Living Glass farm yielding 10LG/h

Hello fellow Travellers!

Today I want to share with you my (current) farm and living method in No Man’s Sky.
Altough I know this has been known for sure, and maybe there is even a more effective set-up, but I want to combine a base look with planting to achieve both luxury and usabillity.

My farm yields exactly 10 Glass/30 minutes,
Which I reproduce to Living glass with the help of the mighty Gamma Weed and the Coprite.

There are exactly 25 Frost Plants which are divided on one complete Biodome filled with it, and four small hydro-planters. The last Frost Plant is planted in my coprite biodome.

I live on a strange conditioned planet whose flora wouldn’t support any of those growing outdoor.

Next follow up is the Gammaweed production.
I have planted exactly 40 Gammaweed plants to produce a total of 2000 Gammaweed

Those are divided in 16x Biodome + 12 hydroplanters which are placed decoratively at my bases indoor area.

Last but not least is my last biodome and it supports the coprite production, which is the ressource with the least needed quantity in the Living Glass reciepe

On the end of that ring there is one last frost plant, to hit the 1250 crystals in production.

At the end the farm yields:
1250 Crystals - Glass 5 (every 15 minutes)
2000 Gammaweed + (every 30 minutes)
375 Coprite (every 30 minutes)
= 10 Living Glass + 20 Glass leftover in 60 Minutes.

This yields a total value of 6,960,000 Units per Hour by farming given the total minimum price.

The final look of my farm rounds it up to be a place where you want to sleep:

To that I have added a Visitors area with Co, a sightbubble and a comfortable luxury bed!

My farm will be ready for visiting by the end of this week!
I hope you enjoyed this little post.

In Honor


Can I add it to the Spacing Guild website once you publicise the portal address? Is it PC or PS4?

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I finally activated the portal on that planet today, it is apparently still very far away, but I am looking for a closer one.

It is on PS4 normal, what exactly would that add be?:slight_smile:

In Honor

It would be a Portal Visit mission on our website for our members to visit and leave you communication stations and possibly interact with you if you are there. The info would be publicly available; is it ok if I put it up?

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Yes ofcourse! As long as everyone is polite I am okay with this! Enjoy your stay!!

In Honor

@Traveller101 I am on my way. That’s an epic distance but I’m up for an adventure.
I seriously hope your BASE SHARING is turned on.
Will need a few tanks of fuel for this trip!


What’s the name of the planet? So we can make sure the portal address worked

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Wow! What a trip! Had the family taking turns driving. Love your base. Beautiful location!
Tried to leave comm but it kept dissappearing. (Comms are an issue for my game)

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Saw RED_WINGS_2014 breifly somewhere back near the portal but they disappeared…

Oh hang on…they’re back!
Might be brave enough for the epic trip after all.
See what happens…

Nope. Disappeared again.
Probably a good thing.
My exo jammed out in the ocean. Lucky there was an island and I could summon it and get going again.
What happens when an exo is out of range on an ocean during a portal run? Scary!!!

I would suggest moving your base to a habitat closer to the portal. Its a great base and a lovely planet but the distance will stop you getting visitors.
7 hour hour return trip is a bit too much for me. Was a fun adventure to start with but it got tedious on the return trip and I dont think the PS4 likes the masive run time with no saves.
I had a lot of fun though so thanks for sharing.

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I just finished rebuilding by LG farm after a long move. I’m in the process of expanding now.

The six separated domes are self-contained, and make 2 LG every 30 mins (with an extra dome for the overflow coprite). Shout out to @DevilinPixy for the great farming ideas.


The gamma in the center looks awesome!


Looking great!


Wow! Thank you @Mad-Hatter for the visit, altough of the extreme distance you had to beat for the trip! You filled my wifes and mine heart with joy as we saw your comm! Thank you so much!

By the way, I am searching for a viable planet with a close portal to build my base at, so that you don’t have to travel that long on the second run!

You should earn a Badge for travelling a distance of 15 hours per feet to my base! Thank you again! !

The red wings 2014 was there for me but I do not understand it yet, who is it? Thanks for Leaving that comm!

I am very happy that you liked the planet and everything, I will make sure your next visit is only a cat step away!

In Honor


It was just under 8 hours in total by Nomad. I’m glad the comm stayed. It kept dissapearing so I didn’t know if it was working.
I hope you get some more long distance visitors. It helps me appreciate the size of the worlds in NMS when travelling by exocraft.
Just pehaps no quite that far :grin:

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But still you have travelled 8 hours in total! That is worth an certification haha!

That is actually very true for me too, whenever I travel with my exocraft or per feet I realize how BIG everything really is! It is so amazing!

In Honor

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Yeah, for real. 8 hours? That does deserve a medal.


I posted this in a different topic that showed your base before I realized this topic was open.


And i just realized that you answered here after I answered to the other topic! Touché!

In Honor and best wishes

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Some snap shots of the most epic base share visit I’ve done. 8 hours of Nomad.


Friendly wildlife let me gather tons of fuel.

About halfway…all alone on the great wide ocean.

Nothing to see this way… or that way.

All through… night and day… and night and day…

Finally arrived, stayed a while and left a comm before heading back.

The welcome sight of the portal home.

What an epic run!!!
Everyone should do this at least once. Nothing in NMS makes you feel more alone, than standing 4 hours drive from the doorway home on an alien world.


A tip that I have used for bases far from the portal (I have gone as far as 2.5 hours):

If you don’t save, you can reload back before you entered the portal after you have visited the base. Your comm-ball will still remain to mark your visit.