Portal Coordinates not matching

Hi, I just joined the forum today but have been playing the game since it first came out.

I am having an issue with visiting other players bases through portal travel.

  • I have unlocked all the portal glyphs and when I use the portal to search for another players base, it does not leave me on there same planet nor system. Just a complete different system and planet.
    -therefore when I ask a friend for there coordinates for portal travel the base is non existent and the planet will not look the same.
    -any reason why I am showing up in different locations?
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You need to me mindful of the platform that the coordinates are referencing (e.g. PS4 or PC). You also need to watch out for the game mode (e.g. Creative, Normal, Survival, or Permadeath). PS4 and PC users are on different servers and don’t “see” each other. To the best of my knowledge only Survival and Permadeath modes can “see” each other.

I hope this helps.

Portal travel is complete hit and miss right now. try to repeat till the right place shows up… If youre on ps4 try going to your ps4 settings and select test internet connection then go through the portal, seems to help a bit.

You also need to make sure you are in the same galaxy, Euclid etc…

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The platform for the coordinates are for PS4 to PS4 and the game mode is from Survival to Survival.

I could be wrong in every sense of the word, but would it have any effect if I am in a different universe? At the end of the small story content they have in survival mode it asks you to choose from three different orbs (red, green, blue) . and once you chose the orb it bring you to an entirely different universe when I lost most of my resources. Could this be a reason why?


@sheralmyst Euclid?

yes you have to be in the same galaxy. If you chose any button at the end of the story then you left Euclid. The only way to return to Euclid is a restart. i made this mistake. You can only visit people in the same galaxy as you.


ouch… @sheralmyst


Perhaps NEXT will change this. (keeping fingers crossed) :blush:


Actually, I think players themselves (glowing balls) are visible across modes, but their bases are not.

You are not referring to restart as in “start on a new game” right?
I understood that it’s possible to just not make the choice between the blobs in that final moment, but rather just return to your ship and fly out of the Atlas station and hence - stay in Euclid (without any “restart”)…

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Yes. You can also choose not to press a button. I meant IF you chose to push a button then the only way back is a restart. :blush:


Well hearing that you wound up in a galaxy where you can’t visit most people just seems to make your username all the more fitting :blush: sorry I love when life and the universe serve up irony like that.

As others have pointed out you may need a restart or you may just have to wait for next and a possible means of interstellar travel between galaxies.

Personally I think the mysterious technology on exotic planets introduced in 1.3 look an awful lot like the mass relay stations in mass effect used to travel faster than light, so they could very well serve this purpose similar to how portals were present and discoverable before actually being functional


A major issue that is hurting portal visits is the network issues with NMS currently. I find when I am not connected it will take me to different planets all together.


What I have experienced is this:

On ‘Unification Day’ I wanted to travel to the pre-planned No Man Sky celebration organised by the players of the game. This took place on a certain planet only in Euclid Galaxy. The first galaxy was chosen as everyone will have started in that Galaxy.

I left Euclid long ago (Normal Mode) and so my only option was start a new save AND OR use Creative Mode. Why Creative mode? Because I had instant access to all Glyphs, recipes etc so could equip my ship for portal travel immediately.

Those players who have moved on to later galaxies, currently can not return.
BUT you can start a new game save slot for the mode you like to play, Normal, Survival or Permadeath or Creative and visit Euclid Galaxy.

Until we have a means to travel across entire Galaxies by ‘teleport’ visiting later galaxies can only be done by using ‘old’ game saves.

On Unification the Portal Address for the planet transported the player straight to it. BUT Each portal address contains a planet I.D for the particular planets in any given system. Without explaining in too much detail, simply put, if there are six planets in a system, each planet will have a unique I.D 1 to 6.

If you put in a random address for a planet never visited before, you may end up on any one of the planets in a system. The game is designed this way for exploration and I guess anticipation. Until perhaps we have upgraded ‘tech’ to be more precise.

You will be in the system you chose but may not be on the planet expected.

You would have to actually leave that planet and fly to the one you want. To do that means using any unclaimed home base base (on the portal planet) temporarily to teleport from your current system. OR the longer way would be to Waypoint the new portal discovery (now in your list) - return back through the portal and hop to your destination system by star system across the galaxy.

I guess, if you do ever encounter the red warning ‘Access Error!’ using portal travel you know you will get a random planet. In that instance, you could import the address a few times changing the first glyph (which I think is the identifier) but it is a random choice.

One other thing to note is sometimes bases do not update from the server until you visit a third party base then return BACK to the base that was not as expected. In this way the cache is ‘flushed’ and base you had expected should re-appear.

It is a long explanation and you may know some of this. But hopefully it might offer a possible solution.


This is correct in concept, although the details are a little more involved.

Portal addresses are in this format: P S S S Y Y Z Z Z X X X
P = planet number
SSS = system number
YY = portal region Y
ZZZ = portal region Z
XXX = portal region X
(portal region coordinates are offset & wrapped-around to make xxxx00000000 the galactic center)

If an invalid address (access error) occurs on the planetary level (dialed a planet that doesn’t exist, or is inaccessible due to a bug), you will be rerouted to the first planet in that same system. If the error occurs on the system level, you’ll be sent to the first planet in a nearby system. If the error occurs on the region level, you’ll be sent to the first planet in the first system in a nearby region.


I am doing a restart now :roll_eyes: but a few things came to mind while playing

1.) In order to start looking for portal glyphs and coming across the 4th race within the galaxy again, will I have to finish the story mode?

If so,

2.) What actions am I suppose to take at the ending to stay in the Euclid galaxy.

3.) Are their alternate endings if I let Artemis live this time around?

  1. No, you don’t have to complete any story to get glyphs. They do seem to have certain triggers though. Traveling through a black hole seems to help for some reason.
  2. The Atlas will ask you to choose a new galaxy at the end of the story. I think you can just tell him “no, I want to stay here”.

  3. I don’t think it affects the ending, but you get some extra “flavor text” through conversation with him.

If you acquire the basic base set ups & tech to acquire a nomad and get just the first 2 glyphs, there is a planet where you can get the rest of the glyphs.
Check out https://portalrepository.com/ and you’ll find the directions, slighty down the page above ‘News’.
Happy hunting.
(PS4 only)


WOW! I will definitely give this a try @Mad-Hatter