On my way, to the Pilgrim Star…

Entry number 4
Have paused in yellow star system.
Have paused in yellow star system.
Location: YICIA:057E:0081:019C:0164

NOTES: Awful system. Went to first planet empty with intention to fetch resources but colours and iridescence camouflaged HUD icons making collection near impossible. Was attacked by packs of crab-things and had to hide in a Heridium node to call ship. Ran on empty to next location.
Second planet was nearly as bad with multiple large predators that attacked every time I tried to harvest some crystals. This resulted in repeatedly blowing up the crystals when defending myself.
Third planet was better with actual T9 growing and crystals yielding an acceptable amount.
Will now ensure I have enough fuel on board to escape should a planet turn out to be seriously crap.
Lesson learned.
Glad to leave.:grin: Left a com ball.


I have managed to back track and find the cluster(s) that has got everyone’s interest.
I must have stumbled over it while lining myself up for a big warp.

Anyway here is some info:
It is a freak formation of a star string often seen in star columns but it is way tighter and unique in that it is made up of 2 clusters (regions) one on top of the other.
Some stars are in little clusters like dual stars. The string is about 30 systems long and has a slight kink where the 2 regions meet.
I’ve decided to back track and claim the cluster under the ETARC tag.
This may serve as our new hub?.. at least it’s easy to find.

For now I’ve abandoned the pilgrimage… You can see the chain in the background of this pic…
I’ll keep you posted.


@Xion4012 what do you think, for the Etarc hub. The cluster could be the capital systems. Mad, would you wait to name them, just discover them? We could add this location to the polls. It shouldn’t be to long before @Oshoryu and Xion get the polls out about location and naming.


I’m warping back as we speak. My only intention is to claim a GATEWAY portal location at the bottom of the columns.
I believe all naming rights go to Etarcians once they make the move if this gets claimed as a hub location.


Cool, hope you continue to pilgrim star, I was enjoying the reports. Especially, since I haven’t been able to play in a while. Nice find! Thanks for back tracking. You should name the bookend systems. If it becomes the hub or not its on my list to visit. :blush:


I have my progress for my pilgrimage on hold by use of the teleporter address at my furthest point.
50 warp cells burnt as I back track… serves me right for not investigating properly when I first found it.
Was an epic back search through the breadcrumbs of my travels! I’m very surprised I found it again actually.


Wow. This could make my job real easy. I will include this in the discussion, it has potential.

Well done @Mad-Hatter, good luck on your journey :+1:



I have made it back and claimed the star chain in the name of ETARC.
After a scan I found zero contact markers so it is up for grabs.

The topmost system has been named
and the lower-most system in the chain has been named.
Therefore the star chain (all 47 of them) are now ETARC’s… if wanted.
I have NOT visited any other systems in the chain so naming rights are as yet open as per hub discussions.
I’ve taken some pics but my internet is maxed so they may take some time upload…

The top.

The bottom.

The whole thing.

Thanks for the interest and the suggestion of taking a closer look.


I’ve located and activated a portal in the ETARC CELLAR system on an as yet unnamed moon. There is a habitable base 5 min away. This prevents me accidentally wiping access via the limited teleporter listings.

Having had a good float around the chain, I noticed a star system by itself off to one side halfway up that has 5 or 6 plantary bodies.
Were this to become a HUB this would make a great GATEWAY for temporary lodgings while a permanent location is found. It would allow multiple residencies while the hub filled.

There is a destinctive green star about halfway up and slightly off the column that might make a good capital.

Anyway, I’ll let you all think it over for a bit.
I’m so tired. Bed time




I agree. This is a unique and distinctive spacial landmark that will make the HUB easier to find.

Also, thanks for the base visit. I just noticed your comm-ball last night.


Currently exploring the CELLAR and PENTHOUSE systems (since I’d been there anyway) to replenish fuel spent returning back to this point.
Will create a new topic about the star chain and then return to this one once I’ve made my preliminary investigations into the abnormality.
The pilgrimage will continue…shortly.



Entry number 5
Have temporarily paused the pilgrimage in:
From this location a directional adjustment of 1.2 degrees to 61.2LofC required.
Currently have back-tracked to investigate star-chain anomaly (as previous posts would suggest :crazy_face:). Am holding this location via teleport listing to enable a return to pilgrimage once a quick study and refuel. This is my furthermost point.

NOTES: Spent a long time exploring local planets in this location and in particular a ‘Parched Planet’.
Good supplies of T9.
Teleported home as usual for harvest but also went portal hopping to visit some fellow travellers. Came home wealthier (and slightly cooked).
Used Galactic map to locate the strange star column which was far behind me. With 1000ly jumps the map loses sight and route marker-line often vanishes so repetitive swings past known locations was required to find the next known location.
Currently have a tentative teleport circumstance with multiple locations restricting further use.

Altered previous post notes. Once I restart the pilgramage and hub discussion is sorted I’ll start the process all over again.


Looking forward to setting off again soon. Have progressed somewhat in replenishing my warp cell stash.


Looking forward to seeing more of this discovery! The pictures look promising!


Well, I’ve been in a holding pattern for many days awaiting ETARC decisions regarding my location.
In an effort to avoid over-claiming my location yet keep myself busy, I’ve been scrounging locally for resources to ensure my freighter is ready for the postponed pilgrimage.
Using my designated fuel hauler, I’ve been wandering locally getting the exact resources to precisely make 20 warp cells at a time. As expected Th9 is the biggest hurdle. One planet being utilised is an ice planet with a dud portal in the ETARC Cellar system and the other a lush planet with touchy sentinels in the PENTHOUSE system. Both are soft enough biomes to allow long foraging missions.

I’ve managed to finally make a full freighter load of warp cells, which should give me a theoretical optimum range of 190,000Ly. This combined with my teleporter address at my postponement point should give me ample warp capacity to the Pilgrim Star and around the Amino Hub.

Also, while I’m here, I’ve been endeavouring to open a couple of portals but as is typical, most portals are quite a distance from a habitable bases. Pioneers to this location will need to be prepared to travel. I’ve nearly exhausted my supplies of relics needed to locate portals so I’m now stopping. One has already turned out to be a dud with the address (and any other sequences) resulting in walking out onto a barren planet. I’ve marked this portal with a comm to advise any who follow.

The wait continues.


Well, with a hub location decided and the first of the explorers arriving and colonising I feel it is nearly time for me to resume my pilgrimage.
As a recap for those wanting to follow progress here are the coordinates of that initial journey.
Currently I’m still in the ETARC HUB but soon I shall teleport back to my furthest point and resume, leaving my fellow Etarcians to explore and “found” their hub.
No new ships or anything from my very first post so everything is the same.


Good Luck Traveler :+1:


Entry number 6
Back on the road !!!

Pilgrimage Resumed
Left 0589:0081:019F:0109
Stopping point for refuelling and a more detailed look about.
1 region below target with 72 jumps estimated remaining.

NOTES: Did a few extra jumps this session to make up some distance. Aiming for single planet systems to keep exploration delays short… if possible.
Stopping in multiple planet systems for refuelling & to teleport home for harvests.

Found myself near dead, hiding in a cave, while a horde of sentinels, big and small, tried to kill me. (They got cranky with me for snitching some Gravatinos, which was probably not wise in an extreme system with frenzied sentinels).

On the lookout for some omegon for jetpack upgrade and I finally scored the next warp upgrade blueprints for the starships.
Would be really nice to find the next freighter upgrade blueprints.
Glad to be back out warping through the stars.

EXTREME PLANET but those colours are great.

COOL FIGHTER I’ve never seen one like it before.


Entry #7
Have travelled in varied bursts between single and multi planet systems. Stopped in most systems to identify planets and moons and to do some quick exploration.
Checked positioning at
65 jumps away from target with a heading of 62 degrees LofC.

Have now stopped to refuel and teleport home for harvest at
Currently level with target with 54 jumps remaining at a heading of 62 degrees LofC

NOTES: Experienced scary ship fault where it would not summon while a fair distance away on an extreme biome. Had to back track entire way to access ship. Later tested it on another planet and all seems ok again.
Located a single planet system which had a “bubbles” planet listed as ‘infected’. Tested signal booster to see what happens and it referred to out of system location for monolith before claiming I’d arrived. Used PPP to acquire possible glyph coordinates.
DOTU: 05BC:0081:01A4:01D5
Do not know if this sequence will work but would be great to see again some day. Awesome colours.
Made excellent progress this session and distances per jump have been mostly good, except for second last one which lead me into dead space, requiring a upward directional adjustment to maintain horizontal heading.



CHECK OUT THE TWINS :heart_eyes: