Traveling to other systems w/o Warp


So before when NMS First came out , if you tried leaving the system there was an invisible boundary that stopped you from leaving. I have been boosting for an hour and made it 42,000 KS from my planet. I have found 19 different freighter and my HUGE planet has not been drawn in for maybe 30 minutes now. Could they of added/fixed the feature without anyone knowing? Or am I just tripping

Strange "Contact" around center of Euclid Galaxy (Atlas Rises / NEXT)

Let’s hope you stocked up on Iron that Journey could take months


Astroids are still spawning. I have large iron astroids for years. Turns out the star map is accurate with the constellations in the system. I’m next to a very distinct set of systems I been following. There is a system 7 ly away. I’m going to try and get to 250k ks from my planet and see if the distance goes down. But it’s still saying I’m in my system. Perhaps I should of went towards the sun instead but this is more interesting. I’m going to try and see how many ks adds up to one LY.


I remember people trying this on the first day, flying towards the sun, but the game crashed every time , bringing up the interview where Sean says currently you can fly into the sun and then posting it declaring “MORE LIES!” and same when people tried flying out of system.

I haven’t heard of anyone trying this again since launch.

Yes the stars you see are accurate to the surrounding star systems, I believe that was another thing that was on the “lies” list even though (like rivers) it was clearly a feature.

Sand worms, portals, crashed freighters, epic space battles… I think that’s all that was truly missing on launch? Or was there a few other things people dreamt up?


Well I got to 110,000 ks away and decided to stop on a freighter (was attacked right before I entered) to save. After exploring the ship I realized that everything was jacked up. There was a traveler on the korvex freighter by the big globe. The captain could not be see because he was all pushed into the wall. I found the whole ship to be buggy. I tried to take off and continue but I was to high and got stuck right above the big door. I tried loading and discovered that the game didn’t save when I landed (probably because I don’t own that particular freighter). I’m going to sleep and going to try again later.

A few discovery I found as well, is that you go faster the longer you keep the pulse drives on, pirates still try to get your booty, you’ll encounter random space battles and the farter you go out the stars start twitching at increasing rates. I’m going to start from a better system next time, makes me wonder how this would work from the center of the Galaxy.

I have little hope this will work but my game never crashed and frame rate was uneffected. The clouds you see in space were also getting thinner which makes me still have the little hope I do.


@toddumptious were results different from PC and PS4?


Now that, I couldn’t tell you, bbut as far as I know there seemed to be more ps4 players present than PC gamers or maybe the former is just the louder at complaining.

It’s quite possible this bug was present on both platforms.

What you’re reporting sounds similar to what they experienced, things got weird far out and then crashed. But you couldn’t land on freighters back then either.

Yes the game does not save on freighters, I lost three hours progress because of that once XD


@toddumptious it does save on your personal freighter though. I just checked. I’m preparing for the sun currently since I’m forced to stay awake for other reasons. This Time I’m just warping, I have a hunch my picture mode habits may have had something to do with some of the issues. Fingers crossed this works. I find it odd there is a heat meter in the ship. Going to keep an eye on that as well


New journey starts at 3,363 ks from the planet (only one) heading towards sun since it’s shorter travel.


Have you tried your experiment with two systems that are very close together on the Galactic Map? From there it will give you the distance which you can you use to compare to actual distance travelled.

Guess the hardest part will be choosing and keeping your heading, especially taking a Freighter break to save the game.


@Oshoryu I was going to go to a system 7 ly away. Haven’t found 2 planets closer than that. I’m using the galactic map to keep my footing since there is a literal line of systems near me


New discovery 1,000,000u =1,000 KS

New goal to hit 1,000,000 ks

Saved at 40,000 ks from planet and it loaded buggy, I’m still traveling with success


Man this has me more captivated right now than waking titan haha.

Thanks for keeping us posted, look forward to your next report. God speed.


If anyone wants to try, I suggest the skinniest hauler. It gets stuck in your freighter less. Having alternative ships helps as well, if one gets stuck try another. You’ll see what I mean. But the sun is brighter


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Traveling Update: when using pulse the numbers shown in the blue box is distance traveled during the current pulse. After about 25,000 ks a random scan from pirates happen wether you have rare goods or not. Just like in normal distance from the planet you can out run them and pulse jump again.