I am in Hilbert and i can't find any coordinates to guide me from fellow travelers


Hello all you interlopers! i am PSN:Makyo_kun from the Hilbert Dimension(second universe). i’m having trouble finding S-Class “Bird” ships and multi-tools within this new Universe. if anyone is still in Euclid and wouldn’t mind letting me come back to their universe to farm, i would appreciate it. if you’ve made it to Hilbert and have glyphs or hex code, i would also appreciate it! I am trying to find a “Bird” hauler or fighter(Bird is the ship with the turbines on the wings)…and i’m looking for S-Class/Alien Multi-tools. i am currently in a Booming system that i logged to my portal, but the MT here suck( B or C rank).

Getting back to Euclid

If you mean this style of wing…

I can give you the seed for a ship with the wing type, and I can attempt to give you the glyphs for a planet in the system where I got the ship.
It’s good to see somebody else in Hilbert!


Just warp around to wealthy/booming/etc Gek-controlled systems and check their ships until you see one…it’s really NOT that hard to find. Especially when warp fuel is so cheap and easy to make.


or this one



me too! i had to go into random games to find my Squid and Experimental tool, which was a week long drag of deadend glyph locations, but i found this beauty…