Hunting ships through portals. Am I doing it right?


I’m looking for a fighter and I found a thread in reddit with one design I love (link). Original poster was nice enough to put the planet coordinates (0DCA:007F:0400:007E) in order to get it and said it was on Euclid galaxy, so the last few days I’ve been focused on reaching that planet.

I collected 16 glyphs, I located a portal and tried to travel there to get my fighter, but it didn’t work as expected.

First thing I discovered once I went through the portal was the planet name wasn’t the one expected. Anyway I tried to go to the space station in order to look for ships to buy but there was no space station in that system…

After looking for a while I decided that either I was doing something wrong or that the planet no longer existed.

I’ve tried with another two ships:

These ones were stated to be found on PS4 (the first was for PC), so after arriving at the planets it looked better as, though names weren’t the expected ones some of them were similar and even it said they were discovered by the original posters. I went to the space station but in both cases I wasn’t able to find the ships after some time waiting for different ships to appear.

In those planets I also found some communication stations, but it was strange as some of them were under the planets floor and couldn’t be reached even with the terrain manipulator and others were floating in the sky. The ones I were able to use had messages talking about the ship (both founding and not founding it).

So here are my questions:

  1. Do coordinates work the same for PS4 and PC? If I go to someones planet discovered in PC, will I find that same planet in PS4? Would it have the same ships?
  2. With NEXT a lot of things have changed (for example my base planet went from a nice full of life planet to a burning hell one) but the names remained. So when I went through the portal, I can assume the planet won’t be the same, but shouldn’t at least the name remain? Am I doing something wrong while travelling through the portal?
  3. Do coordinates and info about planet and ship locations pre-NEXT apply now?

By the way if anyone has the coordinates to a planet (in Euclid) having similar ships it would be more than welcome. Things I’m looking for:

  • Fighter:
    – Body: Parabola X
    – Engine: Delta
    – Nose: None
    – Wings: I want it to have max slots, so AFAIK it should have those lateral thingies and then e-wing or mecha wing models would be great
    – Color: White and blue would be great, but any other color could work too

  • Hauler:
    – Body: Katuo (Ideally EX)
    – Tail: RTX-Ibis or Rectrix
    – Wing: Thrust

Thanks in advance!

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Short answer is; No, you’re not doing it wrong, the galaxies have been totally reset by NEXT meaning what you are looking for no longer exists.

There is a high chance that any co-ordinates from Pre-NEXT will not yield the results they once did in regards to what was in that system. Some Orb exotics look to have remained but that is about it.
In most cases, the ships for each system regenerated, making old info redundant.
Comms from ‘before’ are scattered all over the place & often unreachable.
Many systems are now uncharted with no space station or habitation of any sort.
This Starships :rocket: thread was started after NEXT but is most info is only relevant to PC.
Hopefully soon, PS4 users will start posting pics & coordinates of good looking ships (as they used to do) to help others find ships they like.
Sorry for the bad news; it’s a new universe & nearly everything is a fresh start.


Thanks for your reply @Mad-Hatter, even if that means confirming my suspicions of not being able to get those ships… :sob:

By the way, when you say that the info on the Starships thread is only relevant to PC, does that mean then that both PC and PS4 don’t share the same planets and ships? If I get one ship’s coordinates, should I make sure they are for PS4?

I read this article and I assumed the ships locations were shared cross platform, but I don’t know if that still applies on NEXT update or if I even have read it properly…

Sorry…I should have clarified that.
To my knowledge PS4 & PC & Xbox share parallel universes but are separated. What can be found in one can be found in the other so location coodinates and portal addresses are useful for both platforms.
What I was referring to; is the info in the thread largely concentrates on images and ‘seeds’ that PC users can utilize to acquire ships…something PS4s can’t use.

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Nice, that’s then slightly better than expected, meaning that I only have to find a ship I like in Euclid, not being previous to NEXT and having coordinates instead of seed… At least I don’t have to worry about being for PC or PS4 :joy:

Thanks for the response, I will try later to post the ships I’m looking for in Starships 🚀 just in case anyone found something similar in NEXT and could help me with some coordinates…

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According to my investigations All 3 platforms have the same In Game Map.

The Systems are the same as I was able to use an old portal address to return to a system near my start point and saw the named systems I named a year ago in Next.

Planets in the systems are totally changed. From the amount of them to their position in the System to the Type of planets.

I don’t think you are going to be able to use databases of older systems pre-Next to find Ships or Multitools. You might as well just work on a new list and share information with the Community about it :slight_smile: