Through The Window. photos


Thought it would be interesting to see the Veiw that some of the bases on different planets and moons. I would love to see what other NMSers encounter.

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Park Life


Twin Trees


Let it snow trees




hahahah nice topic ! xD


Thanks, have you any similar pics?


No not yet buddy, but I can take some and collaborate!
But since I restarted the game, I think I’ll be not able to post a quick pic before building my base!


Ha! Haven’t been called Buddy before… just to let you know I’m a respected Grandmother…artist, graphics at college, props work and now writer… I think many who like nms are arty types.


I get this view every time I teleport home. That planet never moves.


How odd the planets must be in sync then…


Indeed. I don’t think the planets move in relation to eachother. I’ll check again to be sure, but I’ve seen that view the last 2 visits home.


Still there.


Is it the same view when you go outside?


I think HG chose to make planets immobile to make travel less confusing.


I’ll check.

I’m sure they had many reasons. Either way they seem fixed.


I’m camping out here while chewing up sentinels and working my survival milestone.


Oh didn’t know you could eat them, peanut butter flavour or hot chilli ?
I’ve been locked in my ship for a week some sort of virus think I caught it diving in frozen acid lakes.


Definitely hot chili…:grinning: