BUG: Not getting the glyphs I collected

I have collected 7 glyphs so far but i just checked the glyph sheet and i only have the first one not sure if this is because of the patch i think the first one is the only one that i got before 1.51


This just happened to me. I found my first in 1.5 just by stumbling across a grave. In 1.52 I found my second grave through a traveller, but when I got there it gave me nothing.


Same here. I am also having an issue with different Travellers all sending me to the same Grave and it will not give me another glyph.

Yea had that happen too 2 travelers sent me to the same spot and got nothing both times but on my other save im getting the glyphs its weird

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Same here. New system, new Traveler, new grave, and no glyph. Glyphs worked fine in 1.5.

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Yea i got a 30 mb update and was hoping it would be a fix for it bit nothing still

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Same for me. The first one I got is in my glyphs inventory. The second two didn’t show up. I’ve reported it to Zendesk.


Yea its weird i just loaded my old save amd it let me get one glyph my 7th one and now it wont let me get anymore

10 days on…
and I’m still unable to acquire glyph number 2.
Reloaded and repeated process but cannot get the task to register and give the next glyph.

Submitted a bug report to Zen Desk.


There’s a fix for this announced in the latest experimental patch. It’s not live yet, but it seems they’ve dealt with the problem. Now we just need to wait while they check it’s stable.

"Hello Games [developer] 8 Aug @ 7:14pm
NEXT Experimental Branch 08/08
Hello everyone,

…Fixed an issue that was causing dialogue and rewards at certain found buildings to repeat (including Traveller graves and portal glyphs)…

Thank you,

Hello Games
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Update: PC
Obtained 2nd glyph. :joy:
Space Station had 2 Travellers. They both sent me to the same grave marker but, it only yielded 1 glyph. :sob:

I have been getting glyphs finally, although all by warping to new systems during the purge. Not a single glyph has been rewarded to me by visiting a grave, which is still bugged for me. I can confirm this issue was still present for me with 1.57, but now that i have all glyphs, I can no longer verify the graves.

For those who have working graves, it will only allow to speed up getting all the glyphs, but other than that there is no point in wasting 100 nanites. I really do not understand this change to reward glyphs for warping, as it makes these travellers less useful.

@sheralmyst: Space stations with multiple travellers always point to the same grave, so safe yourself the nanites!


I hope the same glyphs acquisition now works on PS4. I’m kind of happy there are multiple ways to get glyphs now as one can be seen as treasure hunting while the other is a gradual achievement while playing the story which does hold relevance with the Atlas quest and Portal introductions and so forth.
I’m yet to do either method of glyph retrieval in my NEXT save as I imeadiately found glyph 2 was bugged so I reloaded and stopped attempting.


Yes. I found out the grave only works once. Since 1.57 I am getting glyphs from graves. :+1:

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I’m not even getting them on 1.57… to be fair, I hadn’t even noticed so far, since I’m not much of a portal user anyways. But yesterday I noticed that I’m still stuck on the first.
I wonder if it might have something to do with me getting another grave location from another traveler before visiting the one I had already marked. It’s potentially possible that the reference for the counter doesn’t switch over and waits for the one that is now inaccessible to be activated, though that would be kind of a weird way to design the code for something so simple…


I wasn’t getting glyphs from graves. I got the first, but then it stopped. Every traveller’s grave gave me the same dialogue, then gave me the first glyph (but I already had the first glyph, so it didn’t register).

Then, a couple of patches back, the graves started working again. I collected three or four glyphs - but then I started getting glyphs from the Purge, too.

So now I’ve got all 16, and I can’t test it any more. All I can say is that, for me, both graves and the Purge were giving glyphs.