Glyph Hunting

What’s the best way to find glyphs? I’ve found one so far from the coordinates from a Traveller I met at a space station. I’d like to find the remainder so that I can start visiting ppl at ease.


That is an excellent question. Generally speaking, they spawn from time to time in places like space stations and trading posts. In early 1.3, I found a few in smaller buildings like observatories and transmission towers. I don’t think they spawn there anymore though.

As for intentionally finding them? I couldn’t say. Beyond visiting as many space stations as possible. There are a few ways to “cheat” to get multiple glyphs from the same grave, if you don’t mind that sorta thing.

I just stared a new game, so I’m looking too. I’ll let you know if I notice anything useful.


They do, it’s still possible to find them there.

There’s no “best way” to find travellers, just explore and cross your fingers. And always have at least 100 nanites with you :wink: If you’re very lucky you can find a grave yourself when scaning. Same icon as a knowledge stone but it will be a grave.


As others have stated, jsut jump from system to system checking space stations and scanning for trading posts etc.

Unintentionally, I was able to get 2 glyphs from the one grave stone, I had been back and forth between that system and my home system, so much so I thought maybe I was at a new space station since the traveller talked to me again and I could ask him where he came from again.

It wasn’t until I landed and recognised the area surrounding the grave stone that I realised it was the same one, yet I was able to obtain another glyph from it. I’ve since tried to recreate this bug by teleporting back and forth to my base, I can pay 100 nanites to the traveller again however the grave would no longer activate, so I don’t know if they fixed this issue or if I misunderstood what triggered the bug.

It’s been nearly two months since 1.3 launched, I finally got my 15th glyph last night… one more to go :slight_smile: Survival mode/work schedule has made it a long and drawn out journey but an enjoyable one all the same.


This topic had many good tips for getting all of the glyphs: Obtaining 16 Glyphs

From this link and watching several gameplay videos about this subject I have found the following tips most useful:

  1. Travelers tend to show up more often in Korvax systems (but can show up in any system).
  2. If at a trade post in a Korvax system and a traveler is not present, try flying to orbit and back down to see if a traveler may appear. You can try this a couple of times (I have had one spawn on a 3rd visit).
  3. You can get another glyph from a traveler grave by marking it with a beacon and returning after doing other things. I usually visit another system and then return later, but others have shown just selling an item at the space station will do.
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I really must commend your topic title ‘Glyph Hunting’ as opposed to the other topic of ‘Obtaining 16 Glyphs’

Reason: Because it implies playing the game normally and hunting as a player instead of using hacks/glitches to aid discovery.

That said, we already have responses suggesting the use of what I guess are glitches lol

I feel stuck in a glyph-rut at the mo. Ever since deciding to reset into a new Galaxy with only 10 Glyphs I have not found a single traveller. Has resetting caused Travellers to vanish ? Or do I need to just travel deeper into the Galaxy before they start spawning ?

On that note: Can anyone confirm that Galactic warping in 1.3 has become a more long-winded affair? (less distance achieved per jump I mean)


Keep looking. It gets disheartening, but you always find one just as you’re ready to give up :grinning: I’m actually on my way out from the core, toward the outer edge of the galaxy. I don’t think DTC affect traveller spawn rates.

Now that I think about it: my old ship could go ~2400ly (/4= 600ly) and my new ship goes 1300ly flat. Twice as far?

Prior to 1.3, there was a difference in linear distance traveled, and distance to the core (I found it to be ~4:1). They compensated for this in 1.3, which is why you start ~720,00 DTC instead of ~180,000 DTC.


I remember spending 10 hours or so without seeing any travelers. And later i found 5 or 6 in an hour so keep looking, you’ll find them.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: And thanks for the info. I’ll keep my eyes open for Travellers at stations then. Gonna be a long grind to get all 16 but the pay off will be well worth it :slight_smile:

Lol thanks :slight_smile:

Oh wow… that’s very helpful. Thanks a lot dude :slight_smile:

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Just sharing my own experience, I found 15 glyphs so far (& struggling on the last one!). Those can be detailed as follows for me:

  • 2 Travellers in spacial base stations (including my first one!);
  • 3 Travellers in smaller outposts (usually the ones with the sell/buy terminal I think);
  • 3 traveller’s tombstone directly (i.e. without ever seeing the corresponding Traveller) just randomly walking/exploring the planet by foot (i.e. looking for something else, scanning, and following knowledge stone/monolith icons that ended-up not being a knowledge stone/monolith! Note: I explore by foot a lot!)
  • 6 Travellers in trade outposts (including 2 who were not there when I saved and exit the game from the trade outpost, but who were there when I reconnected to the game later on. This is probably related to the hint given above regarding “trade outposts, leaving&coming back and traveller-spawning”).
  • 1 that I got by harvesting the same tombstone twice by accident (I know now it can be done, but I don’t want to get my glyphs like that).

Hence, to get my last one, I always check the trade outposts and - since one of the patches - installing the “Economy Scanner” upgrade on the ship helps a lot in order to find the trade outposts (or you can also use the Mission desk and choose one that sends you to a trade outpost).

I didn’t notice Travellers spawned more in Korvax systems, but I might look for my last one in one of those just in case!

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I did this four times with one traveler (on a space station). The fifth time, there was no longer an option to ask him where he came from.
To be honest, as I kept flying back and forth between the space station and the gravesite I was beginning to get bored of it. I had gotten glyphs 5 through 8 this way and I dreaded doing that another 8 times.
Personally, I think the traveler grew bored of our conversations so he started limiting what I could talk with him about.

Back to the hunt! Happily!


Oh nice. Didn’t even think of using the Economy Scanner for Trade Outposts. Thanks and good luck with that last glyph :slight_smile:

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