Future ETARC Hub, where are you?

Topic edited, it can be erased. You can go there for ETARC Hub: https://forums.etarc.org/t/etarc-hub-waking-etarc-forum-hub/3098?u=kerdorin

Poll closed.

  • Euclid (PS4)
  • Euclid (PC)
  • Hilbert (PS4)
  • Hilbert (PC)
  • Far away (PS4)
  • Far away (PC)

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I picked Euclid ps4 but im also Euclid PC :slight_smile:

I live on the outer edge of Euclid, in the middle of nowhere. Still have yet to find anything named by someone else.

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I should have allow 2 votes yes @toddumptious

Tried to vote, failed

Yes it’s normal, we’ll make the same poll later, this one is closed.

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been bouncing around, saw the announcement in the other discussion.

Have we settled on an ETARC location yet?

Perhaps we could ask Loop16 for a reccomendation!

Not yet, we’re rexruiting in this thread, then we’ll discuss where we’d liketo set up shop. Yesterday that felt like it would be a very big and drawn out decision to make,but now that portals are confirmed fast travel to planets, we can pick anywhere realistically. I hae some ideas for how to do that :slight_smile:


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PS4 Not that far from the Galactic Centre

Yeah I can’t vote. I vote Euclid PC/PS4 but near its center.

PS4, think I’m in Hilbert…somewhere like 100K LY from center. Use my freighter as the base, but it needs an upgrade. So do most of my ships so I’ve mostly just been farming for credit, exploring for resources to fix broken things and make warp drives, and slowing making my way to center.

While I don’t play a lot, maybe 200 hours since it released (I play in spurts, a lot over a few weeks, long break, pick it back up) I have yet to find one portal. Maybe with the update they’ll be easier to locate. ~shrug~

Near the Euclid Hub on PS4.