NEXT Patch notes - Steam Experimental [POTENTIAL SPOILERS!]


Will download ps4 patch and let you know how I get on with this and report back :+1:


I have the same question. Also how big was the update? I didn’t realize it was downloading and missed looking at the size.


Base Archive missions are given at the Base Computer, they are part of the base progress you make, unlocking next steps, more or less in tandem with the specialist terminals. Most of the time just a waiting game where it takes a certain amount of time to unlock new parts of the Computer Archives. Once active, make sure to check the ‘mission’ in the LOG and have the quest active to see progress or goals.


Bout 600mb I think :thinking:

No base archive mission in log. Built base computer on planet I loaded in on, did not activate any mission. Going back to main base to build specialist terminals and see if that jogs anything. It may just be legacy saves have been given the rewards instead. While thats not so bad, this talk of new lore is the real reason I’m after them. Will keep you all posted, will edit this post in future to save on off topic spam related to ps4 patch in a steam experimental discussion.

Edit : My blueeprint analyser has two new blueprints to learn, I gave all my salvage tech away yesterday :joy:

Built specialists, the new post-mission repeatable quests they give you are now behaving correctly (none have yet to point me to space or fail to complete) but no base activity has yet to get the archive quest to appear. I also do not have any new refiners to build, no medium or large still.

Never mind Large Refiner is there, shows up in permanent technology :slight_smile:


Thank you! For the patch size and for trying this out. Yeah obviously I’ve completed all the base missions, like 2 times now LOL but I would like to see new lore.


With the new farming, it appears that Living Glass is now by far superior. Most likely partly due to the glass requirement for building etcetera, being kept somewhat within limits. Yes, farming requires a lot more time now, but I do think it is manageable if approached smart. Keep in mind you can continue to farm on planets, you can build many farms and make them huge, and you can double crops by refining. Will have to see how it feels, but I think it is not as bad as many initially voiced … personal opinion :wink:

Feel free to check my stats on it in the topic below:



Yeah but the prices Dropped, with my Toxic world were I started a small farm 6 plants, and the Medium refinery, I can make all the planes I need to make 3 circuit broads in the time it takes to make 1 Living glass. I get 1.8-2Mil for the 3x CB, but 3xLG is only 1.5M now.

I think it really going to be world dependent now that timers are the length they are.



It’s faster just to harvest the plants on a planet now.


PC, Steam, Normal, old save.

Started NMS and picked up the 1.55 patch. Tech stations and techs already present. Checked Log and found an Overseer mission. While completing it, found the Base Computer Archives mission. Checked Blueprint Analyzer and found new blueprints. Proceeded on Archives mission and now have to wait for a while.


I read that the terrain regenerating inside buildings had been fixed… as far as I can tell, it’s just even worse now. Parts of my base that haven’t been effected by terrain are now almost completely covered, and falling through the map seems even more frequent too :confused:


One quick question for everyone…what’s with the ship racing starter? Has that been unlocked by anyone at all(new playthroughs included)? I did a google search and there’s no talk about the thing and I figured that if there was ship racing in the game then people would have been raving about it by now. But if it isn’t obtainable then why leave the blacked out tech symbol on there at all?


No longer shows in the Guide under Crafted Products. Most likely a planned feature at some point, but nobody knows for sure. I also noticed the Tower Module to have disappeared again, which has been a mystery going back even further (Foundation update?).


Still shows for me after 1.55 this morning…


That is odd indeed, as I can’t find it anywhere anymore. I can check the assets and see if it still exists there … as an image at least.


I think they just messed up the patch notes…the fix for this was part of yesterday’s experimental which was likely not part of today’s PS4 release…that and the base computer giving legacy saves missions again will likely be bundled in the next console patch.


You could very well be right, something seems off with reports I have been reading here. The Icons (textures) for the buildables do still exist by the way. I really hope to see races with spaceships, although I doubt they will be in space.


The Flickering Red Curtain.

Just showed up today - twice. Annoying.

In its solid phase from one side:

From the other side:

From above:


I don’t see the problem…:clown_face:


It’s supposed to be part of NMS. no man’s SKY. Sky should be blue.

Oh. And it should be IN the sky. Shouldn’t it?


Never seen anything like it except when I had this happen

Everything was fine in one direction and not fine in the other direction. I was told to delete everything in my ShaderCache folder. I did and then everything was okay. You could try that.