Where is everyone?

In advance of the new multiplayer update, I was wondering where most people are based (I.e which galaxy)
I’m in bullgander (think it’s spelt that way)
Hope to meet some of you!


Hiding… Just in case


I have five games on the go at the moment, all in Euclid. Not all of them are active, however. One is hosting the ETARC hub capital in normal mode, and another is hosting the capital in creative mode.

That may, however, have been a mistake. We may need to get rid of the creative mode capital, or put it in a different system.

Anyway, Euclid.


If the Multiplayer Mode for NEXT is separate, you probably have to host another ETARC HUB capital as well, Polyphemus.
That said, if the capital needs to be moved, will it still stay on the Alpha Quadrant?


The capital was chosen by a long, and sometimes frustrating, process, involving the PS4 players. The idea was that both PC and PS4 ETARC members would have the same hub, and the same capital - even though we can’t see each other, we all gather in the same place.

I don’t see the hub moving. It was difficult enough establishing the one we have.

And whilst in the PC game, we still have room to move the capital, the PS4 players don’t.


Also at the ETARC Hub on PC normal. I just arrived a few days ago and still rebuilding my base.


I have two “forever games”… one in the No Man’s Sky Love hub right at the centre of the Euclid galaxy, and another one in the same hub at the centre of the Eissentam galaxy.

Right now however, I’ve just started a new save in order to re-live all the lore moments to keep myself up to speed on Waking Titan stuff. So currently playing as a newbie scrapping for units to get by… It would be fun to join the Etarc Hub on PC/Normal once I’m done with Artemis and Atlas paths and feel more comfortable as an interloper… stand-by


Everybody is welcome. The more, the merrier.

In the past, I’ve set up starter portals for people arriving in the area for the first time. Let me know if you want me to find one for you.


I have a Normal save PC in Euclid and one in Buldallanger, however, the latter is so poor and the Euclid save is so wealthy it would be difficult to return to being poor. I don’t have to try to bum Units any more! I am sure many people are happy at this news. :smiley:


In Euclid. Lost my original save files on my PC, was close to 300hrs all in Euclid. Am now about 40+ hours on PS4. Finding it so much harder doing space battles with a game controller, but looks so much better on a bigger screen.

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Euclid on normal, survival and permadeath.

Permadeath I’m adrift some place, haven’t played it since 1.3 dropped :slight_smile:

Survival mode I’m set up just outside the etarc hub.

I just started a new normal game and working on getting myself set up for when Next launches, my other normal save got a bit buggy when 1.3 hit. That’s when I started my survival save.

All of my saves are in Euclid.

My base in normal mode is in my own area. But my starship and exploration front is in the ETARC Hub.

My survival mode base is near the old galactic hub. But my starship and exploration front is in my own area (near my normal mode base).

My Permadeath mode base and exploration is near the center of Euclid.

Euclid is where to be for multiplayer. They really need to allow us to go back to previous galaxies, because going to the center is going to be totally pointless once true multiplayer is added.

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Slowly working through the galaxies to explore and stay as far away from people as possible.


The choice we do at the reset point can become important. We have the choice between the same world, a peacefull one (no PvP ?) a brutal one (for PvP ?) etc… so not staying in Euclid is not so pointless. peacefull gamers wont stay where the risk is more important (if there is a risk of course).
before 1.3 it was a lot of work to reach 5, 6, 7 centers but now you just have to reset in the story and here you are. So it’s not hard to go away, create another hub dedicated to something that 1.5 will allow in multiplayer.


I’m hoping it’ll be tied into the Conflict Scanner, PvP permitted systems will be more dotted around then.

Peaceful players can happily avoid these systems, but adventurous or bold ones could take the risk and warp there.

Chances are there won’t even be anyone there, but if there is, will they be friendly? Have you come alone or did you tell your friends to meet you here too, just incase?

The Conflict Scanner is pretty much useless as it is, it tells you that you might meet more pirate attacks and that’s about it.


Yeah, it’s pointless to leave Euclid because of multiplayer, you need to fight back.
Especially the spacing guild.
I honestly think it will be rare for people to attack you for no reason.
But since PVP is coming, just be cautious everyone.

Euclid is a huge galaxy, there will definitely be places to hide there without going to a WHOLE different galaxy.

I plan on staying in Euclid, it has the largest player population, so we ACSD members can stick together.
Make hubs.
Try keeping out invaders.
And help eachother, and others out.

We share a 6 planets blue system with a friend, enough to have the needed resources.

There are 257 galaxies. Not everyone want to stay at stage 1 in the game :wink: