Closed the loop back to Euclid... now need a ride to 256 and 257

I have completed the whole tour from Euclid to Euclid via each and every galaxy in between. Besides some earlier, I built bases on galaxies core systems in 50, 100, 150 200 and 250 on the way. Now I would love to have a fellow Traveller bringing me to galaxy nb 256 Odyalutai and 257 Yilsrussimil… my NMS code is 3C3Z-WNON-3TM1E… Thanks in advance for the lift :slight_smile:


Odyalutai should be easier than finding someone who is in Yilsrussimil. You might get lucky checking the Anomaly’s Teleporter regularly or finding someone with access to group up with.

Good luck!


Thank you for your response my fellow traveller !


So how long did it take you to make the loop? I am in galaxy 26, long ways to go. :sweat_smile: Most galaxies are fairly quick but I have hit 2, so far, that have taken me all day to get through.


There is a trick you could abuse, where the distance to galaxy center gets ’ locked in’ after using a black hole. So basically if you use a black hole like 10k ly from the core to then reach center and jump to the next galaxy, you’ll be 10k ly from the core again.

Using the black hole and jumping to the next galaxy, has to be done within the same game session, or else it won’t work.

It takes me about 10 to 12 minutes from one jump to the next : about 5 minutes to repair all the damaged slots in my exosuit and multitool, find my ship, repair it, fly out in space, jump close to the core and if I am lucky arriving at a gateway system or make another jump to find one, dock at the local space station to obtain a record of the location that I can use on a TP later on. If no space station available, go to a nearby system with one and dock at the station there then going back to the gateway system and jumping through the core again.