Into the Aftermath

May I present my journal from just before 1.3 dropped to present day. Condensing and artistic license has been used to (hopefully) enrich the story, all names persist in the game and key events documented are true and did happen.

Originally conceived as a coping mechanism to deal with differences between 1.24 and 1.3, I developed a story to give myself a door back into the game following everything that had changed. I needed to know why!

Hope you enjoy it. Literary criticism is welcomed and indeed encouraged so feel free to Private Message me if you can offer any help or guidance on this. I’m still flexing my creative writing muscles and normally write in 3rd person so 1st person has been a new experience for me. Be gentle!

Thanks to everyone for submitting their own stories, you have both inspired and raised the bar to a level I can only hope I can be part of. I hope my writing does the core story justice.



EDIT: Minor corrections

Let the sun beat down upon my face
And stars fill my dream
I’m a traveller of both time and space
To be where I have been

The hypnotising spectrum of colour wheeled past the viewport at speeds I could not comprehend. At last it slowed and the cold blackness of space appeared before me, revealing the Solo System and It’s one planet, Soleth Prime. A large barren and hostile world that I had no desire to visit again. Once was enough. I adjusted the controls and guided my ship towards my freighter, The Intrepid. She was a an old Gek model, not particularly large or grand but it was reliable and served my purposes; a steal at 11 million units.

“Come in Intrepid, this is Indigo Rain on approach, requesting landing” I said through the comm unit. There was a short silence and crackle of static as I awaited the Captains reply.
Indigo Rain this is Intrepid, we have you on our scopes, you are cleared on approach. Please adjust course to 217 and proceed to Bay 4” came the answer. The strange Gek were always eager to please it seemed, and always so formal! I put the ship on final approach and aimed for the hangar bays and relaxed knowing the tractor beam would take care of the rest. Sure enough, the ship jolted and adjusted direction as I was pulled into another fine landing. Sometimes I would purposely mis-align the ship so the tractor beam would have to work harder, even so much as approaching inverted, much to the Captain’s annoyance.

I landed and I listened to the engine powering down and was immediately kicked out of my ship, ‘I must fix that’ I thought to myself and headed aft towards my ‘Farm’ amid the noise of departing and arriving ships. I had a nice little operation going on, I had 60 Temerium Plants and 40 Spadonium which netted me a nicely profitable +2.5% in the market in the Solo System. That was after all the only reason I was here, far away from Sirasil Outpost, my picturesque home among the lush vegetation and rich countryside of the planet I also called home. A place where I could rest and recuperate, a place where I could explore and learn more about the world I was on. A base to serve as a launch-pad to fuel further investigation. Since acquiring the Intrepid, all farming operations were moved off-world, I then embarked upon converting the base to have three landing pads, I have plans to transmit the coordinates to the stars, for if a weary traveller like myself is lost and low on supplies, here at least, they can replenish and continue their quest.

I took up farming as a way of saving for a Destroyer Class, Deep Space Freighter, one more cargo run and I would have enough. I had seen the one I wanted when she was attacked by pirates, I rescued the stricken vessel but I didn’t have enough units to meet the captains asking price and it duly warped out of system, grateful, but gone. She was a long, sleek black ship with red accents and at least eight times larger than Intrepid, she would serve me well. I was to name her The Crimson Star.

With that ship at my disposal, I planned to continue to unravel this curious mystery of the Atlas, while building up my fleet. I purchased a nice A-Class fighter which was bought mainly as a project really, not yet commissioned or named, gathering dust in Bay 1 of the Intrepid. That would be a project once the Freighter is secured, something to upgrade at my leisure.

I loaded up my faithful ship, Indigo Rain, a reliable C Class Hauler, she had 40 slots and upgraded shielding and weapons which has surprised a fair few naive pirates along the way I can tell you. I spotted her a long time ago and fell in love with it instantly. Sure there were larger ships but it would take a very special ship for me to part with my pride and joy. With the cargo hold and my Exosuit fully loaded with Insulating Gel, I headed back down the stairs to my ship when my comm started beeping at me, it was the Captain.
“I’m picking up some strange readings on the scanner! The Universe Centre… It’s not there anymore!” he said confused. I frowned, unsure quite what to respond with.
“Sir! We have incoming Sentinels out of sector 318, 492 and 183!” he said. The system scanner showed red blips in every direction. The lights in the Hangar started flashing red, he was locking down the ship and preparing to raise the shields. Other pilots immediately scurried to their ships and took off in the confusion. For some reason, all freighter captains had the same “Hedgehog” mentality when it came to danger; Shields up, stay where you are and wait to be run over.
“Captain! Listen to me! Initiate a Continuous Warp Cycle when I’m clear, I’ll contact you on this channel when I know what’s going on!” I said running down and powering up my ship. The hangar bay opened before me and I took off into the empty space. I watched as the Intrepid engaged it’s warp drives and disappear in streaks of coruscating light before my eyes.

Looking towards the Galaxy Centre I could see it was getting brighter, the blackness of space was being replaced with light. I punched the engines and headed for the Station at full speed, the intensity of the light increased, I saw a freighter group attacked by Sentinels for no reason, I saw the flagship lose power and begin to fall until the gravity of Soleth Prime had a hold, sending it plummeting in a shroud of flame towards the surface. The smaller vessels in the flotilla were destroyed and any remnants burned up in the atmosphere of the great planet. I pressed on and wondered if this was happening everywhere. The light grew brighter and it had almost swallowed all I could see, the ship was violently juddering and I prayed she would hold together. I entered the station at full speed, the tractor beam was off-line and the ship buffeted the sides of the long entry passage in a hail of sparks, it seemed like every warning beep and light was going off, responding to the terrible screeching of metal grinding metal as the hull of the ship desperately tried to slow itself.

Darkness and silence.

To sit with elders of the gentle race
This world has seldom seen
They talk of days for which they sit and wait
All will be revealed

Dreams of stars wheeling overhead at incomprehensible speeds, heading towards a bright centre. I was aware. I could alter my course. I could move around this fast-moving existence, was it an existence? Was this death? I could hear nothing but a sweet melody, the sound of stars or the sound of static I could not tell… then… something else. Something mechanical. An engine? The stars began to disappear along with its orchestra. Suddenly I perceived I was. I woke slowly. It was dark. I was disorientated and… cold. Where was I? Who was I? My eyes adjusted to the darkness and I could just about see that I was in a large cavernous space. I recognised it as the hold area of a ship, my ship. There was a fetid smell, something had been rotting in here with me. I tried to move and felt pain course through my entire body, muscles in a state of atrophy. Gradually the painful sensation of feeling ebbed back into my limbs, ignoring the spikes of pain I clambered through to the cockpit area, weak and groggy, and I sat in the chair, exhausted. I took a few deep breaths and waited for the pain to subside. I looked around. The Ship was powered completely down, I looked up, a thick film had covered the viewport, I couldn’t see out. I looked over the thick, dust-caked controls and followed my fingers to the power control, how I knew this I could not remember. I flicked it and the systems immediately responded, the ship started to hum in a familiar way. The console powered up, a graphic of the ship appeared, Indigo Rain, I remembered, or did I? I went back aft to the cargo area to find the source of the smell, I opened one of the containers and saw a gelatinous gloop festering within. The container was marked Insulating Gel. The gel had a guaranteed operational life of 5000 years? How could it have rotted? I jettisoned the waste and activated the air filters, then I pressed the control to exit the ship and found myself in a space station. Looking back at the ship it was covered in dust and grime like it hadn’t been moved or touched for many years.


The station looked familiar to me. I followed my feet and headed instinctively for the Pilot’s Lounge and as I walked across the landing bays my attention was drawn to a ship entering the hangar bay, it’s type was one I’d never seen before, a round cockpit with a long dorsal fin. I gazed in wonder for a moment at its sleek lines, I frowned, shook my head as if trying to wake myself from a dream, nightmare, and pressed on, trying to make sense of what was going on. Up the stairs I walked and found the Pilots Lounge right where I was expecting it to be, only different. Familiar faces and new ones. Everything I saw just gave me more of a headache, something else to try and process. One of the mechanical beings noticed me standing disorientated in the doorway. The lights on its visor danced and audible clicks and beeps accompanied the light-show. It was talking and to my surprise I could understand most of the words.

Talk in song from tongues of lilting grace
Sounds caress my ear
And not a word I heard could I relate
The story was quite clear

“Fsefaew! Fsefaew to Solo System!” it said.
“Solo System?” I repeated. I remembered, this is where I should be, this is where I was before I blacked out… before I crashed here… Slowly my memory returned. Solo System, Soleth Prime…
“Soleth Prime?” I asked. I decided on showing a little knowledge of where I was may give me more information. The beings lights stopped moving. It was like it was trying to process something.
“Soleth Prime jof not exist” it eventually returned. I looked confused. Then just off to the left, an older looking being jittered to life.
“Soleth Prime lfaojw exist. Lofjsl 16,298 years ago, lfojase agdhw, renamed Xinglator IV dakwld Cataclysm”
“What?! 16 thousand years ago?” I protested. The other being acknowledged the older one in seemingly as much shock as me. He returned to face me again.
“Hja, Soleth Prime dlaiwhf long ago. Flihea fawd gvor changed much. Beware!” The being did not or could not explain any further. Could it be that I had been out for just over 16,000 years? Was that possible? My head spun and I felt a hot flush wash over me. I have so many questions that needed answers. I left the being and saw a Galactic Trade Terminal on the wall, everything was different. It was like finding an old jukebox expecting to see old songs on it. I looked at familiar products with unfamiliar names, prices had increased, others had fallen, I felt sick and my knees began to weaken, I closed the terminal connection.

How much more could I cope with? The Terminal reminded me of my home, maybe I would get some answers from Sirasil Outpost, my friends and workers would surely give me a straight answer? I turned and ran towards the opposite room in the Station crashing into a potted plant on the way to confusing glances from the gathered crowd. I found the Teleporter and activated it, as I did I noticed another being behind a counter offering various jobs and contracts around the near galaxy, the rewards were nothing like I’d ever seen, Freighter Drives? I ignored him and the details for Sirasil Outpost appeared before my eyes. I stepped though.

Pilot of the storm who leaves no trace
Like sorts inside a dream
Leave the path that led me to that place
Yellow desert stream
Like Shangri-la beneath the summer moon
I will return again
As the dust that floats finds you
We’re moving through Kashmir

The trip through the teleporter was an assault on my senses and it spat me out the other end, throwing me to the floor in the familiar circular room of my base. Silence. The message droid that cheerily greeted me was silent. The busy workings of those I came to call my friends were strangely silent. I stood up and peered through the window expecting to see the rich vegetation of my homeworld.

Ice and Snow. I stumbled back at the sight in disbelief. I rushed outside and beheld the sight, falling to my knees in sheer horror and disbelief. Mount Sirasil was there, looming large over the valley as always but the deciduous trees and rich amber grasses that once dotted the skyline and formed the dense forests I fell in love with were replaced with sparsely placed evergreens and bracken’s. My suit warned me of the plummeting temperatures and I was suddenly aware of the weather, I gathered myself and went back inside. The howl of the harsh wind ceased as the door hissed shut. I headed further in, emergency lighting was on but the old place looked abandoned.
I went to the crew room and checked the log, the horror and realisation that the being in the Space-Station was not wrong sank in. 16,000 years ago or so a Universe wide event occurred, changing the fabric of the world as we know it. My heart sank. My faithful friends journaled the entries and it seems an Ice age was brought on by the event, changing this planets makeup and geology. I looked around and saw empty terminals. They continued to document the aftermath noting the severe climate change, increased sentinel presence, and then nothing. I wondered what happened to them, did they leave? Where they captured? I doubted I would find the answers to these questions.

I would mourn the loss of my friends, but right now, I needed to survey the damage. I walked around my base in a state of disbelief and thankfully everything was where it should be. My storage vaults still held their valuable commodities so that was some comfort at least. I decided that I needed to clear my head, being surrounded by all that has changed was destroying my will. I opted to go for a drive. My Roamer was still parked on its pad and its cockpit would provide me protection from this harsh, cold new planet.

Oh, father of the four winds fill my sails
Cross the sea of years
With no provision but an open face
Along the straits of fear
Oh, when I want, when I’m on my way, yeah
And my feet wear my fickle way to stay

I fired up the engines and headed away from the base. Carelessly smashing Iron and Detritum deposits, venting my anger at this imposter of a home planet, deliberately trying to hurt it and longing for the planet I carefully chose to be my home. I drove on. I wept for my planet, mourning it’s passing more than that of my friends it seemed, the trees, the remarkable sunsets, all that was gone, replaced with this empty featureless backdrop. But it was not completely empty. It was not just white, it was sculpted and varied. Even in this desolate world, life flourished and even persisted. After a time I came to begrudgingly appreciate that the snowy tundra held a majestic beauty that I did not see at first and the more time I spent amongst it, the more I looked in wonder. My mood was lifting, each turn and each rock escarpment crested gave up more bewildering sights. I stopped in a valley and got out, the cold instantly hitting me, I gritted my teeth and pressed on. This white backdrop before me, I suddenly came to view as a blank canvas with which to paint my new adventure on.

…as I scan, this wasted land.
Trying to find, Trying to find… Where I’ve been…

I emphatically scanned everything I could see, names of once known plants had changed, hidden elements were now revealed to me and given new names by whom or what I did not know. I did not care. I greedily collected resources and drank my new environment in. I felt joy and bewilderment as I once again indulged the thing I loved to do most; exploring. I recognised one of the native species, a Dubong, I thought it strange that they had not evolved to the new environment but it’s sight was at least some semblance of familiarity that I craved. Then there was the new, flying high above me I beheld a species I named the Puppydove. I deployed my Camera Drone which captured a perfect 3D image of everything around me. This enabled me to view the data and pan and move in real-time around my subject. I looked closer at the marvellous creature, furry with four patterned wings, the face of a young puppy. I felt joy at seeing its face! It looked so happy to be gliding along!
My happiness was interrupted by my suit warning me of rapidly decreasing temperature so I headed back to my Roamer and tried to plan where I would go next. I just drove, caution was thrown and I followed my nose, I drove on and in a large valley I beheld the ruin of a crashed freighter. I approached in silence, mood returning to a more sombre state as I had a flashback of the Sentinel attacks and thought of the crew that lost their lives. I slowed and stopped next to some ejected machinery and got out. I checked the ships log from a pod and it confirmed the Sentinel attack was Universe wide. This freighter was apparently responding to a distress call. I sensed it was ambushed.
Just then my thoughts turned to my own freighter; Intrepid. I hurriedly placed a beacon down in case I wanted to return to this place for salvage and got back in the Roamer. I traversed the terrain single-mindedly and was soon back at my base. I headed for Pad 3 and called the Indigo Rain, jumping back into the cockpit I hit the thrusters and left the atmosphere of my newly named planet, Freyo. What its name was before I can now not remember. It wasn’t long before I was in the blackness of space and immediately hailed the Intrepid.
The ship appeared before me and I tried the comm but there was no answer.
“Come in Intrepid… This is Indigo Rain requesting landing… Come in…” There was no answer. Only Static.
The hangar bays were open so I approached and waited for the tractor beam to do its work, thankfully it was still operational and I landed. Lights in the cavernous hangar flickered into life and as I exited my ship, I could hear the sound of the generators powering up. I headed for the bridge but it was empty, dust and years of neglect had taken hold, all confirming the course of events I had so far unravelled. Just then a door hissed open and the Captain emerged. The small Gek waddled along clumsily and greeted me with a half asleep look. He explained that he and the crew had entered Hyper-sleep and programmed the Intrepid to wake them when I hailed them. He and the crew were in just as much shock as me when they discovered it was 16,000 years in the future, the Continuous Warp Cycle saved their lives.
The Captain checked his Navi-computer and noticed the Galaxy Map had also changed, gone were the O, G and other system classifications, instead he noticed that economies and conflict levels as well as the dominant race was now present. He scratched his head and I left him to his thoughts as he tried to work out this new world. I headed for the ‘Farm’ and saw my Spadonium and Temerium plants were ready for harvest, strangely they were glowing red and the plants themselves now had new names. I took it in my stride but decided to leave the harvest where it was for the moment, until I discovered more and decided how best to use it.
I checked my Exosuit and saw the resources I collected from Freyo, I wondered how much they were worth now? I headed for the storage units and opened one up. I saw a Voltaic Cell but it was listed as “Obsolete” I frowned and placed it in my Exosuit and then I remember nothing but a blinding light.

When I came to the Captain was peering over me with a concerned look on his face. He explained that there was an explosion, I was unhurt but my pack was in tatters. One of the crew had repaired it but the inventory it contained was gone, thankfully the technology was unharmed. He explained that he managed to install a deeper cargo section and a separate technology section for which I was grateful for. I got up a little disorientated and it was then I had an epiphany.

I resolved to rebuild what had been torn down. I decided I would recruit new workers and by completing their tasks again, maybe they could teach me the ways of this strange new world. Maybe more answers would fall at my feet, Atlas… the word entered my mind once more and the mystery it holds, Nada… Polo… and… Artemis… Where that came from I cannot say, but like so much right now, it had to wait, wait until I was ready. I’m sure unravelling their mysteries would provide answers but I despaired at the real truth that they would only provide more questions. I would be patient, I would prepare, Freyo was not an ideal place to live despite its beauty, that was also something that needed addressing. I knew I needed to find my place in this new world. 65 million units were at my disposal, I had no idea what that would buy me now but it seemed I had a lot to spend it on. Thoughts of owning a Destroyer Class, Deep Space Freighter entered my mind once more, I smiled at the thought of the challenge.

I headed back to my ship and had an overwhelming desire to share my experience, I dreamt of visitors to Sirasil Outpost so I visited the Mainframe, even that had changed, I uploaded everything from this journal to photographs and to my surprise it was answered. Other travellers had been busy uploading their findings and discoveries, talk of mysterious portals and tales confirming that the cataclysm was multi-verse wide. I spent hours reading through some of the journals, poring over their findings. I found it interesting and comforting that some were at a similar stage to myself, one Echo of a Traveller in particular I strongly resonated with, it was a document of the past and future and shared the same level of confusion and disarray that I experienced. I wanted to help but felt powerless. I was amazed as the feeling that I was not alone washed over me, it was overwhelming. Maybe my experiences would help? Maybe this would encourage others to persevere? I suddenly felt like I had a duty to record what I see and upload in the hope it would help someone I have never met or never even knew existed. All I had ever known was solitude. Reading on it seemed there were more and more travellers, like minded individuals who were just as lost as me, all trying to work out the answers. I took off from Intrepid and I mulled over my next destination, I started heading for the Space-Station with a view to recruit an Overseer and start the rebuilding operation. Instead I found myself steering away from the Station and I was opening up the Galactic Map, it looked different but right now, I wasn’t trying to find anywhere in particular, I over-rode the waypoint controls and selected a random unexplored system; to find oneself, you first have to lose oneself. I engaged the Warp Drive and the spectrum of colour appeared before me, taking me to a far off unknown region and a whole wealth of life just waiting to be explored and discovered.

I would meet the challenge, I would overcome, I would endure.

I’m a traveller of both time and space
To be where I have been…

The Intrepid

Sirasil Outpost - Pre-Cataclysm

Sirasil Outpost and Mount Sirasil - Pre-Cataclysm

A Dubong

Mount Sirasil - Pre-Cataclysm

Mount Sirasil - Post-Cataclysm

Sirasil Outpost - Post-Cataclysm

The Indigo Rain - Mid storm

The crashed freighter on Freyo

Puppydove over Freyo


I really enjoyed that.
As one of the many grief stricken travellers who lost their universe I found your tale therapeutic.


I’m glad you liked it and thank you for reading.

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Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this! :heart: It’s a great narrative that pulled me right in. So familiar in so many ways, and yet truly, uniquely your own. Well done!
Some highlights for me:

  • your use of the gel as a device to show the immense passage of time.
  • interjecting “native” language speech for unknown words.
  • the Voltaic Cell explosion to explain the new places in the inventory
  • the smooth unfolding of the narrative and the change form desolation to purpose.
  • Cool photos!

Last, but far from least:

  • the poetry! (yours, I assume? NOICE! :heart_eyes:

/me is :grinning:

Will there be further space adventures of @Oshoryu ? I do hope so!

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Sadly I cannot take credit for the italicised paragraphs between each section. They are actually lyrics from Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir, listening to that song was also something that greatly inspired me to write all this.

So glad you got the references, they were intentional and deliberate :wink:

Your feedback on the writing is also very much appreciated and has spurred me on in another project quite separate from NMS.

I’ll have to see if there will be another instalment, I’m quite happy getting reacquainted with the game again so maybe when I embark upon Atlas and the new quest lines I may be inspired once more.

I’m glad you saw it :blush:


@TravelEcho @Mad-Hatter @Malveka

Some pretty interesting things have happened to me in the last few plays, so I can confirm work has began on Part 2.

Stay tuned!

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I was jumping and received a transmission.

Either join them (pay half million units) or be a war with them.
Since I had just jumped there was no pirates etc around.
I could not see whom it was, it was off the screen like they were hiding. lol

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@TravelEcho @Malveka @Mad-Hatter

Into the Aftermath: Part II

The wheeling stars shimmered and came into view once more. The blackness of space replacing the myriad of colour. I had arrived. I bypassed my standard protocol of heading for the Station first and engaged the Pulse drive for the nearest planet. It looked promising as I entered the atmosphere, 70% water, vast oceans filled with islands and archipelagos, I flew low over the water searching for points of interest. I found a shelter and landed. The weather was pleasant but punctuated by violent storms, nevertheless I entered a scanning frenzy, this planet was rich in life, however strange. I found a sunken cave and revelled in the joy of this planet’s natural beauty. I plundered a whole vein of Rubeum and the Sentinels cared not. Maybe I could be happy here?

The thought of home and my base reminded me of pressing tasks, this was a Gek system and it was a Vy-Keen armourer I needed. This planets secrets could wait a little while as I headed back to my ship. A quick detour to the local station yielded an Economy Scanner Blueprint, things were looking up.

Opening up my record of my journey, I noticed a Vy-Keen world I had already visited. It was a long jump away but I was curious to see how it had changed and if the cataclysm was truly universe-wide. I entered the coordinates and jumped again into the spiralling light of Warp Space.

When I arrived much had changed. The solitary planet of Aria had changed, confirming my fears for the galaxy. Aria was now hot and scorched, vast deserts gripped the lifeless world, I harvested some Solanium and left. Then in my ascent off world I noticed another shape; Aria now had a moon. I adjusted course and was soon on the surface. What a difference! The Moon of Aria was lush and forested with vast open spaces and huge rocks. The native species were incredible to behold, ranging from the furtive Chameleon-Dogs, the huge bi-pedal reptiles and the massive beaver-like creatures. All these giants were harmless and were no threat to me, I still treated them with respect and trepidation however.

For now, my wandering instincts had been satisfied, I had to return to progressing my base so I said my goodbyes to the moon and took off for the Station. I Pulse-Drived as soon as I left the atmosphere, it was then my troubles began. Pirates had detected my Rubeum and using unknown technology, disabled my Pulse-Drive. They attacked almost instantly, I boosted for the station but they quickly found my tail and was soon behind me hammering my shields. Engaging the reverse thrust I stopped almost immediately sling-shotting the pirate ships forwards and in range of my own weapon systems. I unloaded a volley but the pirate turned quickly, I pressed my advantage but I could not get a solid bead on them. They attacked me again and neutralised my shields and I was out of Iron. Mercifully a spotted asteroids off to my right and had a wild idea. I adjusted course and guided my ship into the belt of floating rocks, I flew erratically and then the scopes were clear. They either bugged out or were destroyed following me. I blasted off to the station fearing more attacks.

I landed and took a large breath and sigh of relief at my escape. I gathered myself and headed for the pilots lounge and sure enough there was a down on his luck Vy-keen looking for a purpose. Just like others of his race, he was keen to help but seemed to begrudge it, I even offered him a lift to Sirasil Outpost, he violently declined.

I returned back to Sirasil Outpost and felt the need to change the décor of the base. It had lost the charm of the vibrant green it once was and didn’t quite fit in with the new landscape so I started work and seemed to be going for dark greys and reds interspersed with white. My comm beeped at me and it my armourer informing me that a Sentinel attack ship was heading for our sector, I fired up the Indigo Rain and headed for the darkness.

As soon as the void of space filled my viewport I beheld it. A gargantuan ship came of Hyper-Space right before my eyes, it was quite unlike anything I had ever seen before. Immediately I was under fire and I instinctively took evasive action. The mother-ship deployed a squadron of Sentinel Fighters and their strafing run knocked out my shields. I needed to get away! I boosted hard to get out of the range of the Mother-ship’s deadly barrage but the fighters were still in hot pursuit. I repaired my shields and turned to face the Sentinels, they seemingly caught me again with another run, I can usually stand my ground and my advanced shielding and blasters will protect me in a head on. Here though I was heavily outgunned and felt vulnerable for the first time. I pulled a high G manoeuvre and entered an almost spin cycle with my boost fully engaged to try and get behind them, the nimble Sentinel Fighters matched me and showed me nothing but their vapour trails.

I conceded that I was outgunned and out-manoeuvred, I wondered how they would perform in atmospheric flight? I boosted down to Freyo once more, the Sentinels had taken the bait and continued to pepper me with laser fire during the descent. I lost my shield and the ship was bleeping incessantly as every warning light flashed in alarm advising me of ‘Critical Damage Taken’. I prepared myself for a fiery death as I flew low down the surface, I struggled to maintain control of the massive hauler and flew lower, skimming treetops and outcrops. Then mercifully, I realised that they were pursuing but were not attacking me. I slowed and still nothing. I turned and opened up my photon blasters, destroying one of them, the other two just ignored it and continued their steady course. I finished the job with no further trouble and could only assume the atmospheric descent affected their telemetry somehow, another sigh of relief as I returned home.
When I landed my stricken ship I immediately headed for the Vy-keen. I walked in and punched him square on the face, he looked more surprised than anything but I angrily berated his actions and seeing my fury, I felt he respected me a little more. He told me he was dying and wanted to go with honour and pride, but seeing my passion for the Outpost changed his perception. He eyed the Vy-Keen dagger I had in my possession and pleaded me for it. I slammed it down on his workstation and went back to fix up my ship.

For the second time today I doubted the capabilities of my ship. I had felt out-gunned, out-manoeuvred and out-classed. Atmospheric flight and Asteroids have saved me. I was lucky and I knew it. I wasn’t really hauling a lot of cargo around at the moment so maybe I should switch to a more nimble craft? I had spotted a dark orange A-class with 36 slots, but something stopped me going for it. I had a few things on my shopping list. I was looking for rockets to better arm my ship but there were none available.
I boosted off to a wealthy Gek system and upon arrival a Super Freighter was under attack. She was blue with coral accents, not the Crimson Star I dreamed of, but it would do. Nervously I engaged the hostile ships and to my surprise, my ship proved quite capable in the dog-fight, the wingmen and their fix on the freighter probably helped.
After the battle I duly landed and took my reward from the grateful captain who offered me the ship for 256m units after trade in. She was out of my price range and answered my earlier question of how far my 65m units would get me. It seemed that in 16,000 years inflation had upped prices considerably. I departed and watched as the Freighter warped out of System, a missed opportunity.

I solemnly headed for the nearby station where it seemed this wealthy system would kick me once more. In the hangar of the station was a 48 slot, S Class Hauler, similar cockpit and hull design to the Indigo Rain but instead of the four storage spheres, it had gull wings. It was grey with orange accents and I always said it would take a special ship to replace my pride and joy, this was it. After trade in it was 126m units and like the freighter, sadly out of my price range.

I sat in the lounge and watched the ship take off, I felt lost. There was so much I needed, and I needed it all at once. It was all there in front of me, but way out of reach.

Life on the Moon of Aria

Sirasil Outpost - Colour Change


Do I know that feeling!

Thanks for sharing more of your story. I’m looking forward to the next part. :heart:

Thanks also for letting me know personally that it was available. I haven’t had as much time for ETARC this past week.

(mine is coming along more slowly than I though it would, but it’s coming. lol)


Glad you enjoyed it, didn’t really plan on doing a second part, but my escapes in the asteroids and atmosphere (which did actually happen and I put it down to a glitch) inspired me to write more.

I planned on editing it better and adding more screenshots but excitement got the better of me! Any new additions I’ll of course continue to tag you in so you receive a notification.

There’s certainly things I’m doing in game right now that could be added into Part 3, most notably, I recently purchased a new 38 slot A-Class Fighter.

Never played a game that has brought a story out of me before, I guess it’s because devs have always disliked ambiguity with their back-stories, but here, it works so well and it’s interesting to see markedly different, yet strangely similar experiences in the tales we feel compelled to tell.


Yes, please.

You showed some ingenuity in your pirate encounters. There was a point in the story when you were out of iron and had an idea and went into the asteroid field and I expected you to mine the asteroids as you flew through to get more iron for your shields. However, unexpectedly losing them in there worked well, too. lol

Maybe @Malveka would remember better than me (he usually does), but I think I have only written a “fan” story for one other title and that was the original Star Wars Galaxies mmo that had something like 32 different professions (blasted Sony ruined that one!). You could be just another person living in the Star Wars universe with the big story going on around you. Kind of like the way NMS started out. The new faction quest lines remind me a lot of those from SWG.

There is something about being able to explore a whole new universe that can bring out the hidden storyteller in us I guess. :grinning:

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Finally managed to get my pictures off my PS4, I’ve edited the post above to include some of the pictures from my experiences in Part II.

And as a teaser for Part III…



Into the Aftermath: Part III

I felt low as I watched the gull-winged S Class take off, I felt very vulnerable as I took another sip of the vile Vy’Keen drink. I lazily checked the Mainframe and other travellers were gathering pace with their discoveries. I sighed hard as I felt even further behind. Then a message popped through on screen. It seemed I was being tasked with exploring a system in my vicinity, I was not confident in my ships capabilities and was about decline when I saw that it was a Gek System. I had heard that Rocket upgrades could be purchased in Gek systems, I finished my drink and headed to the Indigo Rain and punched in the coordinates. The familiar view of warpspace appeared before me and before long I was in the new system. Upon arrival I headed quickly for the Station and straight for the Blueprint trader. Sadly he had no Rocket upgrades. I headed back to the hangar area and a sleek fighter was landing on one of the pads. It was tan in colour and had a long nose, closer inspection revealed she was an A Class with 38 Slots. The configuration of the slots was good too. I felt suddenly alive again as I hopped into the Indigo Rain and took off, I summoned my freighter and saw my old fighter, gathering dust in the hangar. I jumped in and took the fighter into the station. I saw the Gek pilot waiting for me as I landed and for around 40,000 plus trade in, the new fighter was mine. I spent a little time retro-fitting it with shield and weapon upgrades, flitting between Sirasil Outpost on Freyo and the Intrepid. Once I was happy, I took it for a test flight in the new Gek system I was in, I named it ETARC Torallion Prime. There are four planets, one habitable, CSFD Kwindowa, the rest were toxic or inhospitable but all had a certain beauty and swooping through the canyons and scanning the wildlife brought a much needed smile to my face. I decided I would name my new fighter, The Hornet.

I uploaded my findings of the system to the Mainframe and turned my attention to Artemis once more. Upon intercepting the transmission he bade me find a Transmission Tower which I located on a distant moon. Seeing Artemis, a sense of familiarity washed over me. He wore a pack on his back similar to mine, and a carried a mutli-tool. I felt compelled to help him and quickly set up the triangulation beacons so we could perhaps meet, then I lost the signal and contact with Artemis was broken. I headed back to Sirasil Outpost and the HUD showed an extra marking, it was a comm-pod! Another traveller had made contact! The marker was 12hrs walk away so I fired up the Hornet and quickly made the journey and was amazed to see a Portal before me. I was beginning to doubt Freyo even had one. The comm-pod was from another traveller who had translated my galactic coordinate address into portal glyphs, the 12hr walk in freezing conditions prevented them making it to my base however. Suddenly the urge to move base again grew stronger. I resolved to venture closer to the core and again, with one eye on my Rocket upgrades, warped again to a Gek system.

I arrived in the new system and once again, the Blueprint vendor failed to offer what I needed, I was about to warp off again when a planet caught my eye. Again, the planets in this system seemed inhospitable bar one. Maybe that is par for the course now? I Pulse-drived to the planet, scanned for a Trading Post and adjusted course. Breaking the cloud of the planet I could see it was mostly water with archipelagos and islands and flying low I began to appreciate the beauty this planet offered. The Trading Post appeared over a tree covered hill and I landed on one of the pads. The weather was pleasant and this world had ticked another box, there was an occasional toxic storm but otherwise no problems. At the Trading post there was a traveller so asking where he came from he directed me to an atlas shaped grave. Was the traveller really there at the trading post at all? I interacted with the grave and was presented with a glyph, maybe this would help with those mysterious portals? Placing a Signal Booster I scanned for a monolith and after presenting this with a Gek Relic, I was given the location of this planet’s portal. Another Signal Booster later and I discovered a habitable base only 37mins walk away!

I arrived at the base and immediately fell for the coastal location. I decided I would claim this base and set up shop here. Beacons placed I headed back to Sirasil Outpost and began deconstructing the valuable parts. As the base shrank I was suddenly reluctant to leave, this frozen world held its own beauty that I came to appreciate. I packed up the last of the glass structure leaving most of the iron cuboids in place and walked over to a hillock. I left a message pod for any future visitors, inputting my new coordinate details and then turned my back on Freyo for the last time.

Arriving back on Tianolyra I claimed my new home, Garilan Outpost. Sirasil Outpost was a showcase, built for visitors and to look good. I knew I needed to return to earning money, so this new base had to be functional. I created a modest base with only one landing pad, shunning the extravagance of the three of Sirasil Outpost. Overall it was far smaller and less grand, but the new base didn’t need to be grand when the views were so breathtaking.

I sat on the rooftop watching the sunset and felt happier, thoughts of Freyo were long gone. As I relaxed in the fading light my thoughts turned to my freighter farm, what was I going to do with all that crop? Looking through my available blueprints I discovered that Liquid Explosive uses the ingredients that I happen to already have a lot of. My seventy Fungal Mold would need to be increased to 72, and my Echinocacti would need increasing to 48, this should then be optimised to produce 24 Liquid Explosives every two hours. Suddenly thoughts of the gull winged S Class Hauler and the Destroyer Class, Deep Space Freighter, The Crimson Star filled my head again.

All of this, I mused over my drink. All of this; Garilan Outpost, this beautiful planet, the Liquid Explosive enterprise, all because I was searching for a Rocket Blueprint… Which I never found.

Garilan Outpost


Ah! Love it! Thanks!

^^ I’m sooo jealous! (but in a good way. :grinning:

Love the way you circled it back around to the finish. Also, awesome pics. :heart:

Thanks for letting me know it was up. I really should check my mail more often. lol

(still working on mine when I get a few spare hours)


Into the Aftermath – Part IV

My new home, Garilan Outpost was flourishing. I constructed an elaborate extension to the Landing Pad but most exciting of all, I had received my first visitors. Advertising the Portal on the Mainframe had yielded many other travellers, just like myself. They left their comm stations with messages of peace and the feeling of loneliness that I had felt for as long as I can remember, began to disappear. I resolved to return the favour and make the leap to visit them.

Following my earlier success with Artemis and making contact with two travellers which secured me my first two glyphs, I continued the hunt in earnest. I visited new systems and visited more Trading Posts than I care to remember but nothing. I turned my attention away from the demoralising hunt and back to my farm and very soon, my freighter was filled with the valuable Liquid Explosive. An image of it all exploding popped into my mind, I hoped I wouldn’t be on board if it did. I had around 50m in units and thought to myself now with this cargo to sell, I may be able to afford that Super Freighter.

My farm was optimised wonderfully, able to produce 26 Liquid Explosive every two hours and while busy collecting one evening I heard an unfamiliar engine noise in the Docking Bays below. I took off my rubber gloves and hurried down the stairs to investigate and there docked in Bay 3B was one of the most beautiful ships I had ever laid eyes on. She gleamed in sky blue with golden accents, it’s elegant lines captivating me instantly. She was an S99 Model Exotic, S-Class as standard, I decided there and then I had to have it and upon speaking to the good Captain, I negotiated a buy outright price of just 12m units. A steal! I even gave the Captain 500 units to barter a passage to the nearest Space Station on the next Shuttle in. I immediately set about installing improved Shielding and better weaponry and then I took her for further outfitting at Garilan Outpost, and of course a test flight. She handled like a dream, I named her The Hummingbird. The large viewport provided a good picture of my surroundings but the HUD took a little getting used to. When I landed on Garilan Outpost the incredibly long nose of the craft sat on top of the corridor that leads inside. A quick redesign soon remedied this.
After the upgrades were complete, I realised that my dream Freighter was a little further out of reach. I decided to go on a warping spree to find a suitable system to get maximum return, I decided I would also focus on Gek systems as I am still in the hunt for my Rockets!

I warped to the first system, I had learned that Manufacturing was a good place to sell and I was immediately greeted by a large Super Freighter under attack. I had around 6m units on me by this point so knew I wouldn’t be in with a chance but being a dutiful citizen of the galaxy, I stepped in to help the stricken vessel.

The battle was tense and edgy and I helped to win the day and secure the freighter’s crew their freedom. I was invited to board by the grateful Vy’Keen Admiral and obliged the offer. I landed and spoke to the proud looking Admiral and duly gave me my reward. Then, out of sheer curiosity, I checked the price of the great ship. 123m units. It was a C-Class but it had 25 slots, The Intrepid has a mere 13. It was jet black with a pale blue stripe down the centre and just when I thought I couldn’t afford it I remembered The Intrepid was carrying around 120 Liquid Explosives. My head did the maths and I asked the Admiral to stay in the system for a little while at least. He informed me that normal procedure was to warp straight out but he must have liked me as he agreed to wait.
I hurried down to the Bays and jumped back into the Indigo Rain and summoned the Intrepid. I landed and transferred all my stock to my ship and exo-suit and made for the Space Station. I habitually checked in on the Nanite Trader and to my surprise, Rockets! I hardly had time to fully appreciate that I had found what I had been looking for for so long. Time was of the essence!

The price at the terminal was a little under the mark-up value and I suddenly had around 121m units, just 200,000 short! I transferred everything I could think of to sell and sold it and was still short. It was then I remembered my farm. Back to Freighter I harvested as much crop as possible and not having any Mordite on me, I made the difference quite easily in the end by selling the Acid off.

I returned to the Super Freighter with a smile and walked confidently up to the bridge. The Admiral was nearly not going to let me land as they were preparing to go. I produced a datapad and showed him my new balance and the deal was done, The Black Sun was mine. She wasn’t the Crimson Star, but I was pleased I still had something to aim for, now only an S-Class could replace it.

I then spent the next few days rebuilding my farm, in my rush and panic I forgot to dismantle my previous farm which cost me a lot in Iron, Carbon and Thamium9. I decided to take advantage of the new larger Hydroponic Trays and am pleased to report I am now operating at full capacity again.

I warped back home to Garilan Outpost and summoned The Black Sun. From my roof-top bar, enjoying an Iced Albumen cocktail I mused on what a week it had been. New exotic ship taking my fleet to three, new freighter and best of all, I finally found those elusive Rockets!

I promised myself that the next time I would be enjoying a drink while watching the beautiful sunset, I would have visited another Traveller.

Original version highlighting the nose on the corridor

Garilan Outpost Landing Pad Extension
No Man's Sky_20171005232841

The Hummingbird

The Hummingbird circling Garilan Outpost

The Hummingbird and The Black Sun


I know it’s been a while since I posted here, (7 Months) so this part will carry on from where I left off and talk of events leading up to the proposal of the Hub location.

I intend to add to this and bring it back up to date and continue on through Next.

More will follow and continue to tie events both in-game, and my involvement on this forum.

Those who have provided inspiration and support or are credited here.

@TravelEcho @Mad-Hatter @Xion4012 @toddumptious @MacForADay


Into the Aftermath - Part V

Once again, the familiar chirp of the terminal sang its song. Another communication from the distant stars, talk was afoot of forming a community somewhere in the reaches of space with those that had traversed the great distance to visit my humble Outpost. It seems I was not as alone as first I thought, not even just in physical being, but in thought too. Like minded individuals searching for answers and asking questions of the stars, like myself.

A far off region was being explored and it was a tremendous distance from my home. People began settling this in this area together and I felt inexplicably drawn towards it, to be part of something bigger than just myself and my existence. Then, sadness took me as I had not the means, so steeling myself I resolved to track down the remaining glyphs I so desperately needed in order to cover the vast distance in an instant.

I stood up from my terminal and besides the regular visits to my freighter in the upper atmosphere, I had not left this system for a long time. I had grown lazy in my base and content with my existence of farming and getting drunk on Albumen cocktails. The inner explorer in me yearned to travel again and I headed immediately for my faithful ship, the Indigo Rain.

I fired up the engines and even they hummed with a renewed vigour again and I smiled as I headed for my freighter, now renamed the Virador. I landed and immediately headed for the bridge, the Vy’Keen Admiral surprised to see me sober for once regarded me differently as I opened up the Galactic Map, I had to get out… Anywhere, and like a pin thrust blindly on a map, I chose a destination and transferred the Nav Data to the Admiral. He didn’t say a word as he input the coordinates and engaged the enormous ship’s Warp Drive engines and with the onrush of speed and sudden jolt, I smiled again as the stars turned to wheels of light all around.

I headed back into the hangar of the freighter and saw my newly acquired Exotic ship, behind that lay my A-Class Fighter, The Hunter. I wanted to reacquaint myself with their inventories and systems while we made the trip to who knows where. The Hummingbird, my Exotic, was in need of weapon and shield upgrades, it was more of a recreational ship with its small cargo capacity but it needed the basics to survive the increase in pirate attacks. Inspecting the Hunter, it would seem the Gek pilot I had purchased from had left me with a few hidden defects. I sighed as I realised a new ship would be required. I spent a little while tinkering here and there and eventually the freighter’s alarm sounded throughout the hangar, we were about to drop out of Warp Space. I headed for the Indigo Rain and strapped myself in, planning an immediate take off and after a short while the hangar door opened blue before me and I engaged the engines once more.

Exiting the hangar I felt the rush once more as nothing before me was familiar in any way. There was a large planet that looked almost intimidating in its size. Keeping my awe in check I focused. Glyphs. I scanned for a Trading Post and was immediately given a waypoint to follow so heading towards the vast sphere I was soon within the turbulent atmosphere of this strange new world.

Breaking the cloud the planet opened up before me, this was the part I loved most, that first true view of the planet and I swooped low towards the surface to drink it in. Sometimes they were breath-taking and sometimes they were bland, this was the latter as a vast toxic desert whizzed past the viewport, beautiful to some maybe, but not to me. I headed straight for the Trading Post and it rose up high on the horizon and I landed, eager to see a traveller to obtain a glyph.

The cockpit opened and the ship powered down and I was instantly hit with the noxious air of the planet and my exo-suit lit up with warning lights so I headed instantly for the safety of the main area and alas, there was no Travellers there.

This went on for weeks. I visited countless Trading Posts on various planets and systems and only increased my glyph count to four. I had seen extremes of heat and cold, I had avoided and destroyed pirates but I was no closer to my goal. Beaten and downtrodden I returned back to my homebase, defeated. After a few Albumen cocktails my mind returned to a tale I heard at one of the many Trading Posts I visited, rumour of a world where all glyphs are obtainable. I searched the MainFrame database to see if there was any truth to it and found the coordinates, it was true… Such a place did indeed exist!

Despite being still slightly sceptical, I made provision to visit immediately, taking enough material to build a Nomad, I made the short trip to my home-planet’s portal and powered it up. It glowed brightly when the correct glyphs were entered, and with trepidation I stepped through.

I felt my very soul being pulled in all directions as I stepped through to the view on the other side and although instantaneous, it was still unsettling. I was immediately greeted with a comm ball and precise directions to a Traveller’s grave. I was told at my destination, there would be further directions. I eagerly laboured on marvelling at the work that had gone into this unique world and after merely an hour of hard Nomad driving, all sixteen glyphs were mine at last! I journeyed quickly back through the portal and saw the welcoming sight of my home-planet knowing now I could go where I pleased and could cover any distance I desired.

I arrived back at Garilan Outpost and once again, the familiar chirp of the terminal rang in my ears, there was a new message; a potential location had been discovered for our new community; a unique formation of stars aligned in a chain located on the other side of the galaxy in somewhere called the Bezesi Cluster and Morshob Adjunct, only now they were calling it a, ‘Hub’ and inviting all to help finalise its location.

I opened up the Galactic Map on the terminal and tried to find this proposed location, then on my doorstep after a little panning around, I noticed that there was a near perfect vertical star-chain linking two large clusters together. I knew I had to go there, explore and share my discoveries as soon as possible!


You are going to have a full novel before long. :smiley: cool.


Nicely done, as usual! Thanks for taking us along for the ride. :heart:


Glad to see your tale powering back up. Always an enjoyable read. :open_book:

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Good to see you back at it, gonna read this out on my next stream :slight_smile: