Getting back to Euclid


I’m in Calypso with my main game . I used to love it here but since next its kinda getting on my nerves a bit.

I’m wondering since the update and with multiplayer implemented if there’s a way to galaxy hop without caveats. You know have use of my freighter build bases anywhere etc.

Has anyone tested the limits on an intergalactic level?


I have not tested it personally having never left Euclid. However, I hear that the only way to get your save back to Euclid would be to go through all of the rest of the galaxy centers.


Double check this but, I think I saw someone state that your Freighter can now travel between Galaxies…Have you built up your Freighter Warp capabilities to try it?


Sure my freighters good to go. Do you mean the 256 galaxy trek through the centres? I’m not sure I’m made of the right stuff for that, even using a central portal address to skip to the cores. Plus I think I’d lose my mind if I ended up in the 257th galaxy like some have :slight_smile:


I will look around and see if I can find some info. I would not want to jump blackholes either.
I know the only 2 ways back were a restart or getting to the center…hopefully that has changed.


Thanks, I mean further down the line I might consider the trek as long as I got back to square one. I still have a game in Euclid but I’m attached to my main game. If all else fails I’ll dust off HirkTheGreat and make that my goto.


In theory you should be able to piggyback back to euclid. Join a friend or random game, jump to nearest system, place a base and save. It might be possible then to hop back between the two galaxies via base portals but have not tested this or heard of any attempts but I’m sure people have certainly tried.


Joining other players in another galaxy is fine, but I would not recommend trying to teleport to other galaxies. Teleports work with coordinates which do not match in another galaxy. You will likely end up dying in space, glitched, or otherwise in a bad spot.


Yes…I believe this should be possible…I had a player on a brand new save join my game in Eissentam a few days ago…he had nothing but basic gear and the basic ship…he didn’t get to Eissentam like that…he just clicked join random game and in my game he popped right from Euclid…so it should work the other way around. I would never do it personally but you can if you want.


I think Ill back up my save and give it a try as soon as I have the time .


Let us know if it works and if you can hop between bases in different galaxies.


I joined a game in Euclid. I visited the guys base to log it in my terminus, then went to a nearby system and made a base with a terminus. Used the portal to get to my base in Calypso and promptly died in space :slight_smile: as @DevilinPixy said would happen. Looks like I was transported to the spot in Euclid where my Calypso base would be.
Reset to my home base in Calypso and tried the Euclid addresses and died in space another couple of times. Nothing game breaking or anything. Just looks like it can’t be done at this time.
Oh well, looks like I’ll be on my way to Eissentam at the weekend


Also be sure to submit a bug report to zendesk…it sounds like they need to lock multiplayer to the galaxy each player is in or they need to properly work out and support jumping between galaxies.


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As expected, there is no travel possible between galaxies. You are basically just a visitor when joining someones game in another galaxy than your own. Your own game is still in it’s own galaxy, which does have consequences tied to joining a game in a different galaxy. You will basically have to remember which locations are in which galaxy.

@DarthTrethon: Locking multiplayer to the galaxy you are in would work, although can become quite limiting, especially when far out there in let’s say the 150th galaxy. I would instead suggest to lock teleport options to the galaxy you are in. This requires additional data to be saved per galaxy visited. Then either lock or not show other galaxy locations at all besides the ones for the galaxy you are in. This way multiplayer is not tied to galaxy and therefor not limiting. Should actually not be all that hard to do …


I’m sorry, it wasn’t my intention to suggest that locking MP to each galaxy should be the way they resolve this, my bad if I my words appeared that way. I was just saying that might be how they end up doing it…though I’m sure they don’t want to do it that way and would only go there as a last resort.

Still…the situation as it is now has to change…can’t have people dying in space trying to teleport back to their bases and unable to back to their bases and so on. Normally when we leave a galaxy our previous bases get removed from teleportation options along with systems from the previous galaxy…can’t do that to player just joining MP without warning either.

They’ll have to find a way to either a) return players to their galaxies after they leave MP or b) allow cross galaxy teleportation…though to be honest I don’t see how the second would be doable…they’d have to significantly change how teleportation works to account for a fare more vast number of possibilities. Maybe I’m wrong and I’m not opposed to the doing it if they can.


Sure they may end up doing it that way, although I agree it would not be the best solution. As I said, it would limit the amount of players available to join. I am sure they would prefer to find alternative solutions.

I certainly agree there needs to be a change to the way it currently works. I would certainly submit this as a bug to Zendesk to make them aware of this being an issue. This issue is however quite different from moving galaxy through ‘normal’ gameplay, as that would indeed remove your base and all data associated with the previous galaxy. All this data actually gets deleted from your save. (or at least used to)

They can’t just do the same when joining a player in another galaxy, as you are a visitor. This means that if you continue with your own game without joining, you will be back in the galaxy you are actually in. Any base you created by joining another player in a different galaxy, can only be continued with by joining a player in said galaxy again. At least this is how I understood it to work, but not actually tested myself as I avoid multiplayer for now. So I believe that your a) is actually already the case.
Speaking of b), I don’t see that happen either, as it doesn’t make sense for the game. It would result in unlimited travel across the universe, making it way too easy. Not to mention it requires pretty much the same solution as I suggested, since it would then require saving galaxy together with the coordinates. So for that matter they may as well lock locations in other galaxies, instead of allowing them, since the logic is saved already.

Whichever they decide on doing, I think we both agree a change is required. I am mostly amazed about the fact they did not think this through … what else is new though … Take it up a notch HG, please!


I don’t understand why you should be able to join somebody else’s game without the effort to go actually meet him.


The problem is that if you look at the trophy statistics less than 5% of the NMS players have warped 60 times and only 0.1% visited another player’s base before NEXT even after portals made it easy and there was no shortage of people sharing their home planet addresses. That means that if you had to get all the glyphs and so on to get to see another then most people would never get to touch multiplayer. That’s not what they wanted to do…they wanted to make it easy so that those who wanted to play with friends or family and those who just wanted multiplayer could just jump right into it without having to drop 50+ hours into the game before being able to do so.

So while I understand the sentiment that “why should it be so easy?”, the goal was never for it to be hard…the goal was for the people who wanted that experience to be able to just have it and enjoy the game the way they wanted right away. It still needs ironing out but hopefully all will be well.