Cannot find a single glyph or traveller since completing missions

Hi all. Having an issue…

I completed all the Atlas Rising Mission, talked to the travellers, went through the portals, collected all the atlas seed, finished all of the base missions, the only mission I have left are guild ones.

Anyway, during the process of doing all of this I did not ask a traveller for a glyph location once, I was always planning on doing that later, but since completing all of these missions, not a single traveller is appearing for me anywhere (plenty before all over the place), and I have not found a single glyph headstone anywhere.

Any ideas what is going on or what I am supposed to do?

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However, for support requests like yours, in regards to the game No Man’s Sky I would suggest to visit the No Man’s Sky Help Centre and submit a support request there:

Edit: Two possibly useful topics:

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Ah okay thank you.
I already sent the helpdesk a request on this earlier, but then stumbled across this forum and figured I would ask here.


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You’re welcome and check my edit above as both topics linked, discuss obtaining glyphs.

Cheers. Unfortunately I have tried everything listed here as found on reddit also, and am still to find anything.
What I am hearing is that travellers are super rare, even though I saw tons of them in space stations when the missions where active, and none since finishing them.
279 hours into the game and no glyphs, and I have nothing else to do. Getting pretty frustrated honestly.

Similar thing happened to me. I finally jumped thru a blackhole hoping a new section of space would yield better results. I am slowly finding Travelers, but still only have 10 glyphs. I can manage to get a max of 2 glyphs from one Traveller by 1. Warping to my home base then back to current sysytem. 2. Waiting until the next day to ask the Traveler again. Travelers are rare and I find most on the planet after scanning for a trade station. Hope that helps, at least maybe give you some hope. You will find them, sooner or later. :wink:

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ya look in all the wrong places lol

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I’ve put 440 hours in since 1.3 dropped. Got all 16 glyphs, done the Atlas path, Artemis quest, Purge, Remembrance - just about everything apart from the reset. I’m still finding Travellers in space stations and trading posts. Perhaps not as many as I did at the start, but they’re still around.


Huh. I was wondering myself since I’ve been stuck on 5 since 1.38, if that update did something to have the travellers spawn less often. Ya never know…

Fix five things; break ten more. The programmer’s life story. lol

I’m mapping out wealthy systems in one region at the moment.
For the amount of 30 systems, I met 3 travelers at space stations.
I was not consistently checking trading posts, because not every trading post spawn traveler and finding to check them all is too time consuming.
Try selecting some system type, you are interested in for some purpose (for example “peaceful / low conflit” in order to buy warp/shield blueprints), and consistently visit all systems of that type within a region.

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So here is a scary thing you might not want to know so I will hide it just in case, I had several glyphs and was finding Travelers frequently until I reset, then I lost all glyphs and had to start over and Travelers have been few and far between since then unless that has changed in an update.

That sounds like a bug. I’ve done the reset a few times now. That has never happened to me.

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Thanks for the warning. However, I did the whole “travel through the centre and find a new galaxy” thing when the game was first released. It busted up my ship, and I lost all my discoveries - but I didn’t see any benefit. As far as I could see, Hilbert and Calypso were no different from Euclid.

So now in 1.3 I’m carving out my own personal little corner of Euclid. Unless someone presents me with a very good reason to leave, I’ll be staying there. I can never explore all of Euclid in my lifetime - why go somewhere else?


Here are the systems’ parameters, where I met travelers at space stations within same region:

Yellow : 3 planets 2 moons : construction / flourishing / untroubled : Gek : Lush : 0803:0088:0800:0083
Red : not found yet
Green : 3 planets 3 moons : nano-construction / flourishing / untroubled : Vy’keen : Light pods + Lush : 0803:0088:0800:0003
Blue : 4 planets : construction / booming / boisterous : Vy’keen : Hexagon glass : 0803:0088:0800:0012

Thanks for your replies everybody.
I am going to assume they will tweak the scarcity in a future update, as it seems silly that I could have got the glyphs during mission time where the Travellers were common, but basically I am penalised into wandering for years looking for more due to completing the missions first.

All I want to do is portal myself to some friends to play with them!

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Does any one have hex coordinates, for travellers at stations? Maybe @Alchemist is near someone? I have a few, in Hilbert dim. This wouldn’t be the best solution, you would more then likely find all the glyphs on your way to someone’s cords. I have five, and haven’t seen one traveller, since I finished the quest, either. The quest got me excited when the unknown signal was sending me glyphs,
I thought I was getting glyphs, then I eventually realized it was just story.

If I would be starting from scratch today, I would search galactic hub wiki and respective discord for known traveler/glyph locations.

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From what I’ve read, they’re not permanent fixtures. They appear to randomly replace regular NPCs. So even if you go to the same location, they’re not guaranteed to be there.


It seems, from the little research I’ve done, that all the galaxies now have modifiers. The raging, tranquil, ancestral and imperfect have an effect on the galaxy. Read the section on galaxy types:

I had an odd experience with this. I had one living in a shelter right next to me. He was there every time I went there. He only disappeared when I loaded at his specific location. (he was the cannibal one, glad he’s gone) Maybe he was just bugged? I get the feeling I could have kept him there, but he wouldn’t answer any more questions.

On a side note, I tried using some of the tricks to getting more than one glyph from a grave. None of them worked. I think they updated the traveller/grave system.

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That is absolutely true for travelers on trading posts. I have experienced this myself - traveler has gone, while I headed for nanites to my freighter and back. So if you see one on a trading post - it might be ‘either now or never’.
With space stations - I’m going to check and report back.
Even if they would disappear - there are graves in those systems for sure. And those things are permanent. So I will mark them with com stations to save nanites for interlopers and not to depend on traveler’s presence.

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