On my way, to the Pilgrim Star…

Greetings travellers.
With the introduction of portals, traveling afar has become easy, yet I’m inspired by our resident CSFD member @zsigmond, who among others has warped off; not just across the galaxy but through several more beyond, in his quest to see what’s out there.
Inspiration is a powerful force and I’ve decided I too will now warp-travel as a retired traveller should, although not so grand an enterprise.

I intend to use the Pilgrim Star Path plotter and indeed become a pilgrim of the famed planet for no other reason than it is a destination. Long distance warping is a bit old fashioned in this time of portals but what’s the destination without the adventurous journey to get there? At least I don’t have a caravan on the back :grin:
With zero experience using the PSP plotter, this will indeed be an adventure.
Later on, once a location for a ETARC HUB is decided on, I may use this method to head there…

My current location is in the middle of Alpha Quadrant, a very long way from my home-base over on the far side of Beta Quadrant.
However, on a galactic scale, I’m not actually too far from the Pilgrim Star.
This odd positioning is due to black hole interactions. I teleport home for harvests and to use my local portal.

I’ll be travelling using an S-class freighter: The Brazen Pioneer.
Although not fully equipped yet, it has a good range, giving me an optimum range of just under 1000ly per warp-cell.
Cargo space is mainly utilised for product manufacture and warp-cell storage. There are ten additional storage containers on board, containing bulk samples of most required resources.

In the docking bay there are six starships, each modified to make the most of its useability
A red split-wing S-class (named Scorcher), is my main exploration vehicle and is equipped for in-system travel and light warfare.

A white tall-wing S-class (named Apostle), is set up mainly for local and interstellar runs, exploring & also to accompany me on teleport jaunts home for harvests, (because it looks cool parked outside :wink:).
I prefer the S-class ships for exploration as they have the best side vision.

There are two unmodified A-class 48 bay haulers; one for for transporting trade goods…

and the other for fuel collection and storage.

For home defence and pirate hunting, I have a red A-class fighter, heavily equipped for combat with a large storage capacity carrying extra shielding for in-flight combat maintenance.

Lastly, is a medium-sized, A class explorer craft with asymmetrical vertical wings that I’ve had for a long time. It is equipped as an all-rounder and has on-board the makings of exocraft geobays. Should I plan on setting up and using an exocraft, then this is my go-to craft.

At a personal level, my multitool is a mix of all techs all recently rearranged to make the most out of each bonus. My suit is a similar story and setup to make the most out of bonuses. At present, individual biome shielding is not equipped but can be added if I feel the need. Like everything there is always room for improvement and adjustments.
And that’s it. that’s my equipment (which is a lot more than when NMS first arrived).
Time to set off.

At each warp-cycle conclusion, when the freighter requires refuelling, (at an optimum point 4500-5000LY from starting point), I’ll explore and do some detailed recon and missions to break up the journey. I’ll also return via teleporter to conduct harvests at home and possibly use my local portal.
Then I’ll set off again. If things go to plan and I don’t end up 10’s of 1000s of light years off course, I should make it in about 120 jumps.

With no time-period to use as a guide, these instalments will simply be an accounting of finds, progress and events as they happen (with some theories thrown in).
Won’t be a story; just a record for the ETARC Citizen Scientists Division.

Those so inclined, can check progress via the excellent Pilgrim Star Path app.
Using the Custom Destinations option, you can input multiple coordinates as I post them and follow progress; (it is tiny but with multiple points you can see progression, which is kinda cool).

Watch this space…


So exciting! Send us postcards from along your route. :smiley:


Entry number 1.

My starting location:
Alpha quadrant: EUCLID

Have jumped several systems to get my bearings and to test my theoretical direction finding.
Along the way I made a couple of checks to ensure my direction was correct and to assess the systems I landed in at.

Have completed this cycle and paused to refuel.

So far so good and have estimated my direction accurately. Saw my first ‘mines’ type rare planet but forgot to get a coordinate. Creepy: looked like a war-zone. I reckon those things come through the ring structures…
Not stopping in every system other than to kick off again.
Currently staying to collect more resources for warp-cells and do some missions.
Need to read up some more on the Pilgrim Star, the Amino Hub that’s nearby and any other things that may be relevant.


Currently blasting a trail between two quadrants as I blaze towards the center using my recently purchased freighter in survival mode, took a long time to earn those units in that mode.

Im currently directionless, just desire to be situated close to the centre until I figure out how to jump start my Citizen TODD narrative and settle on an ethos. In the mean time, ive started naming systems with the [TODD] prefix, the nano-civs are doing their job, spreading across the galaxy unnoticed, a deathly silence in their wake.

One thing is certain, Citizen TODD will make voyage to Pilgrim Star one faithful cycle, to make itself known, to finally speak ‘the word’.

Cant wait to track your journey, enjoy your grand adventure, ill see you out there Citizen Scientist!


Entry number 2.
Have made 10 jumps forward, towards Pilgrim Star and have so far remained fairly accurate.
Paused to refuel and have a look about in:
Location: UGBA:0550:0080:01A7:00C8
Require directional correction of 2.1 degrees.

Saw strange anomaly of stars in a string…I kept away but took a picture.
No theory yet …(get it… ‘string theory) :rofl:
Noticed that Optimum Range is fouled by dead space in between regions forcing me to pull up short sometimes.
Range is working out about 4900 ly to a refuel. Not bad and not unexpected.
Can use shadowed line of previous warp visible in Galactic Map to help orientate for the next warp which is handy.

Odd star structure.

EDIT: this structure was actually found on the first step of the journey but in the distraction of the task at hand I mistakenly noted it in my second entry due to the delay uploading from ps4 to usb to computer to here.


Whoa. Never seen anything like that :open_mouth:


It is the fissure. @Mad-Hatter is ripping apart the fabric of time and space everywhere he goes.


Woah, I’d be highly tempted to stay in that star stream and discover them all, never seen anything like this in my travels


That’s too odd to be a coincidence (unless its a glitch with the loading of the game). Could this be a deliberate path pointing us to one of the needles in the haystack from the lore? How far did the line go?


Stretched off into the next region.
Looked to me to be a messy join in graphics; a bit like the occasional line you find in the oceans if you stop at just the right point.
Thats why I stayed away, in case my game got confused and crashed.


Which way do you go on the path?
Forward or Back?


No fun?

be adventurous … tell EMILY … I SEE YOU!!!



I would take the direction that points closer to the center.

The lore and game seems to continuously point us closer to the center. One of them even mentions that the sentinels are hunting for something there. (perhaps the red supergiant that we see in the building holographic rooms and mentioned in other lore?)


I think theyre searching for the Atlas itself, not the stations but THE Atlas we see at end of Purge. I get the impression theyre part of the Atlas’ systems but they also seem tied to direct commands input by the simulations creators, since then they havent been under direct control of the atlas, they seek to help turn it off and also hunt down traveller iterations as theyre helping the Atlas hide via resets. Just a loose theory, and the atlas is hiding somewhere in the center.


Nice theory. It makes sense.

Could it be that the Atlas Actual is in the Red Supergiant system that keeps coming up? :thinking:

Anyway… I would like to explore this further.
Could someone close to that region conform the “line” loads that way for them as well (or could @Mad-Hatter send a portal address to a system nearby for a waypoint)?


Needs a name. Also, If it isn’t glitchy it would make a great Hub location, easy to spot.


Too odd to be a coincidence… looks like potential material for a new patch to me!

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The best I can offer is to use the galactic map camera and back-track to see if it exists still.

I’ve moved on quite a way but my starting point was fairly close so using the coordinate conversion method of my start point perhaps a “homeless” scientist could relocate and then follow my trail towards the Pilgrim Star and investigate further.
If it is more than a load glitch it WOULD make a cool HUB.


My suggested name would be Firefly’s Chain (after my PS4 id).
Lets just see if it is a permanent fixture or if it is a weird and temporary thing.


Entry number 3.
Paused in a red star system.
Location: LIYUL:0572:0081:019C:002B
1 regions below target with 97 jumps estimated remaining
Decided to look for isotopic fuels (mainly T9). Mountainous ice planet has been an interesting climb-about foraging location. Made another 10 warp cells plus stored bulk T9. Finding that T9 is the biggest hurdle for long distance warping so when finding a decent planet yielding good quantities, I’m making the most of it. Seems red stars are the most useful for obtaining Isotopes.
Good quantity of discarded tech here providing lots of nanites.
Found an S-class hauler, something I’ve not seen before. Placed a com-ball nearby to draw attention should someone happen by. Should make an effort to drop more com-balls as I explore.