Unification Day - Dec. 30th, 2017

Scheduled for December 30th at 5pm EST, 2017!

Lasts for 24 hours!

Founded by Reddit user Galactic_Glory


Interview with Reddit mod 7101334

Time stamp at Unification Day talk.

Cobra TV - Unification Day

Unification Park location

Galactic address: 0A00:009F:0A01:01B2
Leyginsky system (38 light-years from the Unification Day system).
System: Yellow, Vy’keen, Ore Extraction, Low Economy, High Conflict.
Planet: Galactic Hub Unification Day Monument.
Distance from local portal: 5:20min walk, 1:50min roamer.

Unification Day schedule (summary)

Note: Times are in ET / UTC

  • 5:00 PM / 22:00: Unification Day officially begins
  • 5:15 PM / 22:15: The Unification Communication
  • 5:30 PM/ 22:30: Barrel Racing
  • 5:45 PM / 22:45: Drag Racing
  • 6:00 PM / 23:00: Photo Mode Scavenger Hunt
  • 6:30 PM/ 23:30: Terrain Manipulator Sculpting Contest
  • 7:00 PM/ 00:00: Starship Race
  • 7:30 PM/ 00:30: Nearby Attractions Tour
  • 8:00 PM/ 01:00: Unification Park Farewell

Full schedule details can be found on the wiki link posted above (Gamepedia).


What I’m seeing in this picture doesn’t match the planet. I entered the portal using the portal code. The planet I ended up on didn’t match the picture. The planet the portal sent me to was a extreme radioactive planet with very rugged terrain. I took a screenshot with signal booster. The address 0A00:009F:0A01:0100 is also next to the portal code in the picture. Not sure what I’m doing wrong…

This is what I have : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1226987367

I hope there’s an alternative portal.

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I’m in. This sounds fun. Plus, as a new Hub we will have to presence there, won’t we?

@GregR the hex address you provided is for the wrong planet. Check the first glyph. If I’m not mistaken, your address is for the 2nd planet. The original planet is 3rd.

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I selected the symbols in the sequence they appeared on the top of the picture (123313131132). The signal booster hex address is “the after thought” so to speak after I already made the trip and to place didn’t match the brochure. I have heard of situations where player’s home base planets have changed biomes when they’ve logged in. I was thinking that could be a possibility.

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I will try to be there if possible , should be lots of fun.

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The symbols along the top are incorrect. The first symbol is wrong. If you change the first symbol in the sequence to match the third you’ll get the right location.


You are correct that the problem was in using the first planet of the system because you didn’t change the planet number to 2. The Sunrise-Jellyfish is the first, The Bird is the second, and the Mask-Face is the third.

I have only one qualm with the location of the Event :slight_smile: Why put it half way to the center? I have a base at the edge and I am at the Center right now exploring :slight_smile: I decided to use the portal instead of traveling to the planet.

I do say it is a very nice world :slight_smile: on the Steam/PC Server

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I see one problem. The picture is being used by itself and it’s also being used in youtube videos. Your casual player has been “trained” to use the symbols (the hex address is meaningless to them) through the natural progression of the story. A fair number of players are going to end up on the wrong planet (unprepared for an extreme radioactive planet) like I did. I think the only option is to setup some message beacons around the wrong planet’s portal explaining the mistake in the picture. I’ll look into it. Unfortunately, I’ve just packed up my base and I just bought a new freighter so I’m going to have to get setup first before I can make them.

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@GregR the address is correct. If you are unfamiliar with hex/glyph usage, I suggest you check out this thread. The first post has the most up to date decoder. The mathematics are in there too.

I’m not sure why they chose the location beyond only needing 3 glyphs. My outdated map says there’s nothing there. Is it possible one of the hubs relocated there recently?

The planet is beautiful. Sadly I’m playing on survival and the sentinels are aggressive :sweat:

Edit: There are quite a few messages here already. I saw the one Cobra left.


I’ve gone through the portal, didn’t see any messages, did the claim a base, portal back and teleport to home base trick to get my ship back. Then I left “Hoth” and the aggressive sentinels behind. I’ve found decent planet to setup a new homebase.

The casual gamer that doesn’t want to dig into the workings of the glyph system is going to take that picture at face value and just punch in the glyph code. The assumption being that there’s a nice danger-free planet in the “brochure” and the person that made the picture wants people to arrive on that planet.

They’re in for a rough time. I found the extreme radioactive planet a lot more treacherous. The sheer cliffs and constant storms made it very difficult to progress. The intended cold planet was a lot easier to handle even with aggressive sentinels. I went with the “cycle” exo-craft to skim across the water. I left a message for people that are going to take the path of least resistance and just punch in the glyph code.

Oooh, thanks for bringing this to our attention @DevilinPixy, I’m still here, somewhat active, hope to be a regular traveller again soon, the skyrim VR buzz is starting to fade and I can feel a force pulling me back towards the stars, this might be a good way to get back in to the habit :smiley: I really should log in momentarily and share the coords to my new Survival base beside the ETARc hub of course :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can’t help but notice your ship there. That must have been a long trip.


All the way from the ETARC hub. 960,000 light years.


Impressive. That is literally on the opposite side of the galaxy

I know. I’ve got the blisters to prove it.


portal address listed above 123313131132 is the one to use?

need a good address for unification and ETARC Hub … thanks

The Portal address in the original image worked for me. I left a comm station and everything.

The number 123313131132 is incorrect. 1 and 3 are inverted here, it should read 321131313312. And hex starts at 0, not 1. It should read 210020202201. Other than converting glyph to hex, I’m not sure why you need the number.

just need the portal, thanks appreciate the help, gonna get my secondary out there

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The address is correct at the TOP picture … 210 020 202 201 is the address.
I’ve place my beacon!!!
The 321131313312 is incorrect for PC.

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