My pilgrimage

Hello I’m brand new to this forum. I actually came across it when I found mad hatters thread about his pilgrimage to starfall. That in fact is why I joined (not knowing what ETARC even was). Anyway what he did really inspired me to do the same and so this is what I’m going to do


The 1st Pilgrimage of Igwordius Priest of Atlas

Galactic date
Ellion 1, 3736

Beta Quadrant 0940:007C:0190:0070
Spent the last few days trekking across icebound mountains gathering resources for my journey. Mostly T9 as well as digging through debris and abandoned storage cylinders for any leftover anti-matter. Once my cargo pack was sufficiently filled I made my way to high ground and called my ship. The solemnly named Eye of Atlas slowly dropped onto its tripod legs. An S class exotic, worth every unit I paid for it. After the tech upgrades had been installed its cargo space is pretty much nonexistent. Yet what it lacks in leg room, it compensates for in all other aspects. A fair trade in my mind. I’ve decided to watch the golden sunset over the strange beauty of this raw glacial landscape, as I settle into the tedium of preparing warp cells. Not a complicated task but one that must be done carefully as the components are volatile. And finally after some much needed rest I’ll ready myself to traverse the 30 thousand odd light years to Starfall and the famous Dudenbeaumodeme.



Cool! Another wanderer on a pigramage. I’ll enjoy following your progress. Safe journey fellow traveller.

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Galactic date
Ellion 5, 3736

Beta Quadrant
Current heading 75.88 deg. right of center.
So far things have gone smoothly. I have to fight my compulsion to fully explore every system I land in. And that has been the only real obstacle. I’m aiming for single or double planet systems to help ease that need. Generally I stop at the local space station. Ask around about places of interest and anything else the “locals” will tell me. Shop for any new tech I might not have, and finally head planet side. Once on the surface I take a quick scan and upload and head for a trading post for a quick resupply. One one particularly irritated world I came across some funny little creatures that seemed, given enough time, like they may join us one day among the stars. But it hasn’t been all monotonous long distance star hopping. At one point I was hailed by a Gek freighter train that was being raided by pirates. I was happy to help and rewarded nicely