Back to my roots

I was wondering if it is possible to return to my earlier 1.3 system? Does the Pilgrim Plotter still work in the new 1.3 galaxy?
With an ETARC HUB still in its infancy I thought, if it were possible, I’d like to try to return to my old system first and maybe continue where I left off when I restarted. In theory there should be a bunch of named systems and planets from before my restart. I’d planned on finishing naming my column of systems before moving but had to restart due to issues.
Can it be done…?

Pilgrim star path app works fine.
Besides blackholing, one may use portal to reach destination.
This will require:

  • know glyphs from travelers’ graves
  • know system cords to convert to glyph for portal input, using pilgrim app
  • decommission base, to claim base in new system
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