Farming Stats (Update 1.55) - CB / LG / LE 📝

I decided to do some calculations to easily show some of the new farming statistics as per the change made in NMS NEXT update 1.55. I am showing requirements and calculations for the main 3 products, Circuit Boards, Living Glass, and Liquid Explosives.

Note: Values may change with updates to come.

Circuit Board - 916,250 U

Product Amount Crop name Yield Time Required
Heat Capacitor 1 Frost Crystal 50 1h 100
Solanium 50 16h 200
Poly Fibre 1 Cactus Flesh 100 16h 100
Star Bulb 25 4h 200

Calculation for 1 Circuit Board per 16 hours:

  • 1/8 = 0.125 Frost Crystal
  • 4 Solanium
  • 1 Cactus Flesh
  • 2 Star Bulb

Living Glass - 566,000 U

Product Amount Crop name Yield Time Required
Lubricant 1 Coprite 25 4h 50
Gamma Root 50 4h 400
Glass 5 Frost Crystal 50 1h 250

Calculation for 1 Living Glass per 16 hours:

  • 1/2 = 0.5 Coprite
  • 2 Gamma Root
  • 5/16 = 0.3125 Frost Crystal

Liquid Explosive - 800,500 U

Product Amount Crop name Yield Time Required
Acid 1 Mordite 25 8h 25
Fungal Mold 50 4h 600
Unstable Gel 1 Cactus Flesh 100 16h 200

Calculation for 1 Liquid Explosive per 16 hours:

  • 1/2 = 0.5 Mordite
  • 3 Fungal Mold
  • 2 Cactus Flesh


Personally I feel this was designed to make people go for farming the 15.6 million items(previously 18 mil items)…you don’t need to make a billion of them…20-40 of them per harvest will net you 312-624 mil. I was always planning to build a farm specialized towards such items…40 or 50 seems to be the sweet number I think…the most expensive freighter in the game is around 500 mil…one harvest will net you it. I also spent a total of about 500 mil on my frigate fleet of 30 all S class frigates with top stats…one harvest will more than net you the units you’ll need for that. Hell you don’t even need to harvest every day…just harvest like once or twice a week…it’s fine. The most expensive ships in the game are S class 48+8 slot haulers…they cost 126 mil each. If you want to fill your ship collection with them that’s around 756 mil…a harvest of 50 or a couple harvests of 25+ will get you the units and you’ll need more than two days to find six of them regardless.


I have personally never been able to go for the best selling items. Not because I did not have the recipes, but because my game was bugged. Hopefully my save behaves better this time, but I first have to get there again. Will be interesting to see how to get the resources best, to make the most expensive items. I take your word for it that eventually switching to these top sellers is more than worth it. I don’t mind taking my time to get there.

The items listed here, do seem to help out at the earlier level. So far I am enjoying the many things to do, never a dull day. I am not playing to get rich fast anyway, as I know the units will come over time. So far I find the new ‘balance’ interesting, but hard to give a true honest opinion on yet, as there is still a lot left for me to do, while feeling somewhat inexperienced.


There were some critical errors with the atmospheric harvesters before 1.5 that could permanently break all things in the game that needed to be filled with resources…including portals…so the 18 mil items weren’t doable in 1.38 without buying the gasses. But hopefully those have been fixed and work properly now.


That’s great info,

My current go to now that farming is changed, is landing pad shopping with Station teleporting, to Medium Refinery to generate what I need when I need it.

It’s a bit of a running game but I was able to get 1 CB an hour last nite running the rounds, and refining the mats I needed. I am not saying a scale out farm with multiple bases will be slower, but if you like the running, instead of plucking, I suggest it :slight_smile:


PS Wealthy System in the Teleport queue with two terminals at station makes this a snap


I have a 4x Ignitor farm that I’m thinking of expanding to 10x. but the gasses are a problem. Still only three gas harvs per planet.

Has anyone found any NPCs selling gasses since NEXT?

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Yes, but only on stations not on planet. Station terminals can have them as well.

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Yeah I’m a bit perplexed as to why were only able to build three per planet, we can now build multiple bases that span large areas, that can be really tall and yet we can only have three little atmospheric harvesters?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yeah, I’ve seen some NPCs selling gasses at a couple outposts…and remember you only need two of the four gasses as you can use the refiner to convert two into the other two.


I’ve been finding that the frigate missions are great for delivering you iridesite, geodesite, enriched carbon etc that work beautifully with the small circuitboard/livingglass/liquid explosive farm I have. Every now and then my missions return a mish mash of what’s needed to make fusion ignitor etc so I net the extra units when I can.

However lately I am saving all the 15 mil items I craft and saving them for travellers who are not as well off. Next time my friend comes on he’s getting a sweet 100 mil courtesy of my boredom and the fact I’ve too many units to bother earning more.


I am looking forward to getting the ‘better’ crafting recipes and start setting up some logic for high end sales. Also looking forward to expanding my fleet with additional or better frigates.

I am currently not doing too bad on a fresh save. Almost finished Artemis (just killed killed him instead of simulation) and started some of the guild quests and other missions. Have one freighter and one frigate, with 3 ships and over 20 mil in the bank.

As usual got side-tracked building a nice base or two, running around finding salvaged technology for more base parts. Noticed they seem to have increased the amount you get for mining them out. Got 30 of them in a short run in 1.55. Last night finally decided to move on with whatever other quests/missions I have left. So hopefully soon I will find the good stuff and possibly do some further research into good setups for more advanced farming :wink:

Conversion of the gasses can be done directly (1:3), with Oxygen (1:1), but they added an alternative now with Chromatic Metal (1:1). I find the latter a bit silly for new recipes, because who would spend Chromatic Metal, when you can easily farm Oxygen for some cheap Carbon ? I don’t think there is a way to double gasses, so a steady source of them is key. Looks like the gasses with Carbon and Salt/Chlorine will be helpful for making a nice buck.

Farming has taken on a new aspect with NEXT. With the ability to have a base on multiple worlds I have started a teleporter circuit for planting gamma weed, frostwort, fungal mold, cactus flesh, solanium and star bulbs in their native environment. Step out of the teleporter into a field of plants ready to harvest without hydroponics bays. I am on normal mode so it will take some time to plant each farm. The rest of the plants that can’t be planted outside will be at my main base farm.


That’s exactly where I’m at…
A starterbase with the tech labs.
A homebase with a crop.
A series of teleporter ‘bus stops’ in each biome to become farms.
Those will be backed up by my freighter farm for the non-biome plants (mordite etc)

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