Trophy pictures


Anyone else take trophy pictures? Just need to figure out how to strap them to the hood of the ship or roamer.

New Save, New Hub - A Frontier Nomad's tale
New Save, New Hub - A Frontier Nomad's tale
Fauna Trophy Pictures

Parking Violation


I haven’t built exocraft in 1.3 yet, but in past they usually stuck to whatever car part hit them. So if you ran into some poor animal, it would be fixed for you by game design :slight_smile:


Biggest hostile creature I’ve ever seen. Surprised me.


Biggest Kill


I need to work on my camera work, but here are the others I’ve taken.


I usually only kill out of self-defense however, it would be cool if they could be mounted and hung on the wall. I think my Vy’Keen buddies in my base would appreciate the decor.


As big as it seems…


Same here, only when i’m being attacked, or if I see a predator. It would be very cool if you had missions to capture them alive for trading, like set traps and transport them for millions of units.


Ok, I know, he looks sad. I swear he looked that way before I shot him.

…and he he almost killed me.


I didn’t kill him, small enough to hide under mushroom, not a big trophy :slight_smile:


Ah, was trying to find a tiny little deer-like creator I found, must still be on the ps4. So, instead here is one that would be interested in your squirrelalope.

"hmm, he looks tasty!"


I know it’s a game, and I know it’s a simulation. And I’m fairly happy to kill things that are attacking me. But it still feels wrong to me to just murder innocent creatures for no reason. And I know it’s not real - but it feels wrong, all the same.

But then I drive my exocraft. And I drive fast, because it’s the only way to even stand a chance of avoiding falling down an enormous hole. And then the pop-in generates creatures right in front of me, that I can’t possibly avoid, and I leave a trail of carnage and grieving parents in my wake.

This game is testing my virtual morality.


Agreed. Have you ever taken one of those “kill creature” missions? What a nightmare. I can still hear them squealing :cold_sweat:


To bad the horn doesn’t scatters them away from your vehicle.


That would actually be a great thing to implement! They have no problem escaping from us when on foot, so having that in is more than half the work it would take to add that.


I took it once or twice, now i just take the “predator” missions.

Really ? Last time i used an exocraft i spamed the “horn key” and most of them had (just) the time to flee.


Sorry. I had to smack this one down. Looked too much like a cockroach!


LMAO I know your dilemma all too well. I tend to feel bad killing a creature even if its evil.
I wish the exocrafts wouldn’t kill the creature because even in low speeds, heck I’ve had creatures run into my stopped exocraft and kill themselves, I’ve started tell myself that they aren’t dead just got the shock of their lives and will be ok later. lol


Did one of those guild missions, they need 40 fauna eliminated, so I obliged. Couple hunters in that crowd. Had more for the photo, but they despawned at some point. Also, here is a video of the big guy in the day time shots.

larger photos