Off Exploring in the Yibolak Cloud

With all the excitement of hubs, finding capitals & meeting new friends, (well their orbish existences anyway), I’ve recently found myself missing the great empty & being an Etarcian Wanderer.
So… I’ve left behind my glitchy base in Uhashi (Eulo) & built a small underground base on a solo ‘crimson’ world in the Sebrong-Akega system, in the lower reaches of the Yibolak Cloud.
Although, not in sight of the ETARC Star-Chain, I am within easy warp distance at about 1700ly away & directly level with the upper chain. The portal here is corrupted but being the only planet in the system it works anyway, although it isnt much use as my base is 12 hours away. (This is a common side issue to choosing a redacted type planet)
My bases of late have been glitching so for all I know a visitor may find nothing here.
PS4 Normal.
EDIT No longer at this location



So with no rules other than my own, I’ve begun exploring the cloud region, starting at the system closest to home base & working upwards.
I’ve found a selection of varied biomes but nothing stands out as particularly exceptional so far.
One system has a melted-pod biome but had hostile sentinels which seemed unusual.

One notable find was an ‘S’ class exotic orb ship with a 60% hyperdrive. It was blue & had folding wings but no dorsal or side wings. Was in the Enkye ECSD system.
Left a comm on Kunitac Ajimay at trading post.
(Extreme biome)
That’s it for this report. :grin:
Edit: added details.


Currently waiting for my like quota to replenish… But you get many hearts. I totally get what you mean, as fun as it is to interact I do kinda miss the emptiness.

It’s why I have my own little charted system I go back to from time to time (until I accidentally lose the teleporter to its nearest space station).

Heres hoping you have the time and inspiration to make more travellers tales in the future :slight_smile:


Found a pleasant planet someone might like for a home. A couple of F&F scanned but not many.

Buyggis ECSD System


Found another nice planet for someone. Has a kind of beach vibe (with lakes) plus there is a traveller at a Trading Post (with a comm marked grave). 100% unscanned/unnamed.

There is another nice planet in this system called Nidomarinoo-7. Which has quite a bit of water but good sized islands. Great colours.

I left it 100% unscanned/unnamed as well.
If no takers with in a week or so I’ll return to scan & upload any previous finds.


Greeting Etarcians.
Still looking for an elusive Freighter Warp TAU upgrade as I go about my wandering, but as yet no luck.
Made a few finds of interest lately;
Noted in the system of Hahagu ECSD, there were multiple ‘redacted’ type planetary bodies.

In the system of Yiongzeit ECSD on the planet of Etimansky Weburge that there were Vortex Cubes on pedestals, which I haven’t come across in a long time.

Biggest discovery was also in Yiongzeit ECSD.
Seems there is something in the water there, as most ships seem to come in all classes including ‘A’ and 'S’classes. See below.

Also appealing was this fighter in satin mossy black. It only showed up in A class specification but looks great.

I spent ages on a Trading Post platform marveling at all the various ships, including shuttles, that had the high specifications.


Too bad you couldn’t buy them all up, put them on a freighter, then resell them to other players…at a reasonable price lol.


this is what I’m dreaming for - open up my freighter’s farm for visitors and have a party in hangar. :smile:
just imagine how space would look like in a system, during unification day!


Was a fairly quick session yet I did manage to see a couple of systems, one of which had an S class exotic ‘E-wing’ that happily sailed past me while I was messing about in the undergrowth.
I set off in hot pursuit and got some nice pics & vid of my white S cruising alongside the gigantic, yellow, E-wing. Unfortunately it never landed so I didn’t get any details.

Have managed to work my way around the edge of the Yibolak Cloud so I’m starting to see something of an outline of my proposed search area.
That’s it for now.


I like the Kayasush s97, thanks for sharing.

Whats with the swirl? :grinning:


I think it’s meant to be artistic scrollwork but it reminds me of cheap trim peeling off :grin:


Well, its been a quiet time off in the Yibolak.
Nothing exceptional has come up although I did come across another E wing Orb ship that fluttered into a trading post I was at.
EOFF:051F:0080:01BB:01F8 Oigang ECSD System.

While I zipped back to the hub centre, chasing some tech, I finally, with much sadness, traded in my long suffering little explorer Archeoblade which has been with me since the beginning.
Farewell little ship.

Her replacement has taken on her name and is a small Orb exotic to be built up with the same settings and tech. Archeoblade will live on in a new shape .:pensive:

The exploring continues…


Came across my first truly unique find in this last session.
I found a glass type, redacted world, that had water on it and conventional botanical life.
It looked like the terrain you see sometimes where large rock formations have a sea-shell type appearance but these merged with the sandy lower ground near water to make a special and interesting planet.

So I returned back to my freighter and picked up Archeoblade 2 (my dedicated exo-makings craft) and returned to set up a base camp and spend a bit of time looking about.

As can be seen from the following image and scan, this world does indeed support conventional botanical lifeforms and is the first ‘strange-world’ I’ve come across to do so.

I then spent some time looking at the interesting hex-rendered geography and looking to see if I could locate deeper water with more plant life. The planet appears to only sustain 2 forms of plants both of the same type being the wavy arm blobs.
Took a few more pics of various features before heading off. If anyone wants to go check it out PM me for the coordinates. (Located aprox 1700ly from Etarc hub)

I’ve also recently come across a trio of more “S” ships which I’ve posted over in the megathread.

The adventure continues on…


Yup, don’t think I’ve seen one with water yet, very pertty!


Well, its been a quiet week over in the Yibolak Cloud so I don’t have a lot of special images to share but it has still been interesting.
Seems the area I was in is a bit short of Heridium, with deposits somewhat on the small side.

I listed a few S class finds over in the megathread but another interesting ship I came across was this little explorer. I’ve seen their setup before but not in this colour scheme and they do look pretty cool from behind.

While out and about I’ve come across a couple of large beasts such as the 2 pictured below.

And I also encountered an interesting find, being Sac Venom in the wild which I haven’t seen in a long time.

Plus I found a planet that had lots of varied ‘Diplo’ type creatures on a water filled pothole planet.

…and the adventure continues…


Actually had a chance to get into the sim the last few days.
Another session, another few systems.

Been keeping an eye out for big-slot fighters and have found they seem rarer than the exotics. Also have been helping out in a few battles in the hope of finding a bigger ‘S’ freighter but so far no luck.
Found out that if during a battle you move too far away when attempting to lure the pirates after you, it is possible for the freighter you are helping to disappear and for the pirates to then turn on your own freighter if it is fairly close.

Found another {REDACTED} type of planet that has botanical life and again it was it was a hex type of planet but this time it was sort of barren with canyons and hardly any ‘electric’ trees at all.
It did have some cool hex strata showing through on the cliff faces.

Been finding a few wreck sites lately, both ships and freighters but didn’t find much of any interest. A couple were nice looking ships but I don’t have a use for them so I left them behind. Also found the usual few Orb Exotics and listed them over in the ‘S’ megathread for those interested.

Most interesting for me has been a change of location:
This one is located on a lush, ocean world so my local portal is 45 minutes away (6 minutes by ship) which is not particularly close but I’m not expecting any visitors. I haven’t even powered it up yet.
What’s cool about this base, is it features a ‘well’ because the base is only 3 levels above the water table.

Not much to see from the outside. the disturbance you can see at my geobay is because of an underground dome coming very close to the surface. The lake in front is like a crater lake and is separate to the rest of the oceans.
There are no storms at all here and only a couple of aggressive wildlife. Its a very relaxing place to call home in between exploring. I’ll settle in here for a while as I continue my wanderings of the Yibolak.

Mood lighting thanks to glass panels allows the base to go fairly dark at night but be pleasantly lit with slits of sunlight during the day plus it adds colour to the inside.

My ‘well’ has a bit of pipework to give it an industrial look but I have no idea if my excavations would be visible to another player.

My underground dome is basic and has a simple collection of plants found throughout the galaxy but I do like the way my mini explosive farm can be seen through the excavations.

In other news, my ‘spawning’ partner :rofl: who is exploring the region next door to me, recently upgraded her freighter. Although its not the best out there its got 30-something slots and which is a big upgrade on before and it has an awesome colour scheme. Bit jealous actually.
My little S class freighter looks like a tug-boat next to this one.

…and onwards we go…


My explorations of the Yibolak Cloud were lessened this past several sessions as I visited other CSD member’s bases via portal. Unfortunately my portal has now broken down so until I next relocate or get bored and open a portal, I’m back to old fashioned warping for a while.

Also, I found myself a bit distracted by some creative mode antics so my time in the Yibolak has been less of late.
Of course that doesn’t mean I’ve done no exploring at all.
I was lucky enough to score a 24 slot “S” Multitool while on the unusual planet pictured below.
It was a extreme world with high winds and these odd ring structures atop mountains, that I’ve never seen before.
The first one looks like a bird skull while others were divided and looked a bit like sculptured heads with eyes.
quite cool and a fun change from the ordinary.
I’ve included the co-ordinates should someone feel like having a look.


I also encountered so quite big and thankfully harmless creatures in my wanderings such as these:

So I keep up my wanderings and my reports and seeing the places of the Yiibolak that no one has seen. I’m going to take a bit of time to set up my new multi tool and ensure it is set up as efficiently as it can be for my chosen techs. I’ve found two beautiful (to my eye), planets that I may choose to call home once my portal crashing issue is resolved. Until then I’ll continue my semi-nomadic, basic base existence
I’m still looking for a big ‘S’ freighter but so far… nothing.

Time to relax a bit and soak in the nice environments.


After a few days respite I’m off exploring again but have found little to get excited about.
Came across this tiny little flying jellyfish; It says it’s .45m but all I could see was the indicator dot as you can see by the scan picture.

At the other end of the spectrum was this very tall fellow. he measured about 8.4m if I remember correctly.

While on the subject of tall; how’s this for a base location with a view? Awesome?!
I was going to claim it but the portal was 7 hours away so I just took a picture, did the obligatory jump off and boost and then moved on.

I did a bit of portal visiting during my break from exploring the Yibolak. Given my portals glitch out when I turn my back on them, I had to yet again find a new portal before going visiting.

Among others I visited was @Marky’s base.
On the way there I encountered this grumpy looking but lovely detailed ‘thing’.

As requested, I left a comm a bit away from the base while soaking in the magnificent view.

Thus ends this week’s report.
The journey continues ever onward.


At long last, after countless space battles and a huge number of systems explored, I finally found an ‘S’ class freighter with 34 cargo slots. I took the time to transfer all my cargo across from my smaller ‘S’, the ‘Brazen Pioneer’ and then painstakingly rebuilt a new on-ship farm. I’ve renamed my new ship the Brazen Pioneer 2 and made my first warp, a visit back to the ETARC HUB starchain, about 1900LY away to stop in at my old system.

I travelled a little around the Yibolak recently but with my GM getting cluttered with so many discovered systems I’m finding my self accidentally returning to previously visited systems.
Here’s an interesting freighter wreck site that hangs over a cliff edge.

So with my GM getting cluttered I’ve decided it is time to move on to a new location. I’ve begun preparations to increase my stockpile of warp cells and intend to head to the outer edge of the galaxy. It is an epic journey and other than an intention of finding a starchain to colonise, I have no further goal.

Acquiring fuel cell makings at various TPs in preparation for my journey.

I will of course return to the Yibolak Cloud to fetch warp fuel via teleport from my little base and maybe after the next NMS update, I may build a new more complex base on one of the nice planets in this area as I like being within reach of the Etarc Hub.
But for now, my explorations of the Yibolak are in stasis and adventures far into the distance await.

I’m not sure how many CSD personnel read my little stories, which I do just for a bit of fun but I might make a new thread like I did on my last pilgrimage (On My Way To The Pilgrim Star). As some of you know a discovery on that trip helped find a Etarc Hub location. I wonder what I’ll find in the outer rim?

Farewell for now…


I’ve been reading these adventures and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your discoveries! Looking forward to hearing of your future adventures, should you decide to share them! :grinning: