Kikolgallr galaxy landing point

So today I finally reached galaxy centre in Euclid and traveled to the next one - Hilbert Dimension. I landed only 3000 light-years from its centre, so after quick two jumps I traveled to another one - Calypso. Again - only 3000 ly from the centre, quick two jumps, next galaxy. This repeated 4 more times. But then, after traveling from the 7th galaxy - Budullangr - to the 8th - Kikolgallr - I landed 700 000 light-years from its centre! Is this normal or is it a bug? Cause I want to reach 10th, lush galaxy - Eissentam - but now it will take forever :pensive:


I think you got lucky to end up so close to the center of the next galaxy several times, might even be a bug. Then again, I am not familiar with jumping galaxies, but I assume you are supposed to end up near the edge, as your last jump did. Maybe someone else with more experience can chime in.


Yes, that’s a new bug introduced with Beyond - you are supposed to hit near the edge as Devilin said


So basically I supposed to be happy, not disappointed :slight_smile: Ok then, thanks.