Living Glass farm yielding 10LG/h


I went for the first 4 hours with no save but lost my nerve and saved at Traveller101’s base.
On the return trip little hiccups in the graphics and a jammed exocraft prompted me to save twice more at bases.
Fortunately, the jammed exo (simply stood still and refused to work) was within sight of a very little and lonely island and I could summon the craft and then carry on as normal.
Next time, I’ll take the means to build a second geobay should it happen with no land in sight.
Be a serious issue to not be able to summon the exo due to distance (or because its on water) and not be able to build a new one. 15 hrs of swimming and walking doesn’t sound much fun.
Wouldnt be an adventure without some risk :crazy_face:
Time to test whether a geo can be summoned regardless of distance when through a portal.
Thats my next in game chore.