Fauna Trophy Pictures


Found my very first Diplo in the wilds of calypsos.
Isn’t it a Beauty…

Didn’t even hear me coming.

SBC: 05cc:0082:056e:00f6
I believe these are the Cords, sorry if not.


If the sentinels ask, it was the plant!



It’s beautiful! And huge. Were you able to feed it, possibly?

What on earth is your ship? It’s stunning. Is that new from NEXT? or have they been available before.


I did’t try to feed it, I’ll see next time I play, usually you can not feed the big ones. Could you imagine, they would nuzzle you off a cliff.

Old ship, doesn’t even have any tech slots. I saw a few similar ships in the Ship topic.

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No tech slots? It’s still a cute ship. It reminds me of an insect. The one big one that I feed sometimes pushes me around but mostly drops off pieces of cobrite lol. That one there of yours is just gigantic, and I imagine could cause a disastrous scene of cliff diving lol.
I’ve been wanting to find a Jurassic planet, and have seen only some raptors and stuff.
I’ve also never seen a planet called a “jungle” planet, but have heard rumors those have some awesome dinosaur creatures. You lucked out there with that find. Sweet pics!

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Thank you, I should really look around that planet some more. If there is more I’ll make a full report in the Fauna Topic.

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You’re welcome!
Happy Traveling.