Citizen Scientists Division - Needs Collaborative User-designed Logo!

Since Portal is high on the list and the idea is to simplify, something like @Clemm portal image in their Profile picture might work.

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Whatever design is chosen, I suggest it look good at varied sizes. That may mean paying close attention to color contrast as the size reduces. I did a variation of the prior one I commented on to show the image changes as it reduces in size. In order to make the image content clearer, I had to remove the glyphs and text and change some background colors for better contrast, for example. Colors would likely be different. I also created only a rough image for comparison and discussion purposes. I’m not a graphics artist.

Using the former base image, it would seem that the background color (orange here) should show through the portal middle “open” part, not use a different color (as is used below).

This is a concept only, not a suggested final. … Some things to keep in mind.

Also, we could use text with larger versions, then omit that area for smaller sizes. Legibility is a key.



I really do like what @chelofellow logos look like. I believe I’ve seen the high contrast solution for small images before, now that you mention it @Clemm . Looks, promising. Here some of my brain storming, nothing special, the last row looks awful to me now. I was trying to get the star chain in there some how.

How do we represent the star chain?


@Sir_oops - Of your bunch, I prefer 7D, though the background color gradient reminds me of water & slime. LOL. I’d prefer the colors to mimic exiting a planet’s atmosphere. Atmosphere color at the bottom, then gradient up to local space color (or black) at the top. Instead of a true gradient, you could use layers (strips) of colors that change from atmosphere to space – an option that works well even with JPEGs and size changes.

I’m also not loving the [Hello Games’] “Grant-inspired” sick yellow-green skies on some planets. At least I’m consistent. :smiley:

To get “star chain” in the logo, the upper part of the circumference could superimpose a thin “chain” of links with stars at the link join points. … Voile … “star chain.” The stars would need to be large enough to be clearly evident at smaller sizes.


With any iconography, the hierarchy of elements will inform the ultimate design solution. So it is on us to determine what exactly are the most important elements to include in our logo, then rank them by importance and design accordingly.

If we go by the poll in the thread, we’ve got the following hierarchy:
50%- similar to the old ETARC logo (Edison tower with HAM radio graphic)
37%- Portal
37%- 16 glyphs
37%- the Atlas symbol
37%- the firefly star chain
37%- planets/moon/systems
25%- light bulb
25%- just the Portal ring
25%- starburst effect
(excluding everything below 25%)

The single most important graphic element is the old ETARC logo.

With that settled, we will need to make a decision on what is secondary in importance. Is it the portal graphics (including the glyphs), the Atlas symbol, or star chart elements (Firefly star chain, and planets/moon/systems)?

Now we can combine some of these elements effectively to say more with less, but it gets tricky. I played around with combining the portal and the Edison Tower in the first iteration of the ETARC CSD logo (seen above in this thread) and it works alright.
@Sir_oops also hits on this with his combination of the star chain element into the portal graphic- I LOVE this idea. It really works well conceptually- portal to the stars, unification of many to one, a gathering of travelers.

I am digging the shape of 2A (the circle hexagon combo)! Makes a really interesting frame, will definitely work with that.

Do we have any good (accurate) star charts of the Firefly star chain?
If so, that could work well as a background element behind the portal/Edison Tower graphic…


I could lay out a point cloud type model in CAD, that way we can look at It at different angles. Or there is a couple pics out there.

Pictures and video of star chain

No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots, Art, Videos & Streaming

On my way, to the Pilgrim Star…

ETARC Hub Spacing Guild H.E.A.D. Project

We haven’t picked a capitol yet. if it is off the chain and has a good vantage point of the star chain that would be ideal.


You could use a basic starchain type image as viewed from off-centre/below to create a taper effect going upwards… a homage to the original ETARC radio tower logo.
This could have a portal in the background as it seems to be a popular idea.
Do we actually need to have a border? It could simply be a chain of stars overlying a portal.
This link should have a few pics of the starchain when it was first found.
Post number 5


Another view from a capitol prospect …


I found the chain by accident. The second picture is quite accurate, as I set it up vertically (I guess you could spin the top photo). But I think it only shows the top half.


Another idea I had for including in our logo are the last 4 glyphs for our portals.
Dragonfly Rocket Tree Bird Tree seems to pop up in every portal in our location…sort of like an area code. With several of the ideas submitted, there is an interest in adding the glyphs. Well, those 4 are quite relevant to our hub and by limiting our logo glyph useage to only 4 glyphs, we can fit them in more strategically/larger, allowing for different logo sizing without losing detail.
Just another idea.

Some inspiration form Nada.


I always loved their outfit. I really want to cosplay as Nada…


Hello my fellow citizens!

It has been a while since I didn’t take any news from my favourite community.!!
As I am catching up on pretty everything, does anyone think these aligned starts are part of the next patch? Has anyone followed these and find something weird?
Back on track in D-1

Until than, you take care of you my Fellow Travellers!


A lot of people call this a tree, I see it as a little guy lifting his arms in victory. (or the atlas symbol and a flux capacitor)

No one is really posting any new Logo submissions. Perhaps, we can take a break from that. And try our hands at a flag design. Specially, since we have the capital, now. Whats a capital without a flag flying over it (at least in spirit). Maybe, this is where we can use the Star chain ideas.


I’m pricing how much it will cost to produce two of these unofficial logos on fabric. I plan to use @Clemm version on a Baseball Hat (embroidered) and the ETARC Hub Division produced by @chelofellow on a Polo shirt (silk-screened). And pricing for patches of those two designs.



Silk-screen printers usually want a vector file to make the screens for the best results. I have tried to share the vector file a few times, but the forum (still) doesn’t allow AI or PDF files.

Here is a Drop Box link to the AI file.
and here’s a link to the pdf.

I’ll host these files here for sharing, so long as you guys don’t break my DropBox account. :sweat_smile:
Be nice. Make copies and leave the originals alone. And don’t share this link outside of this forum.


I’ve submitted the image to 3 printers/embroidery local merchants for quotes. I’ve even inquired 2 weeks after the emails asking for quotes. No replies in any form have been given. Perhaps if I don’t show up in a business suit, I won’t be taken seriously. Oh well, now looking for other resources. I do have a friend who retired and got a 3d printer…and is looking into other media to create.


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I’m liking the logo :grin::+1:

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Lets just say my artwork is… exotic

Logo Discussion Reboot

Following recent email correspondence from oldgods requesting hub details among others I’m making an effort to reboot this old thread.

This is mainly for those here who reside in the Etarc Hub or are soon to arrive.
While a small group of founding members are organizing pics & a description of the capital, we still as yet have not decided on a logo.

I propose that everyone peruse the various submissions above & repost a favourite image below… or if so inclined design a new one.
Add a comment and make sure you give the original artist credit.

Once we have a collection, we will organise a poll & make a selection & alterations as required.

Things to take into account are the easily recognisable simplicity of designs & the relevance to our non-political hub, which centres on a destinctive star chain.
Please take the time to consider all the variations and ideas in the 100 or so posts above this one, then make your contribution.
You’ll note there are a couple of polls to add your 2 cents to as well.

Edited to add details.