Mad Hatter's Base... NOW CLOSED


Finished off my current base & thought I’d share the wealth.

Make sure you have enough space in your inventories to deal with 8 circuit board makings and 1 living glass. (Raw materials take up most inventory spaces in exosuit)
Bring your Rover or Nomad, distance is ok (5 minutes) Plutonium is plentiful. Albumem Pearls and Starbulbs grow locally.

Don’t be offended if you see firefly753’ and they don’t talk to you, (game may be running unattended).
My previous base got glitched by a monument so I won’t do another monument but feel free to leave a comm on the big pyramid rock to the south of the base.
Safe travels.
EDIT: Its been reported that this address gives errors & sends you to another location. If this happens to you let me know.


Is it ok to put you on the Spacing Guild website for us to visit you?


I like the rock formation behind your base. Its like you have a great pyramid looming overhead.

I will visit this weekend, likely Sunday morning ~9 EST. I will post here if that changes.


I’m not sure how permanent this base is… I’m a bit nomadic :grin: but I’ve been here for a while now.

I am considering relocating to the ETARC hub when it happens and your CofE bases look like long term arrangements. Visited a few and they are great. Not sure if mine would compare.
List it if it suits you.

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It’s a dual peak formation you often see but from the angle you view it from tbe base it does have a cool pyramid shape to it.
Be good to see it covered in comms.
I’ll keep an eye out for any visitors…

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Loving the new base Mad Hatter… First weekend off after the big house move so will finally be able to sink my teeth into NMS again (now that my PSVR buzz has ALSO worn off, its still deadly but now I wait patiently for skyrimVR and fingerscrossed a NMS vr update!).

I think I will keep my distance from your base at first, maybe prod it with a stick from a distance… Wouldn’t want to cause another cataclysm


So long as we don’t do the monument thing I think all will be fine Mr Todd.
I know its not quite as homely to not have a roaring fissure in the continuum lurking in my backyard but after ending up on the opposite side of the galaxy in the process of escaping that, perhaps we can make do with just a few polite comms for now :grin:


The address errored and sent me to a toxic planet in a 2 planet system. I do not see a beacon nor comm-call. Am I on the right planet?

Edit: I see your beacon on the other planet. I will adjust the address and try again.

Edit 2: Changing the first glyph to the any of the other first 6 glyphs sent me to the same wrong planet but without the error. I tried. Perhaps I could warp there if its near the ETARC HUB?


Hmmm, I havent started the move yet but will test the portal myself and see and get back to you with my findings asap

I had a similar problem a while ago when visiting a spacing guild members planet, te first three attempts sent me to the same random planet, and im 100% I was putting in the right address, without a doubt, I knew it off by heart by my 4th attempt and I double checked every attempt after the first just in case… Eventually it spit me out to the right planet on the 4th try so, might be a similar problem (cos I had eventually convinced myself after the 4th try maybe I was getting the same glyph wrong each try but now after reading this, I’m not so sure it was my fault XD) I actually have footage of this I meant to share… Think its high time I did that! (its a compilation of base visits video)


Damn. I even tested my own address from another portal. Not much I can do other than see if multiple attempts work…
Nowhere near the hub unfortunately.

Can someone else have a go at accessing my planet via portal. If it still doesnt work I’ll alter the post so as to not waste peoples time.

I had the same issue with a Spacing Guild portal spitting me out in a strange place. On my second attempt I left a cheery comm in an annoying place and gave up.
Perhaps repeated attempts on the same sequence is the trick. See what happens…

I’m keen to relocate to the hub anyway.
Somewhere on the chain in an extreme hot biome (really liking the reds and oranges and floating embers of the “self igniting storms” planet I encountered while travelling).
Something challenging. Once in the hub the portals are less important and seeing pics shared of others ships parked at your base will be cool. Might take a bit to set myself up again but I’m getting used to that.

I had to put all NMS activities on hold as my brother was over and HAD to play all of the PSVR games… Tonight! Tonight is mad hatter visit and hub relocation… Tomorrow? Why, tomorrow, we try to take over the world!

(I know there’s a Mr, Noodles/Emily meme in there somewhere!)


I teleported home a few minutes ago and found no comms.
Looks like nobody wants to plunder my 8 domes of computer bits. :sob:

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Perhaps it is a matter of repetition as @toddumptious suggested? Since you tested it successfully, perhaps my experience was a fluke? I will try to portal to your base again this afternoon.

Edit: I was transported to the same incorrect planet again, but this time without an error message.

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Oh well. Time to move again.

I eagerly anticipate destroying your next base, I missed my chance to cause devastation on this one :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, yeah… @toddumptious
Post your details & I’ll kindly repay the favour
:rofl: What colour Vortex of Annihilation would you like ? :grin:

My base is still there ATM if you want to give the portal a go.
I just edited the post so as to not waste people’s time, if the portal’s not working.
I reckon you should attempt to try your Normal Mode game again. My missus is finding travellers now & in my own game they are everywhere. (I think doing all facets of the game triggers them into appearing)