Unification Day - Sat 19 Dec 2020

Announced on Reddit , watch the trailer video using link below


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I went there for a bit, it was quite cool. I went to some of the places a YouTuber went, but I was in a different instance, my instance had maybe half a dozen people in it. I only looked at the bases, I didn’t see/attend any events.

As so often the case, the game had a hard time loading the bases. At first, everything seemed empty and I had to fly low and hang out near markers until pieces started appearing.

Repeatedly I was in situations where I jetpacked all around a large building thinking, “I would have put more doors/stairs/windows/pads in“, only to have all these missing pieces surprise-pop in 5 min later. :laughing:

One successful example: I went through a puzzle/maze building called CUBE (which was modelled after the movie of the same name) where you had to find a button in each room to open the door to the next room (which also closes the door behind you) and eventually find your way back to the exit. Simple but entertaining. :+1: That one loaded because it was by itself further away I guess.

I left when the game seemingly gave up on the whole pesky “Keeping the world loaded” thing. It even unloaded bases while we were in them… (Our parked ships just parked in midair.) Multiplayer has come a long way but it’s still struggling with more than a few people present. :stuck_out_tongue: