Have you been to the center of the galaxy?


In all the time I played I always traveled towards the center but I never used the black holes. For the last month now I have aggressively pursued it, and have made a pretty nice dent. I have a total of 260 hours. I got the game when it first came out, played really hard for a while then kinda fell out of it. Till the announcement of NEXT.

I’m not asking for a spoiler, just extremely curious as to how many people have actually made it. Have you?


Yep, I’m 12 deep galaxies now, for no reason other than I wanted to!


Yes I have made it. Actually you really should use black holes as they’re designed for only one purpose to reach the center (at least currently that seems to be their only use to leap great distances). They’re fun! They’re not predictable but again that is intentional. You still need to make a LOT of black hole visits if you’re going to reach the center.

Remember you can get back to the previous system you left if a) you make a back up save first or b) you use you’re waypoint marker and travel back the usual way. Of course now you can use Glyphs for more accurate travel. Remember there are another 255 galaxies to visit so… don’t spend too long before trying a black hole :slight_smile: Goodluck!


I’ve gone to galaxy centers no less than 5 times. You aren’t missing much.


You’re missing my space dust! I’ve gone to plaid!


If you want to socialise or enjoy base-share, stay in Euclid. If you want to experience what happens but not stay there, be sure you have a suitable save.
If you want to just keep on travelling, go for it.


Never made it there, never really tried because i was busy trying to build up units and find the perfect home planet. My last base on Atlaspathfinder was named “Home Atlast” lol.


Didn’t buy the game for that, I only got it for the exploration side. So no, haven’t been anywhere near to the centre, not likely too either. :slight_smile:


I’ve been through 6 proper galactic centers and through the galaxy changing event at the end of the Atlas Rises story.


I have had the game since launch and I have never even gotten close to the center, 250ish hours played.


Oh I use them all the time now. Literally all I do now is collect all the stuff for warpcells, warp till I hit a black hole, then repeat.


My home base is in Euclid. I’ll keep it that way


Originally that’s why I got it.


I think I found the right planet for mine



Next universe is Hilbert, currently camping a 30 star cluster with everything I need.



Would it be a massive “spoiler” to make a “list” of Galaxies publicly available?

@MacForADay has done 5,
@DarthTrethon - 6,
@SingularGleam - 12, and
@xdragon’s citing the next galaxy as “Hilbert”…
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Do all your explored galaxies “match”? That is, is the list of “consecutive” galaxies persistent / consistent, across all your experiences? I’m new and curious; thanks!!


The wiki lists the names of all the galaxies…you can even click on them for other info like what type of galaxies they are and what color their center is: https://nomanssky.gamepedia.com/Galaxy

The galaxies are the same for everyone…if you make a selection of a type of galaxy at the end of the main story you will be skipped to the nearest galaxy of its type…if you leave a galaxy by reaching its center you will go to the next numerical galaxy in order so from the 1st(Euclid) to the 2nd(Hilbert Dimension)…this is the same for everyone regardless on whether you play on PS4 or PC or what digital platform you bought the game from.


Honestly, I have never seen much point in them. A well upgraded hyperdrive mostly allows you to cross the same or more distance without having to repair your old bucket afterwards…


@zsigmond as far as I’m aware has travelled the furthest that I know of.

I’m still happily in Euclid with no need or desire to go anywhere else right now.


Last I heard he’d gone through 60+ galaxies :smile: