PvP Hub Griefing

NMS PvP increases a sense of danger and adds an element of roleplay. :couple: But I think you will find that most just want to be together. We particularly want to trade, to explore and to interact. To be helpful.

:+1: A coming patch after v1.57 that’s in experimental should fix most greifing through menu settings.

However, it seems that anyone will still be able to build anywhere, which still allows for specific types of location greifing, and potentially other issues. An example would be blocking ones view or building where undesired.

I think what we’re needing is a truly home system.


  • What would lead to a better overall trading game and more organized civilizations?
  • How do we get users more comfortable with sharing their portal addresses?

:lock: And there is a simple reason why this is the case. - Privacy!

Many users are not quick to give out their portal/coords because not all desire multiplayer interactions. Or they might if done right. Once you give it out, your private space - is public domain, labeled hot topic.

So while portal/coords are certainly key, I think realistically, it will always be that most will only share an image, and a few just might drop a seed. Smart. - It’s all based on the friendliness of the co-op. Is it not?

:seedling: Seed codes are cleanest and a perk for putting extra down on an expensive gaming PC. You just drop them in with a Save File Editor, and ship/tool/npc seeds are less likely to be affected per update. While portal/coords work for all, but change with every update and are a rare sharing commodity among users.

Atlas Rises v1.3 introduced basic PvP Hub Griefing. NEXT v1.5 personified the issue, and I mean way over the top. Coming patches seem to be focused on fixing this, but one comes to understand things.

:earth_americas: In addition to the coming menu settings, I think each player should be allotted 1 system that’s 100% yours. Meaning no one can possibly build without your consent. Would lead to a better overall trading game and more organized civilizations.

:moneybag: We also each need our own separate market place. So perhaps they could include an extra spot for this on our base/hub galactic terminals.

Problem: Portal addresses feel like social security numbers.
Solution: We each need a home world where we reign as king.

Hello Games, if you do the above, portal addresses will be the new t-shirt swag. Just watch!


Now you’re posting this? Just as 1.58 will eliminate all griefing permanently by allowing everyone to disable PvP damage and choose who can edit their bases…seriously?

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It’s a game. Why does everyone want to put up fences everywhere. There’s enough of that in real life.

One of the joys of No Man’s Sky procedural universe is that everyone can go anywhere at any time, to boldly go where ‘no man’ has gone before, to explore and discover.

There will ALWAYS be somewhere to be a hermit in a universe so infinitely big. There will always be somewhere you can name as ‘Yours’ and we have that now.

Perhaps introducing a simple way to copy or transplant a finished base would be helpful, if you want to get away and leave a griefer behind.

Yes have tools to prevent base destruction if you wish. Flag undesirable nuisances from being friends etc. But add too many ‘rules’ and it tarnishes the fun.

Maybe players could ‘build’ NPCs or introduce a ‘predator pet’ or something to defend your base while you’re away. Perhaps make it difficult for someone to destruct rather than make it non-destructable.

Maybe every base could potentially have a quest to ‘steal’ or ‘find’ something of value. A visitor could take part even if you’re not there.

I’d rather have griefers I can run away from or bad flag than have a universe with fences and places I can not visit.
Be positive. Most players are nice!

Please keep the game open Hello Games. That will always be part of its charm.

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pffft - non-GoG problems! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like some bigass gun turrets…set base to hostile :stuck_out_tongue:

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LOL. Like in the film the ‘Guns of Navarone’.

I could try to sneak in and strap a timed pack of exploding golden sandwiches to them for you to race home and diffuse. Then eat for 4000 Nanites…

(I happen to be eating lunch here in real life :slight_smile: )

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For a minute there I thought all the griefers showed up to whine about the loss of such.

Every single MMOG multiplayer game faces the subject and seeks to address it. Relax!


By the way, the popular Townkins app is an excellent example of players having their own home worlds. And as of my writing, it’s by far an overall better trading game, because of the way it’s designed. No ProcGen and it’s all cuteness, but there’s day/night cycles, town fishing tournaments, character customization, building, farming, town chat, global chat, 1+1 chat, family chat, leave roses, letters and parcels, gain friendship points and do much more. Very impressive for a mobile app!

Simplified Solution: In order to maintain openness across the universe…

Add a building radius setting to each base computer.

Allow players to choose how close their comfortable being built beside.
Max distance could be just far enough to preserve a special view. :palm_tree::sunrise_over_mountains::ear_of_rice:

Add a setting to opt out of being trapped or holed (ie. built in or buried). :hole: