NMS players hotline


So as many of us are suspecting that playing NMS will be needed in the near future to solve some mysteries of waking titan , maybe a listing of NMS players willing to assist on the Saturdays would proof useful.

So if you play NMS and are willing to help just reply below and on times where info in-game is needed the rest of community can notify you faster


Euclid Galaxy

MacForADay / beyondinfinity / l2619 / FRANK_CADILLAC / Branflacks / solarparty / BAZOBS / Edgemo / Reikon16 / toddumptious / headfood / SirianGaming / Inubo / nmsSpaceManSpiff / Blokeh / Ynys / gunnar / bcatrek / stryker99 / Deluxer / adracamas / Skeex / Cosmic Potato / leonartan / alkaloidsk / TopCat / seamonkey / TooSoonForNow / SlowRiot4NuZero / Zentri / covfefe / Dave_Jones / mistermatt2u/ DevilinPixy

Hilbert Dimension

@William / @AshkerNMS / @SpaceyOne / @Maff

Calypso Galaxy


** Mushonponte Galaxy**


Good idea. I’m on Hilbert dimension.


I am the Director of the Spacing Guild. We specialize in navigating all over the Euclid Galaxy. So if anything needs found there we can get to the location within a couple days or less. Here’s our website:


I play on PC and I’m at the Galactic HUB in Euclid Galaxy.


I’m in Hilbert Dimension. French streamer btw… with more than 1140hours into NMS for now.
You can find me here : https://www.youtube.com/c/AshkerNms


I’m in the Galactic Hub Euclid Galaxy on Survival.


I’m in Euclid galaxy not far from a portal and will help where I can :wink:


Calypso galaxy (all alone it seem :expressionless: )


Might as well make my time in the game more useful; happy to help. I am also in Euclid.


I’m still in the initial galaxy, about 70k light years away from the center I think.


Oh good Solar, it will be useful to have someone halfway to the center since it takes a lot longer to get there.


I’m in Euclid on ps4 and should be free to help. I’m on the right side of the center


Im in euclid. Would like to volunteer my services.


Euclid. 44,000 ly from the Hub.


I’m in Euclid, Galactic Hub on PS4. ChristianHour. Though I work most saturdays :frowning: Though saturday night or friday night in Ireland is technically saturday SOMEWHERE and I don’t work those


I’m on PS4, Not 100% of my exact location at the moment but I was on my way to the HUB.
Headfood on PS4 as well.


I’m in the Euclid for both systems. Name is the same for PC, that’s where I’ll be playing.


Euclid here. Far from anywhere.


Hey Guys, I’ve been playing NMS on ps4 since launch. In my current game I’ve stayed on my homeworld (so still in theEuclid system) and have made the decision not to rush anything. Have been collecting Atlas words as much as possible before going for my Atlas Stones. Still looking for a portal in this playthrough.

It’s a leading question… but does anybody else think this quote reminds them of the sentinals?

“Controlling Information
Since beyond time we have consumed immense swaths of Knowledge and obtained untold power. We will come for your world as we have many others.
Join Our Crusade”