledge and peace.

I am on a unique quest to understand the nature of this universe, and find all that can be learned of the Civilized Worlds before the Great Wars and the Resets, and of the Ancients, and of ATLAS. My quest has just begun, so my information is limited. I would be grateful for any knowledge that can be shared, and would be willing to render whatever service or resource is required for it. I have certain capabilities and skills.

I would be grateful if I could be welcomed to your worlds and societies, and await your response.

Live long and prosper in all you do, and seek to accomplish.

~ Nigel Fox


Here is a the official Galactic Atlas info on the old ETARC hub. Maybe you can use it for background info. There are some very creative people here who may wish to give a reply.

I’m not a ‘big wig’ :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: but you can find me @MystSheral on twitter. Would you like for me to post a link?


Thanks for the quick reply, Sheral. I’m aware of the Galactic Map and the Civilized Space entry in the NMS Wiki, which lists the major Traveler factions. In particular, the Forgotten Colonies listing caught my eye, since they’re a fanfic and roleplaying group, which might be a great resource for me, or at least to chat with fellow creative types. Other than that, I was counting on members to school me on what we Travelers have been up to in this very special universe.

Google / DuckDuckGo was nice enough to call up your Twitter credentials, so I’m set. If you want to participate in my madness, I’ll go ahead and make a tweet right now to let you know who I am. Be aware that I’m time sharing with a “politics bro” and while I share his philosophy, he’s a little brash so I have a checkered history I need to clean up a bit so he can entertain the Twitterverse with his own special variation of Don Rickles on his very OWN Account. Man, Don would be so canceled these days… :sweat_smile:

I’m currently taking a brief vaca of sorts in the Eissentam galaxy, as I hear there are some special fighters located there. I’m not sure when I’ll be free to chat as I still have some real life stuff to do, and will probably play a combat game to keep me awake till bedtime as I’m disheveled. :sleeping:

And there’s one more quick request from the class. If anyone is aware of the locations - glyph or four sector Portal coordinates - of any particularly studly fighters, especially of the dark painted variety of brown, dark grey or charcoal, I’d be very grateful for a heads up on that. And I’d prefer that they have detail colors of a more “macho” scheme like red or blue, even violet, over pink or lavender. I’m in need of a “black fighter” that looks particularly rakish and menacing, like these.

This is my current ride, Star Sword. And if anyone knows any modders who have made a particularly cool fighter, I’d sure appreciate a heads up on that. Or any info on who has dug up hidden gems locked away in the files from us like this one. This is from years ago and might not be in the files anymore, but I believe this is a Sentinel Fighter they managed to save over one of their ships somehow.

I’m hoping that in one of these updates, we can paint our ships like we can our freighters and suits.


Ok. Let me think.about it :smile: My time is very limited lately and I am very protective of my twitter account making sure it only links to NMS and sci-fi topics. I avoid politics like the plague. :scream:


I’m slow sometimes. I think Nigel says this too. :yum:

I just noticed the location of the Bezesi Cluster, which I’m assuming is where your base is. Is that close to the dreaded region known as The Fade?

By the way, I quit watching the news because… this planet, the humans running it… ehh… :grimacing: Euclid is my haven of niceness.


We had bases there at one time. I recently built a new one there. I will dig up the location later…headed into a zoom meeting in a bit.
As for it being near The Fade, I honestly don’t know, lol. @Mad-Hatter discovered the star chain where most of us located to. Unfortunately, my old system, which I just re-built in, was re-named by someone…it is now called The Ugly ETARC Planets or some such terrible thing. :weary: I reported it as offensive :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: but it has not done any good yet.


Back in the early days of the Star Chain exploration, a group of enthusiastic PS4 explorers bounced about & a couple ignored the requested naming briefing so a few systems were poorly named. (It’s my guess that following establishment of crossplay, that these systems were updated to their earliest discovery names).
It’s just an amusing part in the history of the Etarcians which incidentally never became any more of a ‘civilisation’ beyond a casual neighbourhood of members from this forum. No politics or leaders as such, although an insignia was decided on at one point; (& then evidently was ignored by HG when they brought out the various decals).

The Etarcian capital planet of Edison has evolved over time & upon last visit by myself was infested with void-egg looking growths. Comms from the early days can be found floating in space nearby & some determined Etarcians still have bases there.
I personally no longer have a base within the star chain regions & do not know just how many of the systems are still inhabited by Etarcian travellers.


@stryker99 : I have changed the topic category :wink:


Thank you. I considered posting it in Origins for more player exposure, but thought it wasn’t that orange-centric. :grin:

By the way @Mad-Hatter do you want to participate in my mad mini-RP, or use any of that above as a response?


Finally got a moment to sit down, :weary:
Here is my current base in the old ETARC system. As you can see, the current system name is not the one that I gave it back when we moved into the star chain (Calidi Frigus ECSD). And even though this ruin roof type has been recently fixed, it is still broken at my base, I assume because it is saved that way.

There are still a few bases in the star chain. Feel free to visit mine. There is a Celestial Archive nearby. Maybe you can make use of this somehow. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Oh, that poor system… and all CAPS! :sweat_smile:

I should schedule some time in that Other Universe, but I’m trying to be creative right now, and the stereo is blaring my fiction writing soundtrack because… such nice, tranquil things are going on, yeah…

For the record, it’s Super Metroid Intro, so it’s mostly spooky stuff. On that note, if anyone has some suggestions for movie/TV, video game or anime soundtracks that would make great mood music, cheap or free, I’d be grateful for some fresh material. I have a catalog of a couple of gigabytes worth already, but I’ve heard a lot of this several times. And it’s all paid for so far, but right now I’m living below the poverty line until I can get another income stream going, so I’m saving up for new music purchases. As some examples:

  • Super Metroid
  • The entire Ratchet & Clank soundtrack
  • Panzer Dragoon
  • The Ys series
  • Devil May Cry I and II
  • Resident Evil selections
  • Final Fantasy selections
  • Anarchy Online
  • Inuyasha series
  • Ghost In The Shell
  • Trigun
  • Naruto

Some of my interests and tastes. I really should grab some of the 65DOS stuff too, since it’s slightly relevant, and I like a lot of what they did.


:dizzy_face: Not sure I can up with anything you don’t already have, lol.
In the meantime, a rogue sentinel dog has started patrolling my base…no idea why. :scream:

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I hope you’ve been a good Traveler. Maybe if you fed it some circuit boards… :sweat_smile:

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I was just passing on a bit of history. I’ll leave you to your tale as I had my bash at a fan fic a long long time ago & have since moved on to other things.


Hello stryker99! About the message you sent me on the wiki, I do write a fanfiction/lore page and do have several systems documented. I am still writing the page and keep documenting systems, so hopefully something will catch your eye!


Welcome to the forum @gallusdallas_SA

Alright, will do! Thanks for the warm welcome!


I could use some more help. sheralmyst offered to help by coming up with a few paradise worlds in Euclid’s Beta Quadrant, the upper right quarter on the map. But she’s got a heavy life load for a while so she can’t spend a lot of time on my pet project. If anyone knows of any Paradise worlds in Beta Quadrant - real ones please, no extreme storms or high level Sentinels - could you hit me up with some data? It’s going for a good cause. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

One more thing. If anyone has run across any world resembling those in the creepy part of Euclid’s Lore, glass planets with razor-sharp formations, black moons, weird red stars with three planets and all that, could you shoot me a PM? I have a feeling that these sort of discoveries are a closely guarded secret.

For one last tidbit, the Origins page has essentially been my wallpaper for the past few weeks. :sweat_smile:


From: ertosi@sol-eng.FC6E7007
To: traveller-fox@DSC9-infineonII

Belated greetings from the Grand Conjunction of Aligned Systems,

Please accept this one’s apologies for a delayed response; your communique was received through channels little-used by GCAS.

Be comforted with the knowledge you are not alone in your quest for universal understanding. This great endeavor is shared by the Grand Conjunction which is dedicated to deciphering the mysteries of the universe. While our myriad research projects offer little time for trips outside of Conjoined Space, our databanks are at your disposal.

EDIT: Project links moved to additional reply.

We hope the fruits of our labor may prove useful to you on your journey. Safe travels.

~ Ertosi, First Servant of the Grand Conjunction


GCAS’s following projects may prove especially useful to your quest:

  • The Chronoproject: Cutting-edge GCAS technology allows our scientists to directly visit previous eras of the universe. This project allows our researchers to directly study the great Resets at the moment of their occurrence.
  • Project GLITCH: GCAS researched and categorized various anomalies which can affect the continuity of flora, fauna, and minerals. Research on this topic concluded last year after discovering how common place such phenomena are.
  • The Universal Fauna Records: An automated database of documented creatures which datamines their statistics into numerous categories of interest. With nearly 3,000 creatures included thus far, this database continues to grow daily.
  • Subspace Systems Research: GCAS subspace technologies allows for the study of star systems normally impossible to reach by other means.
  • Biome Research: Contains the most accurate research known to us on the various biomes which exist in the universe. The related terrain data remains unfinished but may also prove useful.
  • Boardable Derelict Freighter Research: GCAS’s in-depth research on this topic may help you acquire additional technologies to assist your journey.

EDIT: Only 2 links were allowed to remain in this post. Others may be given, if requested.