New Base is open for visitors!


System: ETARC Ariarden
Planet: CSFD Tianolyra
Galaxy: Euclid

I’ve finally done it, I’ve moved base! Goodbye frozen waste, hello coastal sunset views!

Rather than being 12hrs from a portal, my new base is just 37 minutes away on foot. However there is a a Sea to cross, so bringing a Nomad is advised!

I’ve placed a beacon at both my base and at the portal so if anyone wants to come along and leave a message pod, that would be great! (PS4 - Normal)

There are two Biodomes, one full of Mordite, the other, has at least one of each plant type growing.

Must admit, it looks a little different now since these pictures were taken. (A second Biodome with Mordite has been added for example)

Obligatory Portal Screenie

Looking out to sea

Yes… I have a rooftop bar.

Watching the sunset on my lounger after a hard days scanning.

A view from inside the Pilot Lounge


Into the Aftermath

That’s awesome! Are you still in Euclid?


Yeah sure am, should have included that really!

I’ll edit the post!


That is so the setting I want for my base…can you breath the air there or do you still need your exosuit?


The atmosphere is very easy on your resources, you get an occasional toxic storm which forces you to take shelter but other than that the climate is very pleasant.

Massive variety of wild-life too, air, sea and land. come and visit and sample the delights for yourself. Just bring a nomad and leave a message pod!


Wish I could but am in the Creative mindset here on PS4… not sure i can make the visit…thanks for the invite


Lovely base; beautiful spot! Wish I could visit from PC-galaxy.

I have yet to find a water world 850 hours in. Mind, I’ve only warped about 30 times. lol

It makes me happy to see that you have found Paradise (hopefully they will fix those toxic storms someday)


I have see several waterworlds…also made 30 warps… several of those worlds have been barren which is a shame but when you do get a good one the sea plants are fab, and there seems a good chance of a big preditor fish … !


I will be sure to stop by when I finish collecting all the glyphs! :grinning:


Beautiful Osh, Nice to see those tags. :grin:


Can I put you on the Spacing Guild website for our members to visit you?


Yeah go for it :slight_smile:


I was making my way home after a few black hole jumps and had planned to visit your base but I fell asleep after landing in a space station (falling asleep while playing NMS is a bit of a regular occurance for me now!)

I’ll hopefully get there after work tonight :slight_smile: FYI I’m on ps4 but playing on survival, I’ve wondered since 1.3, since the universes are now the same across all play modes, I wonder will peoples discoveries/bases etc be shared across game modes? I’ll let you know what I find out later :smiley:

BTW I’ll be on roughly, starting between, 8-9 pm GMT+0 (dublin/london) so if you are planning on playing any time after that for the next 4-5 hours I’ll be exploring your homeworld!


@Sir_oops visited my old base, he plays on creative and couldn’t see my base. He was able to leave message pods for me to read however.

I should be on at around that time tonight too :slight_smile:

Add me up!


Well a message pod it will be so :smiley: im christianhour on psn


Gday long time lurker, also long time NMS lover. I would to have some visitors so here’s my address, mixed farming base has a little of everything and is not to far from the portal so come and grab the free goodies! Just make sure you have a good blaster, there is good hunting here.(PS4 Normal Euclid)


I also visited your base (Mr_Schubet) and left a comms message. I couldn’t see your base either on Creative. I do like the planet but it’s getting dark and I do have to cross the high seas! And I almost forgot, I met my first ‘person’ while I was there and visited for about 15 minutes. Not expecting to bump into someone from the Spacing Guild while I was there.


Great place mate, you said bring a nomad, how do we get them in our space crafts, if it possible, or are you saying you can ride it into the portal and it will be there on the trip.


Glad you like the planet, you will need to bring the materials to build one when you arrive.


Pleased to say while I was on last night I had no less than three visitors! One I suspect from The Spacing Guild and the other two were from here.

@toddumptious and @LordMarkov braved the journey and this was very exciting for me as I’d never met anyone in game before, then three come along at once!

Many thanks for visiting, I’m looking forward to returning the favour!

Here’s a few pics.

I’m assuming a Spacing Guild member?

Wish I could give you a lift

Waiting for @LordMarkov to cross the sea from my lounger.

A work in progress of my “Hauler Proof” Landing Pad Extension. Needs better allignment as it’s currently on the wonk and parts of it are out of the base boundary.