Portal glyph glitch?

So I finally found my first portal glyph by actually going back to a system I didn’t explore because it was part of the story. After I got the portal glyph I got the second one out of the set of 16 not the first one and as I’ve gotten more I still have not gotten the first one. I’m a little scared I somehow missed the first one. Anyone have any similar experiences? Admittedly all the glyphs I’ve gotten so far have been from like the same two Travelers because I found that you can talk to them multiple times at least twice if you leave the system and come back.

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Im haveing the same issue but cant find anything on it via the web. Im missing the 1st and 16th glyph. I heard that the 16th was a bug but cant find anything on the 1st one

Yeah everyone keeps mentioning the last one but no one seems to mention the first. At least we are not alone and I’ve heard the next patch will actually address the glyphs finally.

So my best advice for you is keep finding and talking to travelers best chance in a Kovac system. I just found a traveler and got the first glyph.

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Sorry for the late update forgot i posted here but to find the first glyph you just have to find another travleler in a different star system then when you activate their grave youll get the first glyph.

If none has already found this out yet.

Is it?

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I still haven’t gotten the 16th glyph yet no matter how many traveler graves i visit

They reset the dialog so you have to do it 16 times to get it.

You have to talk to the grave 16 times?

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So even if the dialog repeats the same thing i just have to do it 16 times cuz iv done it 5 times already and the travelers at the graves say the exact same thing.

1st and 16th glyphs were glitched and were resetting dialogue. So game may “think” you are on your 5th glyph or something. Just keep spamming single traveller’ grave to run through all dialogues and get the last one. It worked for me on 1.35. 1 nanites to find grave 2 beacon near grave 3 attend to grave 4 buy plutonium at space station terminal 5 repeat #3 …profit!

That’s weird. You may have to do the trick at one grave.

I too have the 1st glyph bug. Im upo to Glyph 6 and i have to get 1/16.

And unless mine was just bugged? Dunno,but i went and got a grave,warped away,warped back, went to the same traveler,he then sent me to same grave,but i couldn’t interact with it. So i just left Dx.

You need to go to a different traveler to get glyph 1.

By Troy Rice:

Lemme just go ahead and put this here, cause I’m tired of typing it :grin:

You can get the glyphs by finding travelers. They could be in just about any building, but frequent space stations, trading posts, anomolies, freighters…
You have a higher chance of finding a traveler in a Korvax system (yes they can be found in other systems)… The more planets in the system the better (thanks Sara Garcia for that tip :wink:).

After finding a traveler, speak to them until you get the option to ask where they’re from (100 nanites), and he’ll point you to a grave. Put a waypoint down, and extract the glyph from the grave.

Fly to the space station, and sell or buy 1 thing (doesn’t matter what it is), when selling or buying make sure you’re buying from the picture, not the actual buy sell button (…credit also goes to Sara on that one), then fly back to the waypoint, the grave will have a new glyph to extract. Rinse and repeat…

If buying and selling isn’t working for you, reload the game, and it should give you a glyph… Rince and repeat (thanks to Dustin Makarow for that tip)

Ill try it today been busy build my base/farm

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