Portal Coordinates not matching


I just did it yesterday for my new Normal save and it worked a charm, nomad is definitely required. I only needed the last six and it still took me about thirty mins on a nomad.

There were actually three other people there while I was doing it which was fun. Then I went and visited some of the highest rated ps4 normal farms (ie, 30mil harvest, 3min walk) and in each one, loads of travellers harvesting.

And people still think this games playerbase is dead :joy: got me more excited for next, watching three orbs work the same crop fields. Very zen :slight_smile:

Of course with next there’ll be added danger of varmonts crashing our peaceful space farmin lifestyles :smirk:

That’s a great database for finding great bases and farms on your mode and platform, sortable by walking distance and all :slight_smile:


In terms of planets, there is (was?) a known portal code glitch. It appears that No Man’s Sky doesn’t always send you to the expected planet using the displayed (at the destination portal) glyphs . And one planet in each system may not even be reachable by portal due to this portal code bug. (I have not tested recently to see if this bug still exists).

See a Steam user’s notes at “Portal Problems


Fortunately, Next appears to have fixed the unreachable last planet in a system bug :+1:. Truly invalid addresses still reroute you as before. It also still sends you to the first planet when using either 0 or 1 as the first address glyph.