New Save, New Hub - A Frontier Nomad's tale

Hullo Travelers of the cosmos,

It is I Sir_Oops, aptly named, you will see or you already know. :wink: You may of heard of the Citizen Scientist Frontier Division (CSFD) of ETARC Hub(ECSD). Etarc Hub? Since you asked, that is a slow growing baby hub up in Alpha quadrant in Euclid. These chill individuals are building there Hub around a star chain named Firefly Star Chain, discovered by the pilgrim @Mad-Hatter. Mad, Discovered this anomaly on a pilgrimage to Starfall (Pilgrim star). I’ll get back to that in a sec.

I was/am instigating the CSFD and the Trans-Galactic Highway. I was just crossing over to Calypso when the Star chain was discovered. I read Mad’s adventure with rapt attention. Then Uni-day was a month out, the ECSD was going to reveal its capital that day. I had to be there… so I started a new normal save to start my own pilgrimage.

And So I did and now I just left Starfall Wait, What? What about your first planet? Your first death? Why did you go to Pilgrim star? You said you where going to ECSD. Where did you start? It is a week past Unification day, you are late. Okay. Okay. I know. Its been a year and some since my first save game. Believe it or not I forgot about the grind, but not right away.

I don’t have pictures or an address or really a remembrance of my rebirth/first planet. I know where it is… a little over that way from my base planet (a.k.a. A hop, skip, and… stones throw… Jump, that’s it, away.)

oh, I did take a picture

See the “Journey Starts” and the “You are here”(my base)

I’ll get back to my base in a bit. Any-who, I got off that planet faster then you can say -insert one of those catchy phrase things here that I don’t quite understand - . Time to Jump to another system, shoot, I don’t have any hyperdrive upgrades or blue prints for them. sigh. So I started limping along, looking for the essentials. Wish that was a joke all I could afford was the essentials. I did find the ship I flew all the way to starfall in. She was a wreck, smelled of dead gek… which isn’t that bad, no really. Had to put a lot of units into to her to fix broken cargo slots. Here she is from her better side.

I call her “Ish”, after the Mrs… OUCH, phantom pain from the simulation I ran in my mind if my wife read this. A guy can name a ship after his wife, happens all the time. She smell just fine and looks fine, too. That sim ran a lot better. damage repaired? …You could just reword all of that… meh. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Any-who, “Ish” is an explorer A class. I’ll get some more stats and picture for you guys later, this is all I’ve taken right now.

About the Location, here is a map of Alpha Quad for “Pilgrim Star Path” . Thanks pahefu, I really should by you that coffee.

…TreeStar ECSD?.. yup, that’s home… away from home. Etarc is home. You can probably see why I stopped at Pilgrim Star, now. Pretty convenient. Boy, did I get lucky. It almost as if I had help. @Emily did you help there? I know it wasn’t @oldgods, that guy hasn’t sent me an email in ages. Not to mention some certain pass that have been h-word up. I have been checking by mailbox every day.

Really I am grateful, just having a bit o’fun. :wink:

So you want to see my base system …meh… well, I am showing you anyways.

Here it is from space. nice blue star.

Here is the Planet SpaceOak, only one in the system.

And here I am on my way to my base
No Man's Sky_20180107081123
And here I am on my way to my base in a dust storm.
No Man's Sky_20180107081530
And here’s the base.
No Man's Sky_20180107080333

Here is some Stats on the system

Well, I think that is enough for now. I’ll tell you more about why I choice this base and about the trip to Pilgrims Star, next time. In the mean time thank @Mad-Hatter for inspiring this and suggesting I write these memoirs.

Just another Instigator Pilgirm,
Sir Oops


Nice. Not a member of the Spacing Guild yet, but I’m working on it and jumping toward that ECSD system. I just had to join ETARC, since I am an Amateur Radio Operator. Callsign is KF4LDP. After reading about what ETARC is, I was dumbfounded. First thought the ARC was Alternate Reality Community or something like that. Amatuer Radio Club, wow, sign me up. This is where I belong.


Yes sir we talk about radios here :wink:



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Hullo Pilgrims of the Void,

It is I Sir_Oops, aptly named, you.. We did this… Oh, thats right, so we did. just a sec…
…Well, I think…enough…now. I’ll tell…about…base and…trip Pill…Star, next time…
…What are you doing…
…rereading my last post, Im done now…
…and what is with your previous post “ERRROR… Oops…”…
…Would you let me begin…

Okay, I’ll get to my base and the trip to Starfall in a sec.
I was looking through my NMS journey and I realized I have a few entry for this new save. Here is the first…

N2 entry #1
“Artemis says they are strandded on a sunless world.” 06a7:0078:014c:0211

Well ,They are going to stay there! Whats with the non-gender, we are legion vibe to NPC?
I wrote that down because it made me think that there might be planets out there without a sun.
How would we get to them. They are more then likely trapped in some in between place like the upside-down.

-insert cool photoshop picture of Artemis in Upsidedown of Stranger things netflix show, people are eating that Corpite up right now-


N2 entry #2

“TreeStar, Tree oak.” then I drew a sad doodle of my base design.

See that didn’t take long.

So why did you pick your base?

To the point, because its a one planet system, has Ash Storms (I like Storms)…Good for you…, and this…

I present to you SpaceAcorns

(cool you can put a spoiler on pictures, click it.)

Scanner readings on SpaceAcorns

:clap::clap::clap: …Lame… you see I gave you a slow clap?

Sigh, this plant that looks kind of like an Acorn, reminded me of a book I read once. I think it was by Larry Niven, maybe a rainbow mars story. It wasn’t “Integral tree” but that is the Idea. A tree that grew into space to launch its seeds and spread into space. So, I am starting to build a lore in my mind about this planet “SpaceOak” . It once had many of these tall trees, but where destroyed by the Sentinels reducing the population to ash. All that is left is the Seeds. They wait for the ash to settle and the dirt to become the right kind of soil, before they sprout and make there climb once more to the heavens. I’m sure the fauna will help with that. There is a lot of animals. It makes nomad and roamer expedition interesting.

Here is one.

Then there is the Ewoks, the bird-billed ewoks.



photogenic much

Maybe, I can tie the lore of the seeds to the lore of the first born and the Korvax. Perhaps, the ewoks are a devolution of the first born Gek (I’ve heard this suggestion else where) and their genes still desire to spread throughout the galaxies. So way back when the Korvax were still slaves, on this planet the Gek forced the Korvax to modify the Geks genetic code so that in death they could have a second life as a tree. the tree would send out more seeds into space (SpaceAcorns), creating more TreeGeks (Spaceoaks). So the life cycle would be modified Gek, seed, tree, seed egg, Gek repeat. This is why the Sentinels attacked. This is how the Korvas got the idea to modify the Gek further and gentle them. This may sound familiar to you if not see/read the Ender’s Game (series) So in there devolved state they still become seeds in death, but that is as far as it gets.

…You been dipping in to the Nip Nip, again, I see…

Okay, there is some holes and it may bend the NMS lore a little. Anywho, that is about it for my base planet.

Some boring Journal entries

N2 entry #3
system: Edkoop has 6-14 millon unit S-class Ship (drew a sad looking doodle of ship basicliy a circle with triangle point to one side and skids.)
PLanet: Siswelczyns, has A.perls

N2 entry #4
system: Oklaat XV, 06a3:0079:0150:00b7 , (2) freighter hyper drive blue prints
planet: ???

N2 entry #5
system: Sasovk, 069e:0079:0153:004b
planet: loscantlediq, A-class blaster

N2 entry #6
system: Tispeet-Velia, 069d:0079:0153:007a, Hyper drive thea, Asymmetrical hauler with cool wings
planet: Deber

MOving on.

So, somehow between Treestar and Starfall I burned thru four Generations. I think most was pirates attacks. But, One was… I’ll just show you the pictures.

So, I see this guy.!

Scanner readings

I think Trophy. :smiling_imp: see Trophy pictures

Don't worry it has a happy ending.

I was Ill prepared for that fight.

Oh yeah, it was the first time

Then on another palnat, I saw this guy.

Scanner readings

I left him be, remembering my last hunting expedition.

Last thing of note before Pilgrim Star. This planet at this system 0639:0081:01a9:000c

Sand Planet!!!

For Fremen sake, give these people their SAND-WORMS, pRaWn CuRrY!!!

…Brovo, three reference in that one…

Thank you, So next time Plgrim Star/Starfall, Promise, Because that is all I remember or wrote down.

Just another Instigator Pilgirm,
Sir Oops


Quite enjoying these.
Thanks for posting coordinates :+1:

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Hope they are right, I can hardly read my own writing in the my journal. Must of been writing in the dark.


Greetings Wanders of the Expanse ,

It is I Sir_Oops, …Mum…Mum… :grin: I have gagged the inner voice/surrogate audience type personality type person thing. I may untie them if they beehive. …Mum…Mum… Muhrrrr… That’s right I said beehive, lol, I can just imagine what you would like to say. I think the mixture of binge watching Mr. Robot and Black Mirror, then throwing in Waking titan ARG has addled my brain. Or at least influenced my writing style for this tale. :crazy_face:

Anywho, Pilgrim star, I really enjoyed going there. Well, almost, boy did I feel like a tourist. I even didn’t take all those picture I thought I did. No, I had to go back to take a few. So, no twenty click slide of me at Cafe 42 or me at the hill of Dudenbeaumodeme amidst the sea of communication Stations. Oh I took a lot of pictures, I or at least I thought i did, But I am getting ahead of myself.

First thing I did was get lost in space, yeah, like a tourist. I could not find Starfall for the life of Loop16. I found the Amino Hub. You see I thought the Pilgrim path app lead us like a GPS system right to the system. No…No…, It gets you close. I jumped all over the place, before I figured out my assumption was wrong. I would stop at a planet, make a signal booster, chart the coordinates in to the pilgrim path app. Over and over. The app needs a “You have reached you destinations” notifications. That being said I am very grateful for the app getting me close. Also, The amino hub has some mean planets, especially the ones named after “Wheel of time” and “Dark Tower” series. So, I scanned and Scanned space looking for Starfall. defeat. :weary: I gave-up!

So , here I am in Amino Hub, I believe the first planet I stopped at was Happy Days. Anyone guess what I wrote on the Comm Station I left. :+1::sunglasses: :+1: I decide to set my goals lower, I say to myself. “Lets find Amino Prime!” sigh… nope. I can’t even find the capital of their Hub. That’s when I see Cafe NMS 42. I could eat, maybe some one is around and I can ask for directions. So, I stopped. no one was around so I help myself to the buffet and of course some NipNip. By this time I am getting pretty tired. Kind of like right now. So, I look in my discovery for “contact” scans. I don’t understand the order of this list at all. Mine are sorted by discovery date. I thought this meant my discovery date but maybe its by general discovery date. So, I look thru every discovery, luckily not a lot. Booyah, I find Starfall and Amino Prime. So I check into the Suite 21, and but of course they server NipNip as well. :herb: Sample. :herb: Sample. :herb:

In the morning, I explorer the planet looking for @Mad-Hatter’s Comm Station. I couldn’t find it. I see a a exotic Red ship at a trading post, love at fist sight. Takes off, before I can scan it. Waited like 20 sols for it to return. I think I dreamed it. I another thing I suspect is trading post are design so you have no single point where you can observe every landing pad at once. :weary: I gave-up, went back to AH Hotel, right in front I fined a friend of ours message for us (Helps if you now correct PSN). And I left mine.

You’ll have to go there to see what they say and place yours. Oh, I did have one hiccup, going back to the Hotel, all the ktzzkting Comm Stations. They are all in front of any other landmark, and all over the place. Yes, I got lost again.

On to Pilgrim star(Starfall). On to Dudewheresmycar.

Head toward those comm balls

A cracked Hill

Look at all those Comm Stations

Made Sure Mad’s sentiment wasn’t alone.

@Mad-Hatter I did remember to pick the two Srooms near by as souvenir, I’ll have to plant them at CSFD HQ, when I get there in ten years. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I did some others stuff, got killed by pirates leaving to the station (gen 5 death by laser), found a traveler at station, visited a few Space anomalies I know, went and got traveler’s grave glyth, meet another player, circle each other quietly, depart from each never saying a word :anguished:, went back to Amino prime, found red ship 5mil, can’t afford, left.

Now, I believe that went better without the constant interruptions, don’t you? Let me remove that gag. …Gasp… you are a MUTTONHEAD!.. and I’ll put that back on. …Mummmmmmmmrmrrrrr…

Just another Pilgrim,
Sir Oops

P.S. Heading to that cracked hill and seeing all those Comm Stations was like going in a Atlas Station for the first time.


Love the tale. Keep 'em coming.
Glad you eventually found some familiar names.
Gets lonely out there. :grin:


How did I miss these last few entries? More importantly, why didn’t it show up in my unread feed? It seemed nearly everything would show up in unread/new posts, but I just realised today… Theres a BUNCH of stuff people posted that I did not see any heads up about. Which leads me to think I misunderstood how the system works and I guess it only shows up if I’ve liked the thread a lot or commented on it a lot… Or… I dunno, bugs?

I must be more vigilant when perusing the forums I guess!

I would argue theres no such thing as too much black mirror for your brain. Which is why one should inject oneself with a daily dose of Charlie Brooker. Might I recommend “How TV ruined your life” (Dont say it didnt… COS IT DID!) or Dead Set (his first forray into scripted drama, Zombie Apocolypse in the Big Brother house)? Or anything from the Wipe series (screenwipe, news wipe, yearly wipe). His writing/presenting style is just… everything I love about everything! He’s a champion for video games and a big radiohead fan… ahem… sorry, fanboy moment.


Poor Jimmy. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I still eagerly await his “Less Aerodynamic” frisbee hahaha


Blessing Space wayfarers,

I feel I must give you some closure or me, perhaps. I had every intention of stalking the Mad Pilgrim on his path towards the ETARC Hub.

Exhibit A (not sure where this was, some where outside the AH.)

Exhibit B
(hard to read, but that is every location between the AH and ETARC that
@Mad-Hatter reported in On my way, to the Pilgrim Star…

My Ship logs entry after we left off was…(I don’t recall any of this)…

System: Opossy-styeri

System: Rochede
Planet: Alilumalxoi, beautiful winter planet, aggressive sentinels, and perils.

Wait I remember that one.

0647:0081:01b3:0023, rock formations

Then… nada, not that Nada! and some Capitol planet for ETARC stuff.

Just resiliently, I decide to get back into this pilgrimage, Let say I have been on that there Winter type Planet spinning in circles since January. Wait January! :roll_eyes: Anyhow, I filled up my ship with warp fuel then jumped for a while, found a planet with a grave, jumped again, found another grave.

Two of these, Marbles?

Then continued to jump back and forth till I had all of them. I shot some big game. see Trophy pictures soon. Then I took a portal all the way to Etarc Hub, system Othrys XVI, planet Wichukchiinic CSFD, which is the Headqurters of the Citizen Science Frontiers Division CSFD of ETARC HUB.

Perhaps, I will make the pilgrimage someday, this time not backwards. For now i’ll be sitting on the second floor of the CSFD Building, buried in paper work.

Wichukchiinic CSFD was happy to see me.

Thanks Edzibesh and the other guy. and all of you at the AtLAS CSD!!!

Some more

Could not kill.

Blue marble with Steep islands, hiding from upset thing!
Frozen Marble with trees

Blue marble with Steep islands, hard to land.