Unification Day 2021



Thanks for the reminder, I was there for a bit and met a handful of people who made the „I’m amazed“ gesture. :grinning: the builds that I saw were indeed mind blowing. One orrery with structures floating in the sky that were aligned so that they framed the planets that were visible. :telescope: And something shaped like a relaxed android lying on its back in a crater, stargazing. :grin: Escher’s enclave was a maze of steps and door frames and greebling. :crazy_face: several villages integrated with local features such as ruins. And a large floating clockface above a lone island - it kept landing my ship in the oddest positions, and in the case of the island, even under water. Very recommended!

The only downside was that the meeting point locations didn’t load for me. I didn’t see them flying over planets, and the station teleporter listed them as “downloading” but never let me warp there.

In the end I have to say, warping to local bases from the space station might be the best approach, less laggy! Only in one case it spawned me outside the room where the teleporter was, and I couldn’t get in, because terrain was blocking the entrance. (But then, just fly to the next base.)


I couldn’t find a portal in my system and futzed around too long, nodding off after a while. I’ll have to go looking at their bases whenever I hop in again and manage to locate a portal in my spare time. My Bill Murray luck - sorry, Bill Murphy. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: