Getting back to Euclid

That’s exactly the way we want it, right? :wink:

If you look at it differently, it would also enable more solitary players to run and hide.

Solitary gameplay shouldn’t be an issue if the network play on/off option worked properly…and while I personally have no issue with it, several have reported that turning network play off hasn’t stopped others from joining their game regardless.


Thinking about it, I prefer solitary play. The upside of the situation should be anyone joining my game from outside Calypso ends up floating in space if they’ve make a base next to mine.

Hello all you interlopers! i am PSN:Makyo_kun from the Hilbert Dimension(second universe). i’m having trouble finding S-Class “Bird” ships and multi-tools within this new Universe. if anyone is still in Euclid and wouldn’t mind letting me come back to their universe to farm, i would appreciate it. if you’ve made it to Hilbert and have glyphs or hex code, i would also appreciate it!

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@Makyo_kun: I have edited your reply to include a link to your topic in regards to the help you are seeking. We prefer to have single topics for requests for help, so users can reply there instead.

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