Possible exploit (traveller grave/glyph)


Just bringing this up, because I’m not sure if this is working as intended. “Spoiler”, because I’m not sure if this is an exploit. You can return to the same traveler multiple times and do the quest again. It may only reset when you leave and return to the system. I found this out, because I happened to have my base set in a system with a traveler in station. I was able to repeat the quest 3 times, until I stopped, because I felt like it was exploiting. Anyone else have an opinion on if this is working properly?


Don’t know if it is supposed to be that way. I have found it only works twice for me. In addition to what you stated above, I also had to wait a certain amount of time. For me it worked again when I tried the same traveler the next day. Whether it should or shouldn’t work, I am glad it does. Only 1 glyph left and I will have them all. :smile:


it is not an exploit, this was sent in and other exploits that were sent were fix this was not.
It appears as from HG it is working as intended. Even though no offical word from them, ever!


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When did this happen? I tried those tricks a week ago and none of them worked :confused:


just tried it again the other day for my 4th glyph. I got 2 glyphs in less than an hour.


The exploit was - go to space station and buy something at trade terminal and then immediately return for a new glyph. People were getting all of them in less then half an hour.


good to know. Thanks for the clarification. I no longer feel like I’m exploiting haha


As of three days ago I finally got all my 16 glyphs :slight_smile: !!!

There were only two occasions I encountered when returning to the same location, the same Traveller gave me a second glyph. One traveller was in a Space Station and the other an Observatory. My final glyph was found after I asked a Gek at a Trading Post for directions and was sent to an observatory. There I found my final traveller yay!

On other occasions (since the update) I returned to find the traveller gone. My impression is the exploit I have read about has been fixed, which is a good thing. There is now a chance we might get lucky and find two glyphs in succession with the same traveller and It makes the game fun and certainly teases us with the hope and anticipation of being led to a new glyph. It adds a bit of ‘realism’ and surprise to the game when it happens.

Overall, searching for glyphs is best done while following missions and generally playing the game from a complete restart. Visiting locations and alien lifeforms reward the player with glyphs without actually any desperation of searching. Asking directions at every opportunity is key to progression. Probably this was intended at initial release but for whatever reason wasn’t implemented.

I think those who continued with their old saves and journey across the galaxies maybe would feel a little frustration at the apparent slow rate of finding them but I have been quite happy with that as I didn’t want to give up my hours of play time with NMS. The missions will be even more fun now I don’t have to chase glyphs and they are written rather well I think. I love the wandering meandering aspect of the game but glad there is now a developing storyline. It needs a story or maybe as players we can invent our own for eachh other…


Not really. One day i didn’t see any traveller and the day after i saw 4. I didn’t try to rush the 16 glyphs so just in playing as usual (travelling, discovering) it’s not so hard or long to find the 16.
But one thing is sure, i never found a grave by just scanning.